Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Future Conquests!

Subtitle: Super Tasty Tuesday!

I am SO on a yarn restriction! :oD

I mentioned how I was making a list on yarn I wanted to buy for the 2,915 projects I want to knit! Haha!

I am ready to cast-on for all of them now!!

I know I mentioned the Silver Belle KAL that I am co-hosting but I want to make it clear that I don't personally plan to CO for that project until late fall at the earliest! I have other "knitting conquests" that I have been dying to do after Lizard Ridge! So please feel free to sign up for the KAL anytime! We are just kicking it off for next month! :o)

Here are my future knitting conquests that I am gearing up for:

~ Ripple Skirt ~

Love this skirt out of IK and scoping out other knitters' FOs had me putting it at the top of my list! Everyone swears by this denim yarn and how it is like wearing a knitted jean skirt (uber comfy). It gets better with each wash - yep you can literally throw it in the washer machine and dryer with no problems! I have been wanting to knit up a skirt and this will be my first time doing it too! Seems simple enough as my 1st skirt conquest.

I am still a little bit bitter that after I scrounged all over the place looking for this particular yarn in this particular color (b/c it is hard to get now), I swear not 12 hours later Robin tells me that E.lann is selling it (I really did appreciate the heads up!) after I "just" bought it off of e.bay for $20 more that I could have saved! Ugh! Ooh well I look forward to working with this yarn.

~ Croquette Tube Top ~

I love this top and it just HAS to be done in red! :oD This will be my first time finally putting my Fitted Knits book to use! :op

Ooh look I could make an outfit out of the top and skirt! Just like the girl in the book but inverted! :oD (that was really not my intent...but we can go with that!)

~ Ms. Marigold ~ " The Do-Over" :op LOL

Yep! Time to work on the remix! LOL :op So I have decided to "regroup" and get the energy & desire back up to knit this over again. It really isn't the fact that this was a hard knit (really easy!), but I selected the wrong yarn. VERY wrong. So I plan to either frog the other one or literally throw away the yarn *gasp* (it really wasn't but like $2.50 a ball). So I am not sure if I want to go thru all that trouble to rip and wind up little balls and all. The yarn was really nice just not for this project. It could possibly reincarnate into a lace shawl...we will see.

However, I got this Silky Tweed on that killer w.ebs summer sale for only like $4 bucks! YAH! How about I didn't realize I was ordering "Silky Tweed" until it got here. I was so thrilled b/c I had been seeing it everywhere (including the silky wool) and had been wanting to try it!

I got the yarn suggestion from the best knitter's research tool that is our there right now...Ravelry of course! :op So after I saw a couple of these knitted up in this yarn I was convinced to try this yarn out - especially when I saw it on sale! Bingo! So that is what put Ms. Marigold back on the map! :op

~ Flair ~

This project has been on my wish list since March at least!!!! Ever since Erica B. showed it to me! Then I showed it to Adrienne and she was hooked! :op The three of us had talked about doing our own little KAL but these 'hotties' already started and Adrienne is almost done! *hmph* LOL :oD

Even though I got this pattern months ago and my cute w.al-mart buttons last month - I just bought the yarn and truly don't plan to start working on it until my skirt and tube top is almost off the needles! :op Hey! I waited this long! Haha! It won't hurt to keep it on my knit wish list a little longer :op

Okay so those are my future knitting conquests! Now just a matter of when I plan to cast on! ;o)


  1. Adrienne said...
    Love your projects girl! Can't wait to see them all come together. And there was NO work on Flair last night LOL. NONE! lol
    Channon said...
    Very nice! I'm just itching to spend some serious time with some socks again, after spending nearly two weeks with blankie. THEN I'll figure out what happens next.
    Sheila said...
    Lovely projects, I was checking out the ripple skirt yesterday on knitting daily... very pretty. The Tube top should be a quickie.. cool color choice. I've worked with Elizabeth Lavold's Silky Wool an its FaBu... and you got a steal @ $4.00 a pop. I haven't revisited the silky wool b/c of the steep price.
    Michelle said...
    You've got some great projects plained! I'm glad you're going to try Ms. Marigold again!! You will not be defeated...okay!! You guys should do a FLAIR KAL...I have this Blue Sky I wanted to use for it at some point...Its a perfect Fall project.
    Robin said...
    I liked seeing your project conquests-to-be! I like the name conquest to describe them - it fits well!
    Octopus Knits said...
    What a lot of great projects!
    KelInCal said...
    Lots of neat things planned! And pretty yarn, too! I've been wanting to try that denim yarn...and Flair...and Silky Tweed...

    You're much more organized than me! I thought i knew what I was going to knit after Mabel, but it keeps changing!
    Anonymous said...
    So many projects, so little time...can't wait to see that skirt!
    Ava said...
    just started the Indigo Ripples skirt in Hempathy. My last summer project I think. Have to get that Modesitt book next.
    gold said...
    Girl you are going to be lookiing good when you finish all those beautiful projects!!!

    I am going to try and crochet a skirt sometime fall.I haven't found the yarn yet to make it!!Can't wait to see your's!!:)
    turtlegirl76 said...
    WOW! You're getting worse than me! Don't go to SAFF else you might just blow your mind and stash yourself out of house and home.
    diddlinaknits said...
    WOW! you should be plenty busy knitting for awhile! can't wait to see all your projects. You picked some great ones :)
    PAJNSTL said...
    Great projects!!! Can't wait to see some FO
    KimT said...
    can't wait to see your progress!
    Jeanine said...
    You're killing me here. This is the umpteenth time I've considered an Indigo Ripple Skirt. Can't wait to see you start them all.
    anna said...
    ROFL Adrienne is steaming through that Flair!!!

    Love your list of future projects. You gotta get and stay prepared! :-D
    artist1lisa said...
    OOOhhh! I can't wait to see all of your completed projects.You have really given me knitting inspiration.

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