Friday, September 21, 2007

Knitter Anxiety (KA)

Have you ever had a little bit (or a whole lot) of anxiety about some part of your knitting process?

You know you start on a garment and just can't finish it for some reason?

I am notorious for knitting up 95% of something and then just letting it SIT there :op

Another Knitter Anxiety (KA) episode I have is picking up stitches on a garment....on socks and booties I am all good...but on an actual garment I just freak out for some reason!

Or how about we all have prolonged the inevitable seaming process of a garment......sigh

Lets not even go there about setting in sleeves!! I begin to start gasping for air! Haha!

And them to death, have a fetish over those cute things, and even have a nice little sock yarn stashette going on over here....but my KA kicks in on wanting to make a "good" pair....I so want too!

Those are pretty much my biggest ones right now! LOL

What are your KAs?? Come on! Don't leave me out here on a limb!! :o)

I know over time and with more experience working on a technique it will just come and my KA will decrease.

I also can definitely say "I am not where I used to be, but so not where I could be!"

I read this on the back of the Mason Dixon Knitting book yesterday and it is now one of my many favorite knitting creeds!

"No project is too ambitious if you crave the result enough!"


  1. KelInCal said...
    My KA comes out while I'm knitting and wondering how it's going to look/fit on me, then I worry about how well I'm going to weave in the ends so that it's finished nicely!

    As a new knitter, I've tried not to limit myself at all - if I see something I want to try, then I try it! I don't worry about the difficulty level assigned to the item - it'll all work out in the end. :D
    Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...
    OH, my heart started racing when i read "set in sleeves'...HATE IT!
    i wanted to let you know that a friend of mine just set up a "Pay It Forward" group on Ravelry..stop by and/or spread the word!
    Lynn said...
    I have no idea what you are talking about.
    My perfect sweater (mason dixon blog) is a vest right now..since the sleeves aren't blocked, or seamed..or set in. It will be my first time. Serious KA. I've knit this damn thing since (damn) November of 06 and will be distraught if it doesn't work out right!
    Knitting is supposed to be fun, right? :)
    Adrienne said...
    Right now its SLEEVES!!!!!! UGH
    Ava said...
    I get KA with every new project! There's always something new to learn! I get KA when trying to figure out substitute yarn, or if don't get gauge even if I did so on the swatch, or...the list is endless.
    Sinéad said...
    Substitute yarn is a biggie but the worst is finishing. I suck at seaming and picking up stitches!
    I'm happy as I knit along but when it comes to putting all the pieces together, the KA begins.


    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Anonymous said...
    Short rows used to do it to me every single time, but now that I'm doing Lizzie (which is nothing but short rows, lol) I'm feeling pretty confident.

    Steeks still scare me, but I'm feeling braver.
    Veronica said...
    My KA comes when I'm knitting something for someone else. I hate the feeling that it might not fit.
    Cas... said...
    I guess my version would be CA (crochetes block). I have one UFO and I am working on a cardigan sweater. I have CA all the time due to my lack of consistent tension. I also have CA when it comes to putting together the pieces. I had this issue on a granny square blanket and jacket, and my cardigan. When I am really in the mood I will just do it! I am thinking October!

    My name is Cassandra and I have crocheter's anxiety! Nice to meet you all!
    kim said...
    KA - Oh, yes, I know it well. I think my biggest fear is seaming and gauge. Great photo!
    Deborah said...
    my motto: Finishing is what friends are for!
    Sheila said...
    For me it would be shaping and cables.. I'v been spending a stupendous amount of time reading on cables and just when I think I'm ready to do it... KABAM!!! I freak out.
    Channon said...
    Haven't done sleeves, so that's up there high enough, but fit is fretful, especially when the item is for a stranger. (No more sock swaps, folks!) Weaving the end in is another KA for me as well.
    anna said...
    my main issue is fair isle knitting now. everything else has worked itself out over time, but i hate stranded knitting!
    Janet Richards said...
    I'm with you - sleeves give me KA. I also have self-inflicted KA when I consider my stash and that I will never get through it all!
    Octopus Knits said...
    I still have some KA with respect to short rows. The first instructions I read confused the heck out of me (the wrapping!). Since then I found some better instructions that make more sense to me (and have the desired result), but I haven't done them enought to just say "oh, short rows" and do things right without having to check the instructions again....

    I bet you are an expert on short rows (as it sounds like Del is becoming)!
    Connie said...
    Um, haven't had much KA, as I just so far have only taken on easy peasy projects. However, if I am knitting something for someone, I do have the "is it going to fit?" KA.
    Liz said...
    Ha ha ha ha! That could be a picture of (a thinner) me!!!! Not being the owner of a yarn swift, rolling skeins into balls is a nightmare for me. It often ends with me throwing the whole thing in a tangled mess on the floor and shouting at whoever is in the vicinity!!!

    I also hate it when I am knitting socks and the pattern hasn't established yet. I have been known to have many a sleepless night as I go round and round the 4 dpns in my brain all night long.

    Also another ka of mine is weaving in the ends. I hate it and it ca make me not finish something, just to avoid it. Other people have cleaners....I would have a sewing up person.
    Jeanine said...
    That picture speaks volumes. I guess my KA is seaming. Actually it's more of a conundrum. I hate doing it. Oh and wait, having to adjust a pattern to my measurements. Thats def a KA moment.
    Criquette said...
    I'm so glad someone came up with an official term for my fear of knitting anything that is not (a) a scarf and (b) garter stitch. I almost always get KA when I start thinking about doing something I haven't done before, such as knitting in the round, knitting a hat, short rows, picking up stitches, or trying to knit from a chart. I lose the anxiety once I actually start the project but the anticipation makes me put it off. Right now, I have anxiety about knitting socks and knitting cables. I just need to do it.

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