Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Wintergrass Obi

Meet Winnie
my winty obi!

~ Project Details ~

Pattern: Kaiju from Berroco: Norah Gaughan Volume 1

I kept calling this belt the "Obi" because that is what it reminded me of when I first saw it in the pattern book.

And my girlfriend Wendy (who turned me and almost every Charlotte Purls onto this belt!! Haha) kept looking at me like "why did I keep calling this pattern the Obi when it is called Kaiju?" ;op

It wasn't until I really looked hard at the pattern to decide on what yarn I was going to use that I realized it was not called the Obi but Kaiju! :op Haha!

BUT in my defense I "knew" I got that name from somewhere!

I looked it up on and an Obi is a broad sash worn especially with a Japanese kimono.

See! I ain't crazy! LOL It does remind me of an Obi and I am sticking to that!! Hence her name being Winty Obi :o)

Size: 34-36" I actually could have gone down at least one size, but was concerned that the pattern was made for twiggy people. :op

Time: Another Quickie

Needles: Denise US 5 & Addis US 4

With the type of yarn I used on this project I should have done all of it on US 4

Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Wintergrass, 2balls

I love this yarn and it was my 1st time using it. However, I would use a different yarn for this project, as the pattern suggested the Berroco Merino or I would use something like a Karabella as there would be more definition to the belt.

The tweed kind of obscures it and there isn't enough "stiffness" for me (maybe doing the middle rib section on US4 would have helped a little bit). But I definitely like it!! And I would actually plan to knit with this yarn again! I just wouldn't use it again for this particular project. I already have my eyes on the yarn for my second belt.

The picture below with me wearing it is a better color depiction of the yarn.

Cost: $18

What I learned: I actually had never done an I-cord before. Otherwise, this knit was a piece of cake! The I-cord was super easy too! :oD

Modifications/Issues: I actually added a few more rows at the top and bottom of the center band. Which in the end, for my taste, I did not like my Obi this wide.

I had also made the side panels a "tad" bit longer by a few rows and that was only because I was not paying attention since I was talking it up in one of my knit groups. They also seem too wide even though I went down a needle size. I "may" rip back and redo them...we will see if I have the energy or desire to do it! Haha! Along with adding mini snap closers to keep the outside panel closed and prevent from a flap happening when moving my torso.

However, I do wish I made the I-cord longer for more of a decorative look.

There is an errata!!! Of course I didn't find this out until "after" the fact! LOL I typically always check Ravelry first, but completely forgot because I figured this would be an easy knit, and just assumed there wouldn't be any issues! But it really was no biggie.

Apparently, in the eyelet row you need to ensure there is an even number or your threading of your I-cord will be off. Basically, there are too many eyelet holes in this pattern.

This is true for all the sizes you try to knit up in this pattern. You can solve this a few ways:

~ Make sure that your CO stitches are a number divisible by 8 + 2

~ Omit one hole by K2, P2 in beginning of the eyelet row, then begin to k2 yo, p2tog, k2, etc. as written in the pattern

~ OR you could do what I did (since I didn't find out until after I did this row) and just skip the 1st eyelet when threading and call it a day! :op

Again, not a big deal but wanted to make sure it was out there for you to know!

Verdict: I would and plan to make this again (of course with all the changes I said I would make next go round). It is a super fast knit, so don't be surprised if you get deja vu and see this again! :op

It kept me nice and warm throughout the day and I liked that! It is a great accent to your fall/winter wardrobe!


  1. Janet Richards said...
    Winnie is too cute. I have to loose some of my baby middle before I can join in on the Charlotte Purls who are knitting her but she looks great on you and Wendy :)
    Erica B. said...
    That belt/obi is soooooo cute! That is a grat wardrobe piece.
    Adrienne said...
    Very,very cute girl!!!!!
    Knitaholictoo said...
    You wear Obi, well!
    Anonymous said...
    I agree, great addition to the cold weather wardrobe. I love the photos with the little elephants, too. Great job!
    PAJNSTL said...
    cute on you. def not for the curvy ok ok round girls! but looks good on you
    turtlegirl76 said...
    I'd call it an Obi too! It looked great on you (& Wendy) yesterday when I saw you. Very cute!
    Cas... said...
    Very cute! I like the idea of a knitted belt.
    Stacey said...
    Very cute! I especially enjoy the elephants in the photo shoot :D
    gold said...
    Very cute love the color!!
    Connie said...
    I also love calling it an Obi and your name.. Winty Obi ... how cute and so you! It looked great on you too and thanks for the errata.

    I think I will name the one I am going to make for my daughter Jennifer... Jennobi!

    Oh and cute elephants!
    Robin said...
    Love the elephants, and the obi is very cute - I wouldn't have thought it was wearable, but you've pulled it off very well!
    Octopus Knits said...
    Very cool!
    Dipsy said...
    Awww - I absolutely adore this belt/obi, it's ever so cute and so beautifully done! Just the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe - and that photo with the elephants is ever so adorable too! Fantastic job indeed!
    WandaWoman said...
    I could totally see why you call it Obi. I like how it looks on you. Very wearable. I'm too short-waisted to try that, but it looks very cute on you!
    tina said...
    Well if that belt (obi wan or not) isn't fabulous??? LOVE IT! This would make a great Christmas gift for my girls who would certainly love it to pieces.

    Great job!

    oh, btw......... the mitered square sweater is from Fall KnitSimple, with the green earflap hat on the cover.
    diddlinaknits said...
    Looks great!! Nice yarn.
    love the elephants marching on it too :)
    KelInCal said...
    Really cute! I love the color of the yarn - it looks great on you!
    Jeanine said...
    Quick knit indeed. VERY cute!
    anna said...
    ah, the winter obi looks so cute! i'm loving it on you!!! definitely a must have for the accessory wardrobe!!! :-D
    Raffaella said...
    I just can say the obi is sooooooo cute, I love it but I need to loose some pounds before wearing it otherwise I'll look like a sumo wrestler!
    I thank you for the pattern, I live in Italy and for sure we have great yarns but knitting ideas are poor at the moment, so since I love knitting fashinable things your pattern has given to me great inspiration.
    I guess how would it look with a Japanese embroided flower ?!?
    maybe made with a shiny yarn?!
    have a nice weekend .

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