Thursday, July 26, 2007

Knit Previews

Not too long ago I was recommended a book per "" and just had to share with y'all this preview!

LOVE the cover and would buy it based on that alone! That red skirt is HAWT!!

This book won't be released until August 7th. And I can't wait! :oD

I am sure it will take on the "knitting stratosphere" by storm and there will be a blog KAL out there soon! :op

Also, just had to tell y'all about (if you haven't gotten wind of it by now) the Vogue Knitting 25th Anniversary FREE cover patterns! I really love this one!
They also have the preview of their 25th anniverary issue to be on the stands soon.

Creative Knitting also have their September issue out and the only item I like is this:
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And of course Interweave Knits has their fall issue coming out on August 14th.

Previews can be seen here. I only liked a few things in this issue, particularly the snowflake socks :op (those are serious!).

I sure hope my subscription will kick in by then! I am going to have to check in with the IK folks!

Hope you enjoyed the upcoming item features. Great eye candy in the meantime!


  1. Channon said...
    I think I dog-eared three patterns in the Creative Knitting, but I can't recall and as I'm (cough, cough) packing right now, I can't go look. I also didn't mark many of the IW Felting special publication patterns as "want to do."
    Adrienne said...
    I just got the Vogue today. I can't wait to sit down with it. Im WAITING on my IK! I want to make that sweater for my hubby....cobblestone? lol
    Christie said...
    I never look at creative knitting. that sweater is kinda cute tho.

    I so want that book! That skirt is beautiful!
    Lolly said...
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    I will be doing a review of Annie Modesitt's book on my blog very soon. It has some lovely things :) stay tuned!
    anna said...
    I saw the preview of that Romantic Knits awhile back and it definitely looks like it'll be a great read!!! :-D

    I can't wait for my Interweave Knits.

    Never been a big fan of Creative Knitting...they seem to be geared toward real simple stuff knit on big needles.

    Vogue is always fiyah!
    Anonymous said...
    I got your message! :)
    I'm on "Blog" Vacation for the rest of the summer.

    Take Care~
    Judy said...
    Wow, thanks for all of the previews for upcoming issues! I'm going to check out each link. Thanks for checking out my latest FO, it took so long at the end to finish it!
    Nik said...
    You know, i was flipping through "Creative Knitting" at Barnes and Noble yesterday and saw that sweater. I love the wide button band at the top...thought it was a cool design feature. I think I would like it with longer sleeves, though.
    Liz said...
    Wow, thank you for that!!! I love silver belle too...let's maybe do a KAL for that as then no one even has to buy the pattern, they can just download. What do you think? I also love high gleam, but silver belle more! How sexy is that red skirt!!!!
    pamela wynne said...
    Thanks for the previews! I like a lot of things in the new IK, and i hadn't seen the first book yet -- love that skirt!
    Sheila said...
    Thanks for the eye candy, I recently subscribed to IK and picked up Knit Simple - it has some cool vests I'd like to make... Have a Great Weekend.
    KimT said...
    i am looking forward to some of these issues!
    PAJNSTL said...
    visit Stacey's blog and save a trip to the bookstore LOL :P

    I need to call you back, huh?! LOL
    I sat down last night and made a check list of what I need for all the knit patterns I want to try.

    Now to pick to make the purchaes :) one by one
    Anonymous said...
    That red skirt IS hot, but I don't know if I can wear know you can't have too much junk-in-the-trunk in a skirt like that, LOL!
    angel said...
    Love the free patterns from the Vogue and thanks for sharing the new book! The skirt on the cover is so sexy.
    Devonshire said...
    I find myself collecting patterns but never getting the chance to knit them. Is that bad??

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