Monday, July 30, 2007

Desperate Times...

Calls for desperate measures! (sorry no pics this time go 'round - you gotta read! :op But it's a quicky!)

Since I have 754 people in front of me before I get into Ravelry (getting better with each passing day, it was 1,100 not too long ago!). For some time now I have discovered a nice little "cross reference search" in seeing what people have been working on in Ravelry!!!

Yep, I decided to air out some dirty laundry and share my secret to all those still waiting with baited breathe to get in to the “golden knitted gates” haha! :oD

Since Ravelry requires all users to upload their images into Flickr I have purely by accident stumbled upon the perk of seeing everyone’s knitted items during a query while uploading pics to my own account. All you simply need to do is type keywords in the search field “i.e. Lizard Ridge” and BAM! Hundreds of pics will come up of knitters everywhere working on that item!! Yipee!!! If the person has tagged their picture appropriately they will come up in your search!
Unfortunately, you don’t know their blog site (but I guess that is what Ravelry helps you with), but you can contact them thru Flickr e-mail and leaving them comments on their photos.

Yep! I bet Flickr is making a killing with all of these new Ravelry users!! Hahaha! :oD

If things are moving along at about 200 people getting their invites per day, then I shall see all of those on the other side in about a week or so!

In other "desperate news" I made the switch to Google Reader!!

Here is my quick and dirty review!
~Much Faster Updates (like I need to get my "blog high" any faster! LOL). It really is faster! I sat there monitoring them both! LOL I did find out in some internet reading that Bloglines only updates like every hour.
~Sleeker – love the view panes “Look What’s New”
~ Tidbits – The shortcut keys are fabulous! And it even tells you how long ago a particular entry was posted
~ Accurate – I like that it doesn’t give you “updates” when there really isn’t updates! Freakin’ Blogline is on c.rack!

I am sure there are a few more bells and whistles I haven’t figured out yet.

~ I don’t care for the editing options. In Bloglines you can drag feeds in the edit mode in the order you would like it. In Google Reader it makes you have your feeds in alpha order. Call me weird but I organize mine based on what I want to see first.
~ Pictures come up bigger and better in Bloglines than Google Reader. I do like that better about the contender.
~ Doesn’t show me how many have subscribed to my blog thru GR.
~ Watch what you click on!! Again, their edit options are a little bit different when you ‘manage subscriptions’. Be sure you know what you are selecting and why you are selecting it for a particular action. Before you know it you will have all your feeds in one folder!! Painstakingly having to reorganize all of them in the right folders (not that I did that or anything! :op LOL)

Maybe it is just me being new to it all!

All of these Cons are minor so I went ahead and made the switch – or should I say dual use for now :op

But the BEST part:
I could export all of my 165 (and counting) subscriptions from Bloglines into Google Reader in one big file!….Easy Peasy! :oD

Alright that is all I got for now! ;o)

OOh! And for those of you who may not have caught it. Yesterday's pictorial post was about "Put a fork in it I am DONE!!" on the Lizard Ridge Afghan. I finished my last panel Saturday night!! Now it is onto miles and miles of seaming and my dreaded crochet edging party! :op So who knows when the big reveal will be!! LOL :oD

I hope y'all make it a fabulous week!


  1. Anonymous said...
    I switched to Google reader for the same reason, but my cons for GR are the same as yours. It WAS super easy to export the subscriptions, but BL did seem quicker to me. I'll give it some time & see which one I prefer so I have both for now (though I'm using GR more).
    gold said...
    Okay I am not computer smart.I am going to do this tomorrow.So You will here from me.I will be the one shouting HELP ME!!!!!!
    PAJNSTL said...
    LOL Girl You KNOW you are ALL in the know! You have the inside track
    Cas... said...
    I need to check this out. Bloglines kinda bugs me!
    Telmah said...
    Can't wait to see the Lizard Ridge all finished! Hopefully that's motivation enough for all the seaming?
    Adrienne said...
    Glad you are liking it girl!!!! yay lol
    MrsPurls said...
    I love Google Reader...I switch about two weeks ago! I just do not have enough time to jump from bloglines, blog, emails! Whew!! I can keep everything all together. It even gets better if you sign up for igoogle. You can put everything on one page!!
    Harlem Purl said...
    I just made the switch last week and I agree with all your pros and cons except my pictures kinda look better in GR than in Bloglines.
    anna said...
    I feel ya about Google Reader vs. Blogger, they both have their pros and cons, but cha gotta do what works for you.

    Oh yeah, Flickr is definitely a good portal to use for finding peoples' UFOs. Ravelry is definitely worth the wait. You'll probably be in by next week at the latest, depending on how fast they've been lately.

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