Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heeey! Sir Knitsalot *waves*

I am absolutely positive my Secret Pal thinks I am one ungrateful Booger! :op

My secretest of pals gave me the heads up that I should see something in the mail soon.
Let me tell you one thing about me and mail.....I rarely check it!! And need to now more than ever since I am doing the SP exchange! It probably has been about 2 weeks since I last went to my box!! Shish!

In saying all of that, my secretest of pals, penned 'Sir Knitsalot' (I have no idea if they are a male or female!! My assumption is female and that is just a crazy handle name) sent me a package and according to the box it has been here since the 21st!! I am a triflin' girl!!

And to my squealing delight it was a book on how to knit socks from my wish list!!! :o)

THANK YOU Sir Knitsalot!!!
My secretest of pals even had a nice note enclosed saying:
"To get you started on your quest to knit socks. I really hope you enjoy the book and knitting socks. If you have any questions about any of the techniques, let me know and I will try to help you :)" Sir Knitsalot

He/she must know how to knit socks! WHOA!!!!!!!!

The book is very thorough and goes over everything you need to know about knitting socks, in addition to some nice patterns to get started. The first sock they suggest is the 'Basic Sock' which is a quarter sock. And I have been thinking about my first pair being ankle or quarter length socks! I plan to get started on them after Ms. Marigold

I can't wait to see what other treats my secretest of pals has in store for me!! Thanks again!! :oD


  1. Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    YAY YOU!!!!!
    PAJNSTL said...
    YAY!!! No when can I get a pair? :)
    Robin said...
    That's cool - I'm glad Secret Pal is going well for you! I'm sure your pal liked your appreciative thank-you post!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Two weeks? Do you not get bills and stuff in the mail? Wow. I don't think I could go two DAYs without checking but then again my mailbox is right outside my building.

    Can't wait to see your first sock! You know I'm here to help you too!
    Anonymous said...
    I am sooooo glad you like the book. I haven't actually read this one so wasn't sure about the content. But the reviews were good so I went for it. And don't you worry. We are going to have you knitting socks like a dream by the end of this swap ;)

    More to come in the near future. Be sure to check that post :)

    Your Pal,
    Sir Knitsalot (heehee, it is fun having a code-name!)
    funfairiegirl said...
    I am soooo sad I missed the sign ups for SP10!! I am doing the LJ Secret Pal though and I will get in on 11!!!!
    Ava said...
    Watch out! sock knitting is addictive! I ought to know....

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