Friday, March 23, 2007

I Finally Did It!!

Yep! I got a knitting blog!

I figured since I lurk on so many knit blogs and lots of people keep asking and telling me I need to get one to show my projects I finally did it!

What was the hold up? I have been slow to have a blog b/c you would be viewing crappy pics from my cellphone...I don't have a digi cam yet!! So I figured y'all will just have to work with it until I get enough complaints about it! LOL

And compared to some of the other knit bloggers I am a drop in the bucket! Hahaha!

How did I get started knitting? Well here is my story:
One of my girlfriends (the most unlikely person you would think) had been knittng and crocheting for awhile and initially showed me. It was late Decemeber of 2004 and I had just graduated from grad school and needed to decompress from the hard year!

She showed me how and I was very clumsy! Pooking my stomach and thighs with those old fashion long metal sticks! Ha! So I left still excited about it and in January 2005 I rushed to AC Moores to get my own needles and cute yarn to "practice" on (despite the items she gifted me).

I noticed a lady sitting there teaching others how to knit....and did I mention for FREE! So she showed me how to knit Continental (German) style and I was instantly a believer and never looked back to American (English). I absolutely LOVE it! And she showed me how to do it on bamboo circular needles. Since those needles are short I wasn't doing all that pooking and sticking. So no more torturing myself while knitting! Therefore, I rarely knit on straight needles to this day!
I bought my 1st Denise needles set just last week!! Great new toy! :o)

I am also what you call a "seasonal" knitter. So as soon as it gets a little bit warm I put the needles down! So I didn't actually complete my 1st real project until November 2005 when I picked my needles back up and made my 1st scarf during Thanksgiving! It is red (of course!) with fringes. I still wear it and it will always be my favorite piece since it was my very 1st project!!

I really didn't get a fire lit up under me about knitting until this past fall around September 2006 and started making new and exciting projects. Lets just say I like to take my time learning a craft so I can perfect it! ;o)

So this year I plan to actually knit thru the spring and summer!! WHOA!! *crosses fingers*

Technically I have been knitting for a little over 2 years, since January 2005.
But what I have learned is that it is not about how long you have knitted, but your experience.
I have met knitters who have knitted for decades and only do scarves...(what the heck!) and knitters who have been knitting all of a month and a half knitting up shrugs! Heck!!! It took me so long to venture out of the scarf phase! LOL

So here is to the year of EXPERIENCE! :o)


  1. Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    YAY YOU!!!! So glad you did it!!! YAY! lol
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Woo hoo! Stacey hits the big time!

    Now to get you going on socks so you don't have scarves hanging all over your lap through the hot months. Why do you think I like socks so much? They're small and light! I'll teach you yet!

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