Friday, March 30, 2007

"I Must Increase My Work!"

Y'all remember that chant?? But the "girl" version of it? :op LOL!!

Well I really haven't done as much knitting as I would have liked this week. The computer just sucks me in when I get home! LOL Plus I have been trying to have a 1/2 way decent social life now.

The Ms. Marigold is now casted on and the first section knitted done. But barely growing! LOL

<--------- See! I am counting down by "sections" (6 parts) not including the neckline and ruffle sleeves. So I am a 6th of the way there!! :oD

The mini generic stitch markers that I bought (all of a dollar or so from Hobby Lobby) really were lifesavers for me since this is being done on a size 5 US and the yarn is really thin.

The big markers would have slid everywhere making me lose my place in the project. This multi-pack that I didn't realize I had with the tiny ones in there worked great! WHOA! I didn't need anything stalling my projects Hahaha! :o) I do plan on getting some "cute" stitch markers soon. Any suggestions? I have browsed for some and they seem reasonable coming in different sizes to choose from for my projects.

And how about I didn't realize I will have to crochet the short ruffle sleeves on the Marigold! That was the main reason why I loved the pattern was b/c of those cute sleeves!

I do not know one thing about crocheting and never had planned on it! :op

*Sigh* But I guess a savvy knitter would know how to crochet and wouldn't resist it! :op LOL So I will be learning how to basic crochet soon. I will need to learn how to do it anyways, since the edging of my lizard afghan calls for it too.

Speaking of the lizard I have completed an entire square!! WHOA!!! I really struggled with it in the beginning, but finally got the hang of it the second round of repeat rows. I will be a master of short rows!! You just wait and see! :oD
(I really am going to get a better camera! This does it no justice!! But y'all get the idea!)

I did get a little twisted towards the top b/c I ended up thinking I was pretty good that I could turn on some TV! Hahha! And was doing just fine until I looked up at a scene and lost count! Dang it!!!
(Sidebar: And October Road is not even that good!! What was I thinking! It was really just on for background noise. Where the heck is my Men in Trees?! And WHY was Grey's a repeat!! Ugh!)
So I have a few small "gaps" there! LOL Glad this will be my bottom left square. I will fondly look back on it and say...ah that was my very 1st square. Doesn't it have character? (= designer mistakes) LOL. :op

For the afghan, I plan to just continue knitting and switch out ball colors (to still give it a block/square look) vs. binding off. I hate seaming so the less I have to do the better! So I can just seam the 4 "strips" of the afghan together instead of 24 blocks!

There is some debate among knitters about the Lizard project, and when you start knitting it yourself "to block" or "not block" because there are cute bumps that occur when you knit this project. I have decided to block!! I like the wave look of the pattern (the main reason why it attracted me) and I think you can really see it from the "flat" perspective :o). I ordered more NORO online!! Once I completed the transaction I realized that I am only saving about 1 balls worth - once you include the shipping cost (not to mention still having to wait for it in the mail). So I have decided I will just continue to go to my LYS and buy the yarn from them for support. Heck I was seeing $$ signs in my eyes and y'all know how I get with that!! :o)

It took me about 4 days, including learning how to do it on Monday, knitting just a few parts "here and there" to complete the first block last night.
But now that I know what I am doing it could easily only take a few hours to knit one square. And I am not even knitting backwards! I SO need to learn that soon! Figured I could test one of my squares out with that method soon :o)

I have decided to knit a "square" a week, like every Sunday will be Lizard day, and focus completely on Marigold during the week for progress.

Alright I had to get this out before the weekend since I won't have time to blog, BUT need to be squeezing in some knitting!

Happy 1 week Blog Anniversary to me!! :o)


  1. Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    Awww a whole week!!!! I am going to learn to crochet too. I have a good site marked. My SIL is going to make me some stitch markers...wait until you see hers....she can bead her behind off! LOL
    Susan said...
    I was able to do the crochet part using a few helpful websites. The best one, which has videos that you can view online is:

    That should really help. I was a bit frazzled when I realized the crochet part myself. Actually my cardigan has ruffles on the front that are not knit, but using crochet. It must be fate that we all except and just do it. lol

    PAJNSTL said...
    Happy Anniversary Chica!

    lmao @ Character = designer mistake.

    And... ummm... yea... I will be glad when you get a new camera, just b/c I want you to take a baby step in the world of technology!

    Luv ya,

    Virtuous said...
    Thanks ladies for continuing to read AND commenting :o) (that lets me know you are reading! Haha)

    Y'all are fabulous!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Don't go buying stitch markers girl. I have plenty to share. All cute! And beaded! If you go on Wed. I'll hook you up.

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