Monday, March 26, 2007

I am a WINNER!

You all may remember me going to the yarn shop on Saturday for my 20% off NORO yarn during the shop's anniversary celebration. During the festivities there was cake, cookies, sodas, candy and of course several door prizes!! :o) Just wouldn't be a party without it. Right?!

Well guess which cute crimson purl WON!!!! Guess!! No Really! LOL :oD

The prizes were generously donated by some vendors: Knitting Fever, Plymouth Yarns, Blue Sky Alpacas, KnowKnits, and Berroco.

So they were just FABULOUS! I received the Berroco grab bag!

I just couldn't wait long enough to take pics to upload on my *new* blog! :o) So there you see the prize in my car! Haha! I received 12 balls of Berroco "Love It" in a very pale lavender color #3215 55% Cotton 38% Acrylic and 4% Polyester so it is perfect for a spring/summer knit garment....did I mention it was twelve balls!!!

And boy do I love it!! I am typically not a pastel person, but this will be fun to knit because I have never used this type of yarn before and I also received a great pattern book from Berroco! There are 7 patterns that all use the "Love It" yarn. And there was also 2 "Handeze Therapeutic Craft Gloves". Ironically I had purchased 2 gloves for my own personal use last fall b/c I was knitting so tight and killing my left hand. All better now! :o)

So the first 2 people who request the gloves I will gladly gift them to you by dropping them into the mail. Just hit me up!

So the Berroco bag was a great prize and I was so DELIGHTED when I went into the yarn shop today to get help with my short rows on the Lizard Ridge (will circle back on that shortly!) I was not expecting this at all. I was just sitting there casting on and just happen to look up at the box with a bag that had my name on it in my handwriting...and I was like...Hey!! Is this mine?!!! WHOA! I WON! Haha! Yes I can act a fool over FREE stuff. If you haven't figured it out by now I like to save my money as much as possible and typically do not buy many things at full price! :op So not only was I going into the shop for some assistance I got some goodies!! It was a great knit day......or was it???

*Sigh* This Lizard Ridge has got me twisted...ur uh literally! There is so many W/T within each row it is ridiculous and then trying to recognize my wraps on the purl side is just difficult for me right now! I can't wait to get my groove and learn this pattern to get to "leapin"!!

It recommends to know knitting backwards (but not required).....I need to figure that out QUICK! *checks calendar to see if lunch hour is open again* Hahaha! Gotta love Piper (young lady who helps me at the LYS) for being so patient with me!! She is simply wonderful! You better believe I will get a pic of her to post here soon! LOL She better be glad I was so involved in my Lizard that I didn't even think of it. It totally busted my high over my door prize!! Haha!

Here is how far I have gotten with my first square (and not even done with all 12 rows!) with a few mistakes......*looks away and whistles*

It is still oh so pretty!! :) I actually enjoy knitting with this yarn. It feels good (lovin the silk garden) and it is fun to see the colors change as you knit! Absolutely FUN! But I sure in the heck can't watch TV, talk on the phone or anything while doing this project. I need 100% concentration!! Yes indeedy! LOL

Well, of course I will keep y'all posted about this project now that is officially on the needles.

(Psst! I need some help with status bars in my margin!! Anyone gracious to help me??)

Okay WIP #2 is Ms. Marigold from Zephyr Style
Pattern link:

Love their patterns because they do the whole knit from the top down thing. How easy could that be for my 1st sweater! Right? Or in this case "spring/summer" shell.

Since I am trying to stay motivated to knit during the spring and summer, I figured I would try this project out. I received the yarn online from and BOY! I saved my cost by half! 50%! Unbelievable! I picked a deep purple (eggplant) color that is 80% Baby Alpaca 20% Silk and it is just luscious!
Did I say it was just luscious!! It is soooooooo soft! So I figured I would try to do things right and actually do my very 1st gauge! *gasp* Yep, I have never ever done one and never felt a need to before; but since this is a garment to wear I figured I better do the right thing and try my gauge I have a question...but first here are a couple more pics (of course! LOL Had to test out the lighting...y'all know what I am working with! Haha! Who would have thought I would be putting my cell cam to some serious work! )

The pattern said it should measure 4 does if I stretch it just a tad! :0) The question is that okay?? I didn't think it was that serious right? Figured I could stick to this needle size.

Well I plan to cast on for this project on tomorrow because is all about the Lizard!!!
I need to stay on track until I can get it together over here!! So off to wrapping & turning! :op


  1. Erica B. said...
    I'm so jealous! You are so lucky!
    MrsPurls said...
    Hey lady!! Congrats!! I so hate that I missed the event...I was taken to the E.R. early Sat. morning with a upper respiratory infection!!! Dang!! I always get sick at the wrong time
    Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    WOW! Good stuff girl! And YES it matters!! Do NOT stretch it lol...tee hee, you workin that phone honey! tee hee
    Cynthia said...
    You are one lucky lady to have won the Berroco Love It. I've already stitched up the Wakame top from another pattern book with Love It in walnut, as well as the pieces for the Tioreg bag from another pattern booklet. And, another similarity, I'm also working on the Lizard Ridge squares. It took me a couple of first tries, but I finally GOT IT. Keep at it, and you will get it too. Photos of the projects can be seen on my blog:
    Virtuous said...
    Hi Cynthia!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I would love to e-mail you with some questions about the Lizard Ridge please let me know which e-address I can send them to you.

    Or I can just ask you here in the comment section! :o)

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