Friday, May 30, 2008

I have been wanting to post some of my favorite things for awhile now. You know a little peek at some things I am feelin' from time to time.

So instead of O.prah's favorite things you will get Crimson Purl's favorite things! :o)

Lets begin!

First up is my all time default perfume scent

D.onna K.aren Cashmere MIST special edition without the alcohol. I can't find this one anymore. They still make DK Cashmere but not this edition. As I bought it years ago and sparingly use it, while switching out with the regular Cashmere scent and other favorite perfumes that I enjoy.

This is a light clean scent which I normally gravitate to in my perfumes. Nothing too heavy.

I absolutely LUV LUV LUV H.ammond

He is my all time favorite gospel musician. He is the praise & worship king! And I always have one of his CDs somewhere in one of my players. If there is ever any doubt what to get me...something "new" or his very "old" (b/c I never got any of those) music.

All of his CDs are my favorite but if I had to pic just one it would be Somethin' 'Bout Love. That is a must listen!

He is awesome in concert and comes here every year for our J.oyfest on Memorial Day weekend. I hate I missed him.

When I sit down to do my own nails. I don't like to wait forever for them to dry

That H.ansen Insta-Dri is the bomb!! And of course I like my O.P.I. polish too! Must be light colors for my fingers as anything dark makes my already old looking hands look ancient! ;op

Now my b.ody i.ndulgence is

T.he B.ody S.hop's Coconut scrub and body butter. It feels sooooooo good on my body. I have really dry skin (e.zcema) and this was definitely made for me in mind!! The scrub doesn't irritate me at all and using the combo together really makes my body feel like butta! And I love the scent! Not too strong with a hint of sweetness ;o) I keep the mini one in my purse for my extra dry hands.

I am also in luv with this water

Mainly because it is not bottled toilet water! Haha! (A.quafina broke my heart man!!). I typically get these mini bottles because they are easy to carry around.

Now don't get me twisted - I will fill them right back up with some D.iamond S.prings LOL Then I will pop open a new one for the next day. You can get them in a six pack and it averages out to about $1 a bottle. I get mine cheaper at T.rader J.oe's!! ;o)

I really do try and be a good gurl and use my own bottle water but....this is just more convenient!! ;op

And lately I have been trying to feed my mind & spirit more regularly with

I feel like this is my best self-help book and I need to pick it up more often. This one is my fav B.ible out of all the ones I have b/c it has all my notes in it from years and years and years.

Despite it being all busted up. I really need to look into how I can salvage the bind on it and get a new cover.

Well that is all for now! Have a fantastic weekend!! :oD


  1. Adrienne said...

    I think Pages of Life was his best CD! Love it!! I think that was the first CD I ever got of his! LOL

    Not bottled toilet
    Channon said...
    I was gifted one of my grandmother's Bibles at Christmas. I love reading through and finding her notes. Can't bring myself to write in ANY book though...
    Pajnstl said...
    Hey girlie!!
    OPI is in my list of favorite things too. I pick my polish by the name of the color. :-p Have great weekend!

    Are ou doing anything SATC related?
    Anonymous said...
    I really like clean, light scents too. I can't stand anything heavy. I wish they still made the DK Cashmere, I'd really like to try it.

    My Bible is written in from all the years I've had it too. ;)
    Robin said...
    Love the OPI polish! I also love light, clean scents. My new fave "Clean" was featured in the latest Lucky magazine - I also like "I Love Love" and Issey Miyake. If you're ever wanting to try a new one I bet you like those too!
    Cas... said...
    Fun stuff! Maybe one day I will copy this idea! LOL! I am not very original lately!
    TURBOchic said...
    Are you serious?! I love my Cashmere Mist. I had no idea that it had gone out of production. My world may fall into dispair.

    p.s. Yes, I agree that scent is heavenly.
    tina said...
    I love to see your Bible, mine is a mess too. I think it means we are girls on the hunt! :) Whenever I get a 'clean, new' one, it just drives me batty! :)

