Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday's Show & Tell

Hello there Boys & Girls!!

Grab some milk and cookies 'cuz this is a long one! ;o)

Ms. CrimsonPurl wanted to share some things with you on this fine Sunday! :o)

She is really happy to have her computer up and running again!
As this beaut has made all the differenceMore hard drive = happy laptop! ;oD

CrimsonPurl has some fiber she has been meaning to share with you since last month.

The new Noro Spring 08 line - Taiyo.
Crimson ended up switching out color #1 for some more of color #4! Can you believe that?!?

She normally isn't into those type of bright colors but couldn't resist with the weather trying to change!

She is just luvin these pinks, browns, and greensThe light 40% cotton/30% silk feels so good (the other 15% Wool 15% Nylon) for this warm weather coming up and is turning into this

Crimson is calling her Ponchita because someone said while she was knitting it that it reminded them of a poncho with all the stripe colors! ;op The pattern is the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet that she is doing for the spring KAL with her knitting group Charlotte Purls and it is already done!! More details to come soon.

She thought she would also show you real quick the extra little trimming on her bucket hatCrimson punched it up just a bit with some leather lace trim. But will now store it away for the fall season, as she has been over taken with spring fever now!!

Birthday wishes keep coming in and she wants to take a moment to say Thank You to Adrienne, Patrice, Tina, Mandy, and Chan!! Who made a special birthday shout out on their blogs to her! (charge it to her head and not her heart if she missed anybody!)

Speaking of Chan, she sent over a nice birthday surprise

Some beautiful handspun yarn in Chocolate Covered Cherries (yes she only likes Cellas) that matches Crimson's blog! ;op

And look at the cute stitchmarker that came with it too!

These colors are just divine together! We foresee winter mittens or gloves coming! ;op

Big XOXO back atcha Chan for this scrumptious yarn! Thank You for sending CrimsonPurl some crimson birthday fiber!

Shortly after the birthday girl celebrated her big day Julie sent over this generous package!

Wonderful Malabrigo in Paris Night and Amoroso along with a cute notion pouch (that is in both of her fav colors! Purple & Red) from Lexie Barnes and a Cherry Tree Hill sock pattern. Trust all of these items will be put to good use! ;o)

Muchas Gracias for the great package Julie!

One last thing for Show & Tell that Crimson Purl longs for from her hometown from time to time is Kringle. What is that you say??

It is a danish pastry with a fruit filling with icing on top....lurves it!

You may discover this at your local grocery store being imitated!!! But the true Kringle comes from here.

And two came in the mail this Friday!

Her fav is Raspberry!

It looks like this out of the wrapper (a little deformed after shipping)

And here it is before getting devoured!She won't divulge how much is left after a 48 hour time period alone with it! ;op Haha!

Lets just say Crimson has thoroughly enjoyed her birthday and celebrates all month long! :o)


  1. Adrienne said...
    Woo hoo!!! So much to comment on!!! SO glad you have some speeddddddddddddddddd lol. All the knitting looks great! I'm going to knit in the airport and on the plane this week lol.
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Talking in the 3rd person now, are you? I'm gonna start calling you Bob Dole.

    The capelet is going to be very pretty in the noro!
    Stacey said...
    That Noro is gorgous! Well all of it but I can't tear my eyes away from your caplet!
    Lynn said...
    LOL on the 3rd person. Next you'll be using the royal we. ;) But I'll let it slide since all gurls are queens on their birthdays!
    Cas... said...
    Wow! speed, yarn, kringle and more gifts! You are having a great week! I like your latest project. Looks like you will be very busy for a while!
    WandaWoman said...
    I love that Capelet, such a pretty colorway of Noro. And it does look very springy!

    The leather ribbon on the bucket hat is a nice touch.

    I'm glad your birthday has been celebrated so well!
    maceknits said...
    We think alike! I just posted my FO for the Anthropologie Capelet. Yours looks fantastic with all that Noro goodness.

