Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tasty Tuesday!

I took some yarn p0rn pics over the weekend because I got some yarn in for my secret pal that I just had to snap before I shipped it off. I had to do a quick photo shoot because I probably won't ever buy that type of yarn for myself so I had to get a Kodak moment in! LOL
Of course I can't show y'all because it is a secret! :oD. I will once she has my reveal package (in the mail as we speak) and comes by to visit my blog, then I will show you all her yummy goodness I sent her!

For now I have a tasty pic of yarn that I bought myself when getting my SP her loot. I originally ordered the well known and talked about Lorna's Laces yarn, but Kpixie (who has great customer service and fast shipping!) was out of stock on the colorway I wanted. :o( I was a little bit disappointed since that would have been my first time having LL in my stash! So for a substitute I decided on Artyarns in Ultramerino4
Of course it had to be in purple! :o) I love this colorway (#114)! It is 100% Luxury Merino Wool (according to the label). All 191 yards! Mmmh I think even for ankle socks I am going to need two of these....I only ordered one!! Ha! I will have to get another one ASAP. Good things do come in small packages! ;o) Isn't it lovely
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Also, I never did give y'all a decent photo shoot of my lovely Hill Country Yarn sock.
I was still taking pics on my cell phone cam so here is a better look at the Sweet Feet Sock yarn. This is a more of an accurate view on the colorway:
The colorway is called Indian Stone and is also 100% Merino Wool (I must be dooming myself to handwash socks!) Next sock yarn purchase will be superwash! :op
As you can see I am stocking up on sock yarn in anticipation of cranking out some cute pairs!

Certainly you all didn't think I was crazy not to show you my first love! NORO!!! :oD
I am really enjoying the fact that I get to play with SO much of this yarn knitting up my Lizard Ridge afghan (boy is this a big project).

This colorway #224 is my favorite one out of all the squares I have been making. This is Silk Garden.
I really love the purples and golds in this set.
Really is a fantasy come true! All of this NORO surprise in one big luxurious blanket that I can just wrap myself up in. I can't wait!

That is it for Tasty Tuesday! I hope you are enjoying some fabulous fibers over there too!


  1. Sheila said...
    Beautiful fiber jewels.. especially the Sweet Feet Sock yarn.
    Cas... said...
    I love the yarns! Beautiful. I never bought any good yarn. Just the stuff you find at your local craft stores. I really want to get some of the "nice" yarns I see so many of you using. It's too pretty! I guess I should use up some of my stash too.
    Adrienne said...
    LOVE THE YARN GIRL! I was telling Anna, everytime I SEE noro, I think about the two of you! LOL
    urbanknitrix said...
    Has it been proven that you can't eat yarn? Deliciousness all around
    PAJNSTL said...
    OMGosh! That Purple/Gold is sooo pretty!
    Christie said...
    Wow...and you bought yarn for you SP! Lovely yarn...um your dooming yourself to handwash socks...won't you have to hand wash the LR blanket?
    robin said...
    I really like that Hill Country sock yarn colorway! Cool outdoor yarn photos, and your SP is lucky!
    gold said...
    I love the yarn porn!!!HAHA!!
    Ava said...
    Great pix of beautiful yarn!
    anna said...
    Now THAT is some tasty yarn! Fantastic color choices, girl! :-D
    Liz said...
    Love that Artyarns. I see you're knitting the Lizard Ridge, I'd love to have a go at that. Does it take lots of yarn? How many squares have you done so far? BTW, the sock is ankle down, rather than to up. Thank you for your comments! I love it too, halfway down the second one at the moment x
    Jeanine said...
    That Indian Stone is beautiful. Can't wait to see it all knit up.
    Anonymous said...
    Greetings! You are very welcome!

    I'm going on a "blog-vacation" for a while. Take Care~
    Deborah said...
    Oooh, the turquoise in that one are really pretty!

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