    Love your best of the best, it was lots of fun!!!
    Ava said...
    We have similar tastes! I love Fiji and hate Aquafina too. Have to find that Sally Hansen fast dry. I use Seche Vite and like it a lot, but I bet SH is a bit cheaper.
    Shameka said...
    Hey girl, the more marked up the bible is, the better!! And the body shop.... I am in love with the mango, but coconut follows really close behind.
    Liz said...
    I love DK cashmere mist too! Have you tried Armani Code? Similar tone of smell. I used to wear Clinique Simply but it was discontinued and I was so upset!

    And I love OPI, but I use Leighton Denny miracle drops to dry! And I also but polish by the name I like, pajnsti!!!!!

    I am dreading to think what is toilet water??????? And am I drinking it?????
    Teresa(NC) said...
    Great list!
    I do love the SH insta-dry and I do love my Bible. I've never tried the FIJI water or the coconut butter. I think I'll have to try these.
    jet said...
    Body butter shout-out...but my fave is the sesame. :-)
    Sereknitty said...
    I also prefer light, clean scents and recently discovered 'Lamb' by Gwen Stefani, which is soooo nice.

    When I see a really clean, uncreased perfect bible, I think it looks so sad ... almost unloved. Like yours, mine is much loved!

    I haven't seen that artist here in Canada, so I'll have to go online and see if I can find a CD ... thanks for the info!
    Sheila said...
    My favorite is Mango from the Body shop, as for perfumes, I love citrus scents. I constantly buy nail polish, but ask me when was the last time I painted by
    cici said...
    well I also use Donna Karen and Fred Hammon is one of my favorites too, but I dont like Figi. Prefer Deer Park.
    Jeanine said...
    Hey, do you like Fred Hammond??? LOL! Thanks for sharing! Great list.
    tiennie said...
    You're so funny! So do you like Fred Hammond?
    J.P. said...
    What a great post! I feel like I know you a lot better now! :)
    WandaWoman said...
    Dang, gurl, you were all over the place with your favorite things. I need to check out the coconut body butter and body scrub.

    Bottled toilet water, huh? I'm thankful my water at home is drinkable. I just fill up with that.
    Psyched2Knit said...
    Thanks for checking in! It was nice to read about your favorite things, but I loved your pictures of the fabric store. That looked like a really fun day. I hope all is well! Again, great to hear from you.
    Ms.Erika said...
    You must have been reading my mind. I'm writing a favorite things post too. I refuse to wear dark nail polish, can you say grandma hands.

    I love the DKNY green apple purfume.

    Where are all your favorite knitting things? I want to know what typle of needles you like and what cute bag you carry your WIP in...maybe next time.

    BTW isn't it great being a VIP.
    Knitaholictoo said...
    Hey girl Fred was just up here in the sticks!

    I got a few Bibles around here, but my fav is also marked up and highlighted....also tryin' to feed the spirit these days! Need my Center!

    Toliet water???? Whatchou talkin' bout, Willis?
    Janet Richards said...
    Thank you for sharing your favorites - and I'm impressed with your Bible notes! Go Gurl with your sword.
    QueenDBW said...
    You go girl!!! I loves me some Fred Hammond too!!! (Sadly, I don't know the last time I bought music...I just listen on Launchcast).

    I always felt that an unmarked Bible, just wasn't being loved right.
    Rosi G. said...
    DUDE! Cashmere Mist. I fell IN LOVE for it HARD when I was prego w/the baby coupla years ago. Tano bought it for me for xmas. Can I tell ya how it later made me GAG?? After the pregnancy, I had to trade it away!!

    I'd also fallen in love with CK Euphoria during that same time. And it makes me gag, too, so now I'm looking to trade THAT away! LOL

    I MUST send you some of ROSI G'S body scrub. Send snail mail addy. I plan to whip up a batch this weekend! :o)

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