Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday's Tidbits

Heeeeeeeeeeeey Now!

Thought I would take a quick mid-day break and share somethings with ya!

~ As you all know there are a ton of fall previews and surprises flying around.
Weeeeeell I picked up the fall 08 Knitscene 'special issue' and was flipping thru my mag and discovered on the very last page Ms. Brown Berry being featured in the Knitspotting!
I was like HEY!!! I know her!!!....well at least "e-know" her! Haha! :oD
Check her out....I likes her!

~ Then I came across these AWESOME SOCKS last night and was blown away! Lucy is one Bad Mam-a-jama!!
I love how she added ribbing in that pattern.

~ Did y'all catch the whole crochet knock-off luxury purses?? Hee hee
The gallery is pretty neat. I am feelin' that B.urberry one ;op

~ And have you heard about tomorrow's big treat?? Go on over and check it out!
A new blog that is definitely in my feeds now! A sistah trying to cut corners!! The legit way of course! Haha! ;o)

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Channon said...
    If only the nearest Cheesecake Factory wasn't over an hour away!
    Michelle said...
    Oh you are full of all kinds of intereting tidbits today! To bad I'll beout of town tomorrow and far far from a cheesecake factory!
    Robin said...
    Thanks for the links! I will go check them out!
    urbanknitrix said...
    Thanks for the tidbits!! I hate the cheesecake factory...the only thing I will eat from them IS the cheesecake.
    kim said...
    Thanks for the great links. You always have your finger on the pulse. How do you do it?!
    TURBOchic said...
    Why o Why do I love the underside of that sock more than I love to top of it? I wonder if I could flip it all around so the top would be the bottom and the bottom would be the top....topsy-turvy like...
    tina said...
    as always you make me say aha. Well I say other things, but aha is among them.

    I don't crochet----- dang it.

    I need to learn, I really do!
    cpurl17 said...
    Tasty tidbits!
    Pajnstl said...
    ok... so i don't even eat cheesecake BUT i love the crust and i have a friend that only eats the filling... you following me so far? lol

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