Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Holy Mess!

So I have lost my knitting mojo.

I hadn't been knitting much lately and barely squeaked out seaming up all of Lizzie this past weekend....now lets see how fast I get onto that crochet edging :op

Plus work has picked up again which puts me behind on blog reading and the likes, in addition to me having a 1/2 way decent social life lately all adds up to this little ole biddy being BEAT! ;oD

I need some rest and barely wanted to crank out this blog entry...in fact it has been sitting in draft mode for two days now. But I have missed y'all!!

So here I am, typing away right before I slide in between my sheets and count some sheep! :op
I am going to say in advance please forgive the pics in this post.
It was Sunday and the sun was setting fast by the time I got to thinking about taking pics.

So this is the best I could do with my depleting knitting mojo & energy.

Let me also just say "I thought the 2nd time go around was supposed to always be better!?!?"

^ These are a HOT FUGLY MESS!!^

I got sidetracked a little last month and took up a sock class on how to knit 2 socks on 1 needle toe-up (by the way it was a very decent class where I learned a few things). And I decided to get all fancy with the basic pattern that was given to us in class and called myself making a "lace pattern" that I looked up in some random book......big mistake. I should have stuck to the boring stockinette! LOL!!

While I won't go into the project details since I won't be logging this one into the books ;op

I will say I did learn how to do the Turkish CO (also known to some as the magic cast on), and loved that you turn the heel without picking up stitches!! I never had to take the socks off the needle - not one time (loved that!), and I discovered how to do a simple reinforcement heel.

Could someone please enlighten me how on earth do I bind off on these puppies without the "ladder"occurring by not having to transfer them onto DPNs?? Am I missing something? I may need to finish watching this DVD I have over here on how to do 2 socks on 2 circs (which is way too much maneuvering - but has some good tidbits on there).

Oh well! I have to chalk this one up for the books and wear these for now :oD

Y'all get your red and purple pom poms out and hope that I get out of this knitting slump soon!

I am hoping that making my yarn wishlist and checking it twice to shop for future projects will get me all excited again!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Girl, it happens. Don't sweat it. I go through this quite a bit.

    In the meantime, here's my purple & red pom poms for you. Go, Stacey, go!!!
    Cas... said...
    You never learn unless you try. You learned something so that is good. Hang in there. I don't have the pom poms but I am sending you red and purple vibes!
    Adrienne said...
    I'll pull them back out girl!!! LOL, it happens! You will come back strong!!! enjoy your day!
    SJ said...
    Hope your mojo comes back to you!
    Wendy said...
    Give me an S!
    Give me a T!
    Give me an A!
    Give me a C!
    Give me an E!
    give me a Y!
    what's that spell????

    Well, technically it doesn't, but in the knitting world we are always creating new things and ways to look at things. Don't worry about the socks. One thing I learned about socks is that until you get good at them and really understand how to be one with the sock and all it's complexities, follow a pattern. I tried substituting stitches in a sock pattern on my second pair and they too didn't turn out so well. You're not alone.
    urbanknitrix said...
    Hey girl,

    It is okay to go into a slump, when life calls. You'll find that special project and than have 5 FO's in a row.
    Working Mom Knits said...
    Don't go all crazy and give away all of your knitting supplies - the yarny love will return soon : )

    ps: if by chance you do find yourself in a get-this-s**t-outta-my-house mood, you have my address!
    Channon said...
    It'll be okay! Live and learn. Go back and look at that darling sweater you made just a couple of weeks ago. You are an awesome knitter who just hasn't quite figured out socks yet...
    Anonymous said...
    Lots of times you just learn from your mistakes (or is it just me? You seem to get more done!) Have fun! Know you are blessed! Pick up your sticks and start again! Go Stacey!
    Ava said...
    Mojo goes and comes. as someone else said, don't give away all your knitting stuff. And don't force yourself to knit (or blog). Just use the time to do other things; devote it to your other hobbies.

    As for ladders, I usually just pull the working yarn really tight when working aorund the ladder area. Sometimes the ladders work themselves out in the wash. Literally.
    gold said...
    Thing like that happen!!Just go to the next project I do it all the time!:)
    Sheila said...
    When you're experiencing a crafting slump... do what I do - pull out all my favorite songs... and start singing until the dogs can't take it nomore...lol
    Robin said...
    Gotta get back on that horse and cast on a new project! Only way to recover!
    Anna said...
    we all go through knitting slumps, it's no biggie.

    as for the socks, shoot, it took me a good 2-3 pairs to feel halfway decent at it, and I still consider myself learning, LOL.

    keep the faith and by all means enjoy your social life!!! :-D the knitting can wait until it gets all cold and dreary outside. ;-)
    PAJNSTL said...
    Hey girlie!!! What's this I hear talk of?! No knitting mojo for Stacey, BLASPHEMY LOL
    Take a break and come back strong. :) btw.. The socks looke good to me! (Yes, this comes from a woman who's never knit a sock in her life!!!) LOL
    diddlinaknits said...
    Sometimes you just need a break-i had a slump in july.
    Good luck with your socks i haven't mustered up the courage to to 2 circs yet :)
    WandaWoman said...
    Go, Stacey, Go! Hope you get out of your knitting slump soon. My first socks were pitiful, but they got better. And you're learning skills. Don't be so hard on yourself!
    NikkiJ said...
    I'm very glad you got out of your knitting slump. Very glad indeed. ;)

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