Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well apparently I have come down with a smidge of the "Cast On Fever" :o)
I have CO for the Charlotte Purls - Shrug KAL that we started on this past Saturday.
This is the 'Ribbed Shrug' we are knitting up this summer from Interweave Knits free patterns under their 'Wraps' section.

I went ahead and got the yarn for my shrug but was not particularly satisfied with the color.

The color that was on the website to me was not exactly what came in my box! :op

I wanted to pick a neutral color so I could just throw the shrug on with any outfit when my arms may get chilly in the office or somewhere like a restaurant. So why not a sand/brown color!

I wasn't completely against the color, but I wasn't excited about it either. Well I finally put my finger on it. The brown has a little bit of an orange tone to it that I don't particulary care for but could live with it.

I didn't want to have go thru the return/exchange/waiting process, so I decided to just go ahead and CO for the shrug. This is where I was at on Sunday, but this is such an easy and mindless knit that I am a good ways from this WIP pic.

While knitting on the shrug it hit me! I am going to gift this to one of my girlfriends and knit up another one in a different color for me! :oD DUH!

I also CO another Lizard Ridge square because Guess Who Finally Learned How to Knit Backwards!!! Yep! That would be ME! :oD My new knit friend Connie - Knit Knot Purl Curl showed me over the weekend at WWKIPD.
Speaking of Connie she also gave me a crash course in Magic Looping (ML). Soooooooo I had to CO on my first pair of socks! YEAH!!! They are going to be ankle socks.
I casted on for this sock 3 times! My joins were loose on the cuff and I couldn't figure out why so I came home after work to look at the video on www.knittinghelp.com and figured out what I was doing wrong. I wasn't pulling my working yarn from the right side.
Also, thanks Robin for the tip on what to do about my joins as well!

I also yanked out the majority of my stitches about three times (UGH!) during the cuff stage, and lets just say I was having mini heartattacks over here and doing minor surgery to fix it! Hahaha!

I am just thrilled to get thru the heel at this point! We will see how everything else will turn out since I am doing the ML for the first time.
Thank goodness I worked on baby booties to give me a better understanding of a sock structure.

Here is a yarn p0rn pic of the yarn!It is Sockotta that I have been holding onto for about two years. That is about how long I have been wanting to do socks!

Lastly, I purchased a book over the weekend called The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques that will help me with finishing on knitted objects. Since I still need to do that for Ms. Marigold (why did I bring that up! LOL) and Sugar 'n Spice (which is all done I just need to seam it up).

And earlier last week I also got a special delivery from Woolly Moose who was a sweetheart and was gifting anyone who hit her up first different knitted related books, yarn, and magazines!

I received an extra copy of Interweave Knits magazine and the book Casts Off. I was most excited about the Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book since that is the very first one I have by her and it is funny! Thank you Julie!

Well that is all for now. Y'all have a wonderful week!!


  1. MrsPurls said...
    I'm sooo glad Connie showed you how to knit backwards! Hopefully this will help with the pain you were feelin in your hand while knitting on the Lizard. Girl, I really think my shrug is gonna end up being a gift as well. I need it to be alittle bigger. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to fix it. I need to do some math!

    How about we need to throw a party when you finish the Lizard :) You've really been dedicated to it!
    Adrienne said...
    Look at you girl!!! Glad Robin was able to help you! She is awesome!
    PAJNSTL said...
    I'm so happy you are starting on your socks! Now when you've perfected it... you can show me :)
    robin said...
    That shrug is cute - I remember that pattern now from last year - I think it was featured with a bunch of other shrugs by the editors of IK. Glad to be of some help on the ML!
    Erica B. said...
    Looking good girl!
    Saun said...
    Your lizard ridge is coming along so nicely. I'm jealous that you get to play with all that nice Noro.

    Socks take a little getting used to but you'll get the hang of it soon.
    Sheila said...
    Cool project… the yarn color leans more to a caramel… would you say, but nice color all the same… that would make a perfect gift for a friend. The Lizard Ridge square is coming along nicely… Ok knitting backwards is a new one for me … I'm still in the practice phase of knitting a dishcloth….lol
    gold said...
    Can't wait to see those projects.I do the same thing if I don't like give it as a gift.Ha Ha!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks for the mention, Stacey! So glad you enjoy the gift! Just keep knitting, knitting,knitting...
    Bev Love said...
    I love the color you chose for your shrug. Let me know what you think, or maybe post a review on Ebony Elite, about Nancy Wiseman's finishing techniques book. I have taken a few classes with her, but I don't currently own any of her books.

    Anonymous said...
    Congrats on your first sock! And you must get all of Stephanie's other books...they're ALL hilarious.

    I like the color you're using for the shrug, but I know how it is when you open a box & the color isn't what you expect. Good for you for giving that one away & making another for yourself.
    anna said...
    Oooh, congrats on the knitting backward. It's SOO useful when knitting the Lizard Ridge. Congrats on the books from the Woolly Moose. I love her blog!
    Connie said...
    Your Lizard is looking so good and I know that the knitting backwards will really help you out. Isn't it nice not to have to keep turning the piece? Hopefully next time I see you we can get that crochet border down pat. Talk soon!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Woo Hoo! You're doing socks! Yay!!!! And The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques is AWESOME.

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