Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Proof is in

the PUDDIN'!!

I call her Puddin’ b/c this is my year of ‘fearless knitting’. I decided that proof was in the puddin’!!

~ Project Details ~

Pattern: I joined the other 3,249,211 knitters in doing this project ;op

The Hemlock Ring caught everyone, including myself, desire to knit it immediately.

But as for me...I was sooo intimidated by it!!
Just like my Lizzie I didn't think I could make something so beautiful. I am glad I proved myself wrong again!
With prodding and encouragement from my knitting group, Charlotte Purls, who wanted to do this as a KAL, along with Janet's gentle 'knit pressure' I went ahead and bought the yarn....which sat in its plastic chamber for two months! LOL

Thank you ladies for giving me the nudge to do this project! I am so glad I did it!! It is now my "2008 afghan" or in this case 'lapghan'.

There are also 4,821 different pattern and chart versions for this project. And it was very confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out WHICH ONE IS THE RIGHT PATTERN?!?
I literally had a "Hemlock Folder" with all these print outs of patterns and charts! Joined yahoo and ravelry groups and my eyes were still crossed! Haha!

Dani came to the rescue in letting us know about Ready, Set, Knit podcast and all of their project notes. It was very helpful for me in "visualizing" the blanket by the 8 points, and having a row count. Other than that I threw everything else out the window.

The "original" doily pattern used by Brooklyn Tweed indeed has several erratas. Dani also sent our knitting group a text file without the errors and extended ring written instructions. THAT was perfect! And the one I would recommend using,

OR the Craftown Feather Star Pattern located at the Hemlock Yahoo Group is the best one to use error free and all spelled out for you! However, it is not the "extended" version and doesn't have the BO row on there (but you can get that from the original pattern - see what I mean).

I did not use the charts at all and completely followed written instructions (especially after hearing about everyone having to tink back so much from reading the chart and the errors on some of those too...never mind!)

Size: What row did you stop on??"

This was always my #1 question to anyone who knitted this project. "And it amazed me how I rarely got a definite answer! Haha! I am like just tell me what row!! LOL

I stopped on Row 87 :o)I truly only wanted a lap afghan, as I already have a nice big puuurty afghan!

So I did not extend my Hemlock, and after having almost 400 stitches on the needles I had no desire in making it bigger, but getting it OFF! HaHa!

I believe I achieved the "lapghan" size :o)I must confess it was on my lap before I even had the chance to block it!

Time: As I have mentioned already I coveted this project from the very beginning when it debuted on Brooklyn Tweeds blog along with everyone else! But really didn't get serious about it until about Feb/Mar of this year. Then I took two months in dragging my heels on gathering my patterns and yarn for this project.

And the final push to CO was in May. I was rarely faithful to this project and barely kept my mojo. Not because it wasn't interesting, but I was slowly slipping into my "knitting blahs".

This blankie actually moves along pretty nicely. Especially when you decide to focus on it! Haha!

My favorite part is the flower!I luv luv luv doing the petals!

Once you get past the 'heart' of it (the flower) then it is all downhill from there with one pattern row and then four mindless stockinette rows. Great Netflixing, TV series marathon knit!

I would guesstimate about a week and a half total knit time if you are consistent. Which I believe that is how long it took Jared to do it too.

Needles: Well I did have a false start with this project in that my stitches originally appeared too tight on the US10 needles. So I ripped back...tried it on the US 10.5

Mmmh those were too loose. Shucks!

So I tried it again on the US10s and it worked out just fine! ;o)

I also used 32" and 40" cords .

Yarn: I used the recommended Cascade Ecological Wool.

I realized while knitting with this yarn that I really don't care for it. As it seemed splitty and loose with its 2 ply.

However, it does look good to me all knitted up. I just wouldn't be running to knit with it again.

I used 1.25 skeins on this project, as I only needed that other part of the second ball for the bind off.

If you want to do this with just 1 skein I recommend ending at row 82 so you will have enough left for the BO.