    Stacey in California
    Pajnstl said...
    oooh girl I just saw a kringles in the grocery store and was about to buy one! lol
    gold said...
    Girl you still have gifts coming in!!That is wonderful that means you are loved!!
    Zonda said...
    Ohh that Noro!! Yikes, I'm in trouble! Can't wait to see that capelet. Great gifts there! :)
    Anonymous said...
    Well, Stacey friend what can I say? Even though we have yet to meet, I am glad that you like what was sent as a gesture of kindness and friendship. Celebrate each day as a gift from the One who made you and perfected you. He has obviously given you a gift for service and nurture. Bask in that, keep giving bback to the ones you love, because love always gets its reward. With gratitude and friendship~Julie
    (Not-So) Cynical Gal said...
    I missed it! Happy happy happy birthday. I agree that birthdays should be celebrated for the entire month. Whoa that Noro, I must shield my eyes from it's gorgeousity!
    Sheila said...
    I so need more hard drive, I need to look into that. You are definitely a Noro Fiend…lol The colorwork in your capelet is beautiful and like the embellishment on your hat… definitely dapper diva
    Anonymous said...
    That capelette is looking AWESOME!

    I'm so glad you're loving the yarn. The best treat though was chatting with you Friday night!
    Anonymous said...
    Those colors in the capelet are gorgeous! Hee hee, monthlong birthdays. I wish people around here knew how to do that! Nice that you're still getting such great goodies.
    QueenDBW said...
    Do you, girlie!! What's with the 3rd person got mulitple personalities? LOL!

    I'm loving the yarn and you've inspired me to celebrate my birthday month...

    Jeanine said...
    WOW!!!! Aren't you lucky??? I'm DIGGING that Noro. Can't wait to see your Capelet.
    Don said...
    the danish pastry does look pretty good. so, is that where your sweet personality comes from?

    why @ are you talking in the third-person? i think its cool though. just wondering.

    hope all is well with you...
    Don said...
    i just thought about what i typed. didn't mean it in that sense that you are losing your mind or anything like that. i just haven't heard from you in awhile and was hoping that everything was everything.

    a man who loves the sweet filling in the middle
    Sereknitty said...
    Enjoy all your wonderful treats! Will you be using your new Noro pattern book with some of that yummy Noro yarn? Beautiful photography!
    Robin said...
    Oooh, love that red handspun! That is a flavor of Noro I hadn't yet encountered in the wild, and I must go find some! I especially like the colorway you ended up with!
    Knitaholictoo said...
    Ooooh that Ponchita is lurvly!
    Liz said...
    I love the leather trim on your bucket hat, it so goes with it. Looks like you got some fab presents, love the raspberry pastry, it looks delish!! That handspun is gorgeous too. Such a shame birthdays only come once a year!!!!!
    Michelle said...
    OHH so fun! and yummy! We have a thing from a bakery aroudn here called snoogle, similar to your yummy treat, but these have a cream cheese filling!
    Ava said...
    Wow! You've had a VERY happy birthday! Love the capelet and the Noro!
    Janet Richards said...
    I'm so glad you the pampering has continued!!!! Love, love, lurve the handspun!

    And the caplet in noro is going to be too cute! You might just get me interested in making that too for the KAL!
    mandycharlie said...

    *waving from across the pond*

    Lovely blog, so nice to meet you.
    k_purls2 said...
    I've been off-line for a little while and I see I've missed alot! Happy Belated Birthday sweet April baby! The caplet looks wonderful! It's going to be a great Spring addition. I tried to knit that before but couldn't understand the pattern, I'm going to give a whirl and PM you for help!

    All of the birthday gift are so wonderful and sweet. That Kringle looks delicious too.
    StarSpry said...
    Oooo...such wonderful yarn! Your caplet will be beautiful :)

    I love the detail you added to the Bucket Hat!
    Tracy said...
    Hi, my fist visit! I found you vi Born to Read and Knit. Happy belated birthday--looks like you had a grand day! Your blog is a lot of fun--your knits are beautiful! Happy Day :o)
    Anonymous said...
    Happy late birthday lady! I touched some of that Noro today - it may be one of the first ones I actually like. There might be one wool one (Cash Iro? Something like that) that I can stand.. but not much noro love here ;)

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