Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rant: Wind It Up! Dang It!!

So I have a rant that I wanted to share with you all. Since my blog was not up at the time and it didn't happen too long ago I figured I would go ahead and post it.

Last weekend, Saturday 3/17 to be exact, I went to a LYS that is closing down that had a really good sale (35% off of everything - closeout). Y'all know if a sale is going on I am there! :o)

Now, I think it is unfortunate that this shop is closing down, but I can literally count the number of times I have visited this shop on one hand.
And that is really because, I never liked something about their "atmosphere". They would barely greet you (well me) and I just think their customer service was severely lacking. This is not to confuse it with my fav yarn shop who has superb customer service! :o)

I also visit other shops for different options. Heck, who doesn't do that? I have discovered there is something always different offered at each shop. I am a consumer!

I just want to be clear here about - "speciality shops" offer special things - hence the name. And in my opinion yarn shops are speciality shops. Afterall, this is not your AC Moore's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby chain/box stores!

The two times I have purchased at this "speciality shop" the following happened:

First time I purchased yarn there while I was on my lunch break, made my quick selections and left to come home later on that evening to find that my hank was not wound up.
What the heck am I gonna do with that?! I can't do a darn thing with that!

So mad that I couldn't start on my project that night, I was really looking forward to it. I went back the next day on my lunch hour again to have them wind it up. I brushed it off as me simply being in a rush since it was during my lunch hour. But it still irritated me that they never even mentioned it during my initial purchase.

Second purchase, was during this big sale. As you all know I hate buying yarn unless I know what project I am going to use it on. I did figure out that I had to buy some additional yarn for a project that is still on my needles (will mention that in a moment) and was taking advantage of the sale of course!

I picked out my yarn, checked out at the front by the shop owner and merrily went about my way....NOT! I get home that night and realize that AGAIN my yarn was still in a hank! I go back the following week AGAIN to the shop. Toss my bag on the counter and explain to the shop owner that I made this purchase from here and had come back to get my yarn wind up! (Ridiculous!) She says to me that their winder was broken last week. I then begin to tell her "No this is the second time I have had to come back" she replies back "Shops typically don't wind up the yarn". Irritated even more, I said "ALL the yarn shops I have purchased from offer this service automatically". She then says "Well most of our customers have their own winder". I responded back by saying "At the very minimum it should be offered to wind up a hank out of courtesy"(emphasis on that last word!). I then continue to say, "But you know it really doesn't matter since you are closing down anyway" *dagger* *twist* I am hot like fire!!
She responded "Well our winder was broken last week, and I am not sure who helped you". I SPIT out "Actually it was YOU". She said nothing....not even an artificial apology!! >:

Let me tell you it will have to be a helluva sale (like 50% off on yarn) before I step foot back into that place again even if they weren't shutting down! *BOO HISS*

How are you going to be a speciality shop and I buy a hank of yarn at least $11 and up and you can't simply offer (is my whole point) to wind my stuff up!! Are you serious!!!

The few people I have spoken to about this said that the yarn shops they have purchased from automatically ask you (except for you Cristi and your horror story! Hahaha!)

Y'all tell me your thoughts about this one in my comment section!

Antyway - As I mentioned I was buying additional yarn for a future project and this is it:

Y'all have heard of the notorious Noni bags!

Of course I love the black & red colors! :o)

I purchased the pattern (Felted Carpet Bags - circa Fall 05) and yarn LAST spring from my favorite LYS and started working on the base of the bag.
It has been sitting on my needles ever since! Haha! :o)

Since then I have changed my mind and want to make the larger size tote. I also discovered that the pattern calls for double yarn for thickness and felting purposes.

So I needed the additional yarn and wanted to take advantage of the sale.

I will need to frog the project anyway because I didn't start out double yarning it in my haste - no biggie since there was not much progress on it!

I will still probably need to buy more yarn than what I have since I want the bigger size, and I want to make two of the big red camellia flowers.

Look at my beautiful red yarn cake!

Cascade 220 #8895 = BRIGHT RED!!! Yep I love it!! :oD

This bag will be my second felted project and too cute for the fall time! Which means I need to get back to working on it in late summer. This bag will be done this year!!! Dang it!

Well that's all for now, I just had to vent about my little incidents...can y'all tell that was all up inside LOL It was good to release! Nah it really wasn't that serious, but yarn related and thought I would post it. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on it!


  1. Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    Ok...there is a yarn shop here that does the SAME thing. They do NOT offer to wind your yarn, and they don't offer good service...well not to 'me" anyway, I have only been once. I said I was going to "try" them again....we will see.....But my SUPERFAVORITE yarn store is like 5 minutes from my job...I LOVE them in there!!!!I LOVE THAT BAG PATTERN! Let me know how the pattern goes...ya know I'm just a "beginner" lol
    PAJNSTL said...
    I'd say you handled that situation great.. Had it been moi', it might've been some police in that story somewhere.. lol

    Who knew knitting was interesting! Keep the stories coming..

    btw.. i like the Noni Bag
    turtlegirl76 said...
    I just don't get that. That's fucking bullshit that "most" of their customers have their own ball winder. Guess what? We share alot of the same customers and I can tell you that it's the rare occasion when I offer to wind the yarn that they don't take me up on it. I can count the number of customers that have come in saying they have their own ball winder and swift. It's laziness and sheer lack of COURTESY. That's right. Hoo boy. You pushed a button there girl.

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