I have a ton left over and already scoped out projects for the remainder of it!

Cost: Only $13 bucks as I bought the yarn for 20% at my fav LYS during their anniversary sale.

What I learned: Patience & Perseverance. No seriously LOL

Once you get past 200 sts in pure stockinette it can get old real fast! Haha! And then knowing you will be increasing more with each row can try your patience! ;op NOT even mentioning that tedious bind off!!

Okay so more on the technical side. I do wish there were videos on the infamous Row 14 (where you make the holes for the petals) and the BO row.

Those were the two spots where everyone has questions about (the whole K1, P1 in the same stitch 4 times Haha!) or at the very least pause for a moment and think...."what?" Haha!

You know sometimes you just have to "see" it!

Lets talks about the BO row for a minute...shall we?

This is actually where I started "wiggin' out" for no good reason at all!

It appeared too sloppy and loose to me. I really was concerned how it looked in comparison to others, but truly was doing it correctly.

I quickly discovered yarn substitutions made the BO row appearance look different or to my eyes more "neat".

I also was not considering how the BO edge would look like after blocking.

I will echo everyone else in saying that binding off on this project is a beast!! Unnecessarily long and truly should be a crocheted bind off!

It takes roughly about four hours to complete, and I didn't even extend mine! Doing that particular knitted BO with even more stitches would not be what I would sign up for at all; definitely consider an alternative BO.

But the most important thing I learned was to BE FEARLESS!! Ironically, while I was knitting this and devouring my Dove chocolates this message popped up when I needed it the most while freakin' out on that BO at the very end! Haha! Pure irony!!

So glad I went for it and became fearless!

Also, in blocking my Puddin' one of my knitting pals, Janet, who adores lace knitting gave some great advice in saying that "lace loves tough love"I took that to heart and stretched that baby out! :oDIt came out nice, smooth and flat!

Apparently, some have seen ripples where their fan and feather sections are even after blocking but I didn't have that problem. I am thinking the bigger you extend your ring the more likely there will be a ripple effect.

Modifications: I did not make any changes, but really have 'tips' more than anything in this section and truly only directed to the BO row.


~ Recommend putting a lifeline in before the BO row.

~ After working the 5 stitches within one then P1, Sl 1 you will not have any stitches left on your left needle. Turn (right needle doesn't have any stitches - that is right!) still knit as normal in the 1st slip stitch continuing to BO the 7 stitches.

~ (I got this one from Heather) on the very last eyelet do the following: K2tog, yo, then pick up 1 stitch at the very first k2tog that you did at the beginning of the round. Turn, then BO as normal to form the last eyelet.

Hoping those tips help others, and are good reference notes for me whenever I plan to do this project again ;op

Verdict: Perfect project to challenge you and to make you feel like a 'knitterly superwoman'! ;o)

I think this would make a very nice and impressive baby blanket gift as it is not monotonous like a typically garter/stockinette one and it progresses along nicely.

The BO row however is a serious commitment that will make you re-think it, unless you know how to crochet one instead.

I love the fact that my Puddin' is not too long or too short, but juuuuuuuuuuust right!

Knit Hard!!


