Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Auld Lang Syne FO Parade

Brushing up on the meaning of that song fit perfectly for this post!

~ "Long long ago"
~ "Days gone by"
~ "Old times"
~ "Once upon a time"

Yep I have some catching up to do on some FOs from 2009...you know that was 12 days ago and all :)

So here is a quick and dirty parade on the details of the items I managed to finish but was just too lazy to post up:

~ Project #1 Details ~
This cute little oxford cardi was for a precious baby name Oliver!

Pattern: This Baby Sophisticate and I will never stop signing the praises of this very easy/simple and free pattern!! It is a MUST on anyone's baby knit list!

So much so that you should make TWO!This one was a store sample at my fav shop Charlotte Yarn. They caught me sitting and knitting in there on the first sweater and so the second one was born :)

Time: Can take 3-5 days of "un-focused" knitting time (the very most) to complete.

Needles/Yarn: Both on US8 needles

Sweater #1 in Moda Dea Washable Wool about 1.5 balls of yarn in Chocolate

Sweater #2 in Artesanal by Aslan Trends every bit of 1 hank in color #19 basically grey (from the shop)

Size: Both sweaters are the largest size and with the yarn it came out to be about 3-6 months?? depending on the weight of the yarn.

Modifications: On Sweater #1 all details on my Rav project but in a nutshell I shortened the body to the small length and would have done more garter on the collar. I also did increases in the body to widen it out for the "tummy". Sweater #2 - nothing barely had enough yarn!!

Verdict: Absolutely LUV this pattern. It is a MUST DO!

~ Project #2 Details ~

Pattern: Sushi Wallet Kit by One Stick Two Stick. I blogged about it here on where to get.

Time: Umpteen years...lol I really played around on this one. It has a lot of little pieces....sigh. Realistically a fast knit.

Mods: Because of all the many sushi rolls. I had made them a little bigger....made 6 of them but 3 of them came out really tiny so I ditched them...and by then I was tired of sewing them on.

My Firsts: Putting a zipper in a pouch/wallet

Verdict: My girlfriend loved it!! :) So it was worth it!

~ Project #3 Details ~

Pattern: Marian Cowl
I've always wanted a chunky cowl around my neck to keep me warm. This made a very quick and easy Xmas gift for my boss :)

Time: Because it was a secret knit I did it in two nights.

Needles/Yarn: US 17 with 2 balls of Hometown USA yarn in Oklahoma City Green. My first time I used this yarn and it was a exact match for her new pea green leather gloves! Wish it had more yardage though.

Mods: Held yarn double for chunkiness. Did not twist the first stitch for mobius twist, just seamed down the middle.

Verdict: So elementary that anyone can do this project! And I really want to do one in hot red for myself :)

Welp! That should close out the 2009 knit F.O.s for me!

Was very pleased that all of these projects were for someone else...
SEE! I am not a selfish knitter afterall :) Now...back to my sweater and my socks


  1. Nik said...
    That baby sweater looks so classic. All that baby needs is a pipe and he'd be ready :D

    Don't know how that chunky cowl pattern slipped by me. Oh, how warm it looks.
    Adrienne said...
    LOVE the baby sweater!!!!
    Everything looks great though! I've been obsessing over cowls lol.

    Great Parade! :)
    cici said...
    Oh this baby sweater is the cutest! I must get familiar with making baby things. I haven't done that yet♥
    urbanknitrix said...
    Everything looks wonderful.

    I have finished the Baby Sophisticate too, like in October or November but can't find buttons. Its like the BEST and quickest little sweater ever. Yours look wonderful!!

    The cowl is to die for too.

    Happy Knitting!!
    Anonymous said...
    You've been busy! Love all of the projects, but especially that baby sweater. So sweet!
    Reckless Glue said...
    so much cuteness in this post!
    Jeanine said...
    You've been busy. I did some Xmas knitting too. Unfortunately, I've got NO pictures. Ugh.. LOL. Now I'm ready to put in some knittint time for me!
    Happy Knitting.
    Channon said...
    Wonderful, one and all! That chunky pattern though? I'm heading to Ravelry...
    cpurl17 said...
    A co worker just had a baby boy so you may have solved my "need a quick gift" dilemma!!
    DeltaPurl said...
    fab knitting as always....I LOVE the baby sweater!!!
    Liz said...
    Love all those three things! Happy new year to you! I hope it's a fantastic one. xx
    Batty said...
    The baby sweater is adorable! The cowl is a real show-stopper. It's the perfect color for gray winter days.
    moo said...
    I love this word...(and I seem to use it on your blog the most) MONDO cute baby sweater! Is the pattern available?
    Michelle said...
    Love the cowl and the baby sweater is adorable!
    Anonymous said...
    And I need a baby sweater pattern! Perfect. That cardigan is soooo cute.

    Love that little sushi bag!
    Sheila said...
    The baby sweaters are adorable and that cowl looks sooo warm.
    Harlem Purl said...
    I made the baby sophisticate pattern also (in grey too!) and I luv it also. It looks so nice in brown.
    Andrea said...
    Nik said to give him a pipe. Personally, I think an ascot would look nice also. Girl, these were all awesome gifts. You did a really nice job.
    Chronic Ennui said...
    That cardigan is absolutely adorable! Happy New Year!
    diddlinaknits said...
    Cute baby sweaters. i bet he will look adorable in them!!!
    Your sushi pouch is adorable and your friend sure looks happy and like you said that makes it all worth it.
    Loving the cowl!! that looks great on your boss.
    Robin said...
    I especially love the sushi wallet!
    KimT said...
    I love the baby sweater! Thanks for stopping by my place and I am glad you were encouraged by my post!
    Ilix said...
    oh! Fantastic! Off to queue it!
    Sourire11 said...
    LOVE the baby sweater- totally simple but totally stunning.
    Sereknitty said...
    We've got a new grandson on the way and that sweater is perfect! Off to the queue ...
    Deb said...
    This sweater is going on my to-do-list! Thanks so much! It's gorgeous! A baby girl is due in my family in Mar. (I'm not expecting.) This looks like the perfect sweater for a baby boy. I love the cowl & Size 17 needles! Just beautiful!
    Monique said...
    That little sweater is cute indeed!!!
    Deborah said...
    those cowl's are all the rage now, i should have bought up my LYS' supply of discounted bulky yarn, i'd be rich by now, my knuckles would be broken and bloodied but I'd be rich!
    Twisted Knitter said...
    I love your catch-up posts -- so much goodness I don't know where to start! My absolute fave is the chunky cowl for your boss in a color named after my own hometown!

    Cannot wait to see what you're up to next!

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