Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Weekend!!

How was your week??

For me, it seems I was always a day ahead of myself the entire time! So this week just c.r.a.w.l.e.d and finally got to Friday the 13th! :o)

I really had not been feeling 100% this week.

Sleeping with my windows up during the 70+ degree weather finally caught up with me and my allergies flared up!
Talk about watery eyes, sore throat (you know that whole mucus drain thang), and dry cough combos did not make for a cheery Stacey :o)

But I will say this stuff right hereis the TRUTH!! This was the best ever in soothing my sore throat/cough symptoms (great discovery!), of course along with some Loratadine a.k.a. Claritin ;op

I almost didn't make it the Opera last night to see The M.arriage of F.igarobut I couldn't pass up free AND front row tickets!! It was a wonderful time and my 1st opera!!!

I can now say I've fulfilled my arts and culture quota for the month of March! LOL
Thoroughly enjoyed my experience and it really was fantastic!

I have picked back up one of my secret knits that should have been done last fall...but I fell out of 'knit love' with it ;op So trying to get thru it so I can send it off.
So no pics of that WIP until the big reveal since she reads my blog.

But I have been working on a new project honoring "March as Crochet Month" :oDThis is the beginnings of my Big Granny Square Afghan! I've always wanted to do this crochet lapghan and now will have it!

It felt so weird hitting the "crochet" button on Ravelry since this is my 1st crochet project :oD

Though this weekend is cold (again) dreary and rainy I am thrilled to get some rest, much needed cleaning of the place, and some knitting! And.....break into my 2nd quart of one of my fav B&J flavor!! ;op

Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. sophanne said...
    THis post has validated me having picked up the hook myself this week and indulging in some chocolate chip cookies that I had been avoiding for weeks.

    Wendy said...
    I hear you on the allergy front. I actually missed work today over them. It too explored the 'crochet' button on Ravelry, strange as it was. But how cool to finally learn how to hook it up! I'm thrilled with the cloth scraps that I whipped out. Can't wait to see how your blanket turns out.
    cpurl17 said...
    Allergies smacked me this week hard. In my case, its my eye that starts watering and I looked like I was crying for 3 days, ugh!

    How was the Opera? Ive only been a few times and have enjoyed it (except one time when the story was so odd I couldn't follow it)
    Martha in California said...
    Allergies, yuck. Thanks for the green tea lozenges for a sore throat. I'm going to keep that in mind. Sometimes I drink a tea called Throat Coat, it also does wonders.
    The opera sounded like fun. I haven't been too many but my favorite was The Phantom of the Opera.
    Can't wait to see the afghan.
    Have a great weekend!
    Cas... said...
    Fun stuff! Good Luck with the afghan.

    Glad you found a remedy for your allergies.

    Keep up the good work!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Yeah my allergies flared too. It was too tempting to leave the windows open a crack at night! Oh well. It was worth it. I think.

    Hope you're feeling better!
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks for the throat drop recommendation! We've both been a little sick this week up here in MI. Of course it's not due to open windows, since it's been in the 20s all week.

    Feel better!
    Lisa said...
    Happy weekend to you too! So sorry you weren't feeling 100%. I can comiserate (sp) - feel better soon! I've never tried Ricola (not sure we get them here even) but it's good to know it's not all marketing.
    How exciting to go to the opera! Glad you enjoyed it : )
    Ah good ol' crocheting! Used to do it lots but now knitting is my fave needle art. I have plans on doing the Babette one of these days!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
    Adrienne said...
    Hope you are feeling better girl! I'm blessed that I don't suffer from allergies! TOny on the other hand has it bad enough for BOTH of us! LOL

    Glad you enjoyed your opera! You always score some free tickets! LOL

    I used to know how to crochet...did blankets for the kids (that are still in the closet) but I can't get it again lol.

    Icecream...yum lol

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend girlie!
    diddlinaknits said...
    That's always a little frustrating-you get so excited about the warm weather and the fresh air finally in your home and then the next day (for me anyway) You are in allergy misery. i use ricola for my colds all the time they are great :) i am glad they helped you as well and that you are on your way to recovery.
    That is so cool that you got front row tickets to the opera!!!!! i saw the marriage of figaro when i was younger and while i loved it at the time i would love to see it again and appreciate it even more now that i am older.
    Yay and crochet afghan how awesome is that-way proud of you!!
    Hope your feeling 100% soon and enjoy your rest, relaxation and Ice Cream!!!!
    Channon said...
    Hope you're feeling better. We're having a ton of rain to wash those allergens away.

    I need to spend a little more time with my hook this month, and with some Mmmmalabrigo too!
    smariek said...
    I never used to be prone to allergies until I got older and then it got worse ever since we moved out of the city and into the suburbs (more tree, etc). Not fun at all. Hope you feel better soon.

    I have the same pack of Ricola in the green tea flavor! I love Ricola. But when I have a REALLY bad cough, I have to go to the Halls with 9.1 units (mg?) of Menthol. The Ricola flavors have a much lower amount of menthol. (Some Halls flavors have lower amounts too; you really have to look at the packages carefully).

    The opera sounds like fun. I've never seen one live. But the way you wrote the name of the opera has given me an idea! I might use the period to separate parts of a word like that, so that my blog scraper (at knitting club dot org) who republishes blog posts of a couple dozen knit bloggers dosen't get hits from Yahoo searches... I am so annoyed that Yahoo searches on certain keywoard combos brings up HIS website BEFORE mine. Ok, better stop now before I rant further...

    Enjoy your ice cream!
    tiennie said...
    I hope you feel better! Take care of you!
    tina said...
    Feel better soon! Allergies are a boog! B&J's are always the very best medicine of all with a bit of yarn therapy!
    Judy said...
    Wow, your weekend sounds great, especially attending the opera! I love the opera, the last one I saw in NYC was "Aida", it was great! Love the 'Pimlico' sweater. Hope you feel better.
    Robin said...
    I've never been to the opera before, believe it or not!! Sounds like fun though!
    cici said...
    Hey there girl.. I have been so behind on my blogging. Now that work has slowed down, I hope to get caught up. Riccola is my favorite too. I suck them even when I don't have a cold. I am glad you made it to the Opera. I hope you are feeling all betta now♥
    gold said...
    OMG did one of those ice creams say Heath bar!!!!I will be looking for that ice cream!!

    Hope you are feeling much better now.
    kim said...
    Oooh, I'm so behind. It's already Wednesday. I hope that you're feeling better....
    Liz said...
    G, excuse my no sympathy, but we would get frostbite here with the windows wide open at night!! Mine are open a crack!
    Check out your crochet!!!! Go you!! Can't wait to see it finished, crochet is so quick too!
    Hope you feel better soon.
    KimT said...
    Ok, I need to get some ricola drops. I am having the same symptoms as you have had. Right on with the crochet project. I made the big granny lapgan as a charity project last year. Its very easy and works up quickly. Can't wait to see yours.

    I hope you are feeling better already.

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