  1. maceknits said...
    Beautiful! I've heard so much about this pattern, but yours is the first one I've seen.
    Cas... said...
    Wow! You have really progressed and pushed yourself into a really beautiful project. Kudos to you for working so hard and hanging in their for the long haul! You should be very happy with your results.
    Stacey said...
    That is gorgeous! Good job! :D And congrats on fearless knitting!
    Mandy said...
    You rock. Knitting Superwoman indeed!!
    Adrienne said...
    It's beautiful!!!! you did a fab job!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Well done! It looks great. I can't believe you barely used over one ball and it still came out that size! That's awesome. Yay blocking!
    Chelette said...
    It's awesome!!! looks very challenging but you make me feel like I might want to try it. Congratulations.
    kim said...
    So THAT'S what you've been up to! It's beautiful! I've had the yarn to make this for a long time, but I've got so many other things in the queue that I haven't attempted it. The fact that you said it only took a week and a half is encouraging. I hope you enjoy it. You did lovely work.
    Channon said...
    It's very lovely. You are fearless!
    Anonymous said...
    How beautiful! Congrats on a job well done; it turned out perfectly.
    Anonymous said...
    Oh, that's GORGEOUS! That color makes me want to eat it! Great job. I've coveted that blanket, but didn't know if I could be that fearless. Kudos to you for taking the plunge.
    Knitaholictoo said...
    I am impressed! I'm not that fearless, lol. Puddin' is lovely. Yr hard work paid off.
    Trillian42 said...
    Just lovely! Awesome work!
    Renee said...
    Oh wow - that is just gorgeous!
    craft-chick said...
    It truly is beautiful! Way to go with your fearless knitting! I loved Janet's advice about tough love too!
    alisonmade said...
    It's gorgeous! Now I just wish I had recorded you last December, saying you'd never make one . . . . ;)
    MrsPurls said...
    "Puddin" is beautiful! Great job! You really are a fearless knitter!
    urbanknitrix said...
    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Love the finished product.
    Rosi G. said...
    OMG that lapghan has The Flyness!!!
    Michelle said...
    Oh Stacy it's gorgeous!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!

    OK It makes me want to go back to finish mine! (I put it down when the weather warmed up!)
    Liz said...
    I love your puddin'!!!! Such a lovely colour as well. And I love the last picture! I think I will have to put it in my Ravelry queue right now!
    Lashell said...
    Great blanket. I'm glad you overcame your fear
    Beth said...
    Absolutely gorgeous. The color is so perfect. You really did an amazing job and yes, you are a fearless knitter!
    Carmell said...
    very pretty... i might have to knit this up!
    Jet LeBlanc said...
    That's just lovely. And based on your comments, I've moved it from my "no thanks" to my "maybe sometime" list. :-)
    KimT said...
    Zonda said...
    Just fabulous!!! Thanks for your all your notes too as I plan to cast day ;)

    Fearless indeed, especially after reading about the BO! Yikes!
    Sheila said...
    It's so purrty and kudos to pushing yourself to create such a beautiful lapghan.... Fearless
    Anonymous said...
    Wow! You did a really great job!! Thanks for all the great tips and helpful hints. I know I will use them when I get around to making this one!!
    Julia said...
    diddlinaknits said...
    Wow you did another awesome job! very proud of you. lol you are definitely earning your knitting superwoman title.
    Denise said...
    You are a superwoman - that looks fabulous. You should be very proud of yourself (I wouldn't even begin to imagine that I could tackle such a thing- I have no patience!)
    Marin (AntiM) said...
    Look at you, all modifying this and lifelining that... and such gorgeous, fearless results!
    NikkiJ said...
    Faaaaaabulous, just like lizzie. Man, your offspring and their offspring are going to have a LOT of goodies.
    Janet Richards said...
    Yah Stacey! Way to be Fearless! It turned out beautiful! I'm so happy for you that you have your perfect lapghan. Great blog entry - lots of tips and help for those who haven't taken it on yet! You always think about that. :)
    tiennie said...
    Yowzers! Beautifully done!
    Sereknitty said...
    Jeanine said...
    Late with the comments AGAIN. You have truly kicked your knitting up a notch. Good for YOU. Congrats -it's BEAUTIFUL.
    StarSpry said...
    It looks beautiful!!! Way to go :D
    Robin said...
    You truly ARE a fearless knitter - absolutely beautiful work!! That is amazing!
    Monique said...
    Did a beautiful job!
    cpurl17 said...
    Well I'm late to the party but I hope not to late to say how beautiful that blanket is!!
    gold said...
    Girl!!!!That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!You should be proud of yourself!!
    Sourire11 said...
    Beautiful! Perseverance, indeed! Thanks for posting all of your sources for pattern explinations. I actually almost cast on for this once but got overwhelmed by all of the information. This fall when I want to knit it again I'm def. going to come here first!

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