Monday, May 12, 2008

A: Why I Blog

First, I must say Thank You to everyone who took the time to let me know why you started to blog and how it may have evolved in its purpose over time for you.

And I was also happy to hear from lurkers and bloggers who normally don't come on out and comment Yah!!!

I figured since I asked you all that question I should answer it too! ;o) And had intended to do just that from the beginning!

I too felt lonely in my knitting world and was searching for others that shared the same enthusiasm as I did for knitting.

I lurked for a long time as well on other knit blogs that gave me inspiration to say "Hey! I want to knit like that one day"!
And at the time I was reading only a handful ;o) that has soooo changed now! Haha!

I wanted to start a blog, but was hesitant for a couple of reasons.

I had started a personal blog before (you won't be able to find it now) and couldn't keep up with it! So I was concerned about my faithfulness to this blog. As you can see that is not a problem! ;op LOL It may take a long time for me to reveal my true feelings, but you can't get me to stop talking about knitting!

Also, not having a digital camera made me hesitate in getting a blog going too.
Even though nice pictures (that you could actually decipher!) really are not required in having a blog, I knew it would definitely help since I was going to afterall blog about my knitting! Haha!

Since this was pre-Ravelry era, I originally started to blog primarily so I could keep track of my knitted projects. And that is still true today despite the wonderful Ravelry tool.

I like writing out in-depth project notes so if I ever wanted to come back to that particular project I could remember what the heck I did! ;op
Also, it is my hope to help others who may have the same questions or challenges I had with the project.

Since I like it when others provide details on their projects too, I figure I should do the same thing! Kind of like a 'pay it forward' thing ;o)

BUT I swear blogging has truly helped me in keeping my knitting mojo. I am positive I would not have cranked out as many F.O. if it wasn't for the 'accountability' factor and everyone's encouragement!!

I also was pleasantly pleased that my very own personal small 'knitter' community started forming!
Despite all the swaps (formal/informal - big/small), I love the fact that I can talk/commiserate with and bounce/share ideas with my knitting buds!
I just heart y'all!! :oD

My intent for my blog has changed some since I started and I now use it as a tiny outlet to express myself. As you all know I only share a tadbit! ;op Haha! Which in the beginning I normally would not have done that.

What I have come to realize is that I just needed another outlet that has been nothing but a positive experience and helped my creativity.

So no matter how often I do it, what I talk about, or how long my posts are I am glad that I am bloggin' for ME!
But I must say it is very nice when you come around too! ;o)

Until next blog time!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Whatever the reason, I'm glad you blog.
    Anonymous said...
    Yay! I'm so glad you blog; it always puts a smile on my face.

    And I wanted to mention that your mother was absolutely stunning. She had such class, you can tell from just one photo. You really take after her, and she must be so proud of you.
    Adrienne said...
    I'm glad you blog!!! Just don't add the credit card to the picture next time :-)
    Cas... said...
    I thought that was the reason you blogged. It comes across when you write.

    I'm glad you blog too!
    Anonymous said...
    Well, I'm just now playing catch up. Thanks for sharing why you started blogging in the first place. I agree, the accountability really helps, but when I don't feel like/don't have time to knit, that's when I don't post as much. But it's a nice little community, like you said.

    Also, your mom's picture is really beautiful. Nice tribute!
    QueenDBW said...
    Thank you.
    tiennie said...
    I'm glad to come around and I'm glad that you visit me too!

    Your mom was beautiful! Gorgeous.
    bravebird said...
    You are the wind beneath my wings, chica! I love your blog! (no people, she didn't pay me to say that either LOL!) Oh, and your mom was beautiful. She would be so proud of you today.
    Tracy said...
    Great post...and very interesting to read. We all have our whys and wherefore regarding blogging. Glad you found a great home in your blog and that it continues to be a creative outlet for you. My own blog began as way to meet other creative souls as I had few in my real life. I've loved every minute of blogging and have made some true friends through my blog, and like yourself, it keep my creative juices flowing! Loved your Mother's Day post...a very sweet, and loving tribute. Happy Days :o)
    Liz said...
    I'm glad you blog too. Some of the nicest people I know I have never met!
    Don said...
    @ adrienne: @ least you made the top 3 this time.

    @ stacey: i think your knit blog is awesome. probably one of the best i have encountered. your attitude will do. LOL.
    Trina said...
    I lurk and love to read your blog! Keep up the good work! Oh, I found your myspace via Adrienne's myspace page I think?
    Octopus Knits said...
    I'm glad you blog, too!
    Your mom was a beautiful, beautiful woman... like you : )

    (I also want to let you know I think your Ms. Marigold is lovely - I'm glad you persevered!)
    Sereknitty said...
    It's always a pleasure to read what's happening in Stacey's world! Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    roxy =^o^= said...
    Hi! Surfed in from Cristi/turtlegirl's blog and I must say I'm glad I did :)

    I'm roxy at the knittyboards/Ravelry and I actually have 2 blogs, but I have a hard time keeping up with either LOL
    still... I love to knit and I love to blab soooo.... *shrugs*

    I'm glad you are sticking with it - I think everyone has something cool to say and show :)
    And yay for Mom - loved your piccie/tribute about her - she has angel wings over all of us knitters LOL

    Talk to you later *big fibery hugs*

    Anne aka roxy
    frantic pre-med student, optical diva and absentee knitter/blogger
    Zonda said...
    I'm glad to have found you! :)

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