Saturday, March 24, 2007

The last 2 years huh?? Haha!

Once I figure out how to put up status bars and flickr this will be sitting really cute on the sidebar! *whispers* somebody help me! HaHa - No really!

Well here is the run down:

*Finished Projects* (will try and update later with pics)
~ TONS of scarves! :o) in different variations/patterns of course!
~Bobblicious from (my 1st project that was a garment to wear! Very easy!) Dec 06
~Loopy scarf from (I affectionately call it “Hip Hop)Jan 07
~Felted Clog Slippers from (1st felted project and love wearing them around the house!) Feb 07
~3 full sets of baby booties from the book Knits from the Heart (hated the pattern, but a good prereq to knitting socks -been dying do that for so long!) Mar 07

*Projects Currently on the Needles*
~Scarves! LOL (Have one I've been trying to finish for over a year now! LOL)
~Noni Felted Carpet Bag (that one has been sitting on the needles for over a year too!)
~Ruffle scarf - a.k.a. potato chip scarf (binding off now the thousands of stitches - not exaggerating! - and will never do this again! But it is cute)
~ Baby Flower Petal Bib from the One Skein book (not enjoying this at all with the wrap stitches...something is not clicking for me)
~ And soon to be on my needles is the Ms. Marigold from (I just got my yarn in the mail today!! So you will be hearing lots about this project!)

*Future Projects I Would Like to Knit*
What do I NOT want to knit?!? many running thru my head - but here are the pressing ones
~Socks! Ankle ones
~Flair from Knit and Tonic
~Knitted/Felted Flowers
~Anything to try cables!
~Lizard Ridge Afghan on (a very lofty project!)

Well Happy Knitting! :o)


  1. Ms. Lee said...
    Glad you're blogging! I love to see the finished products.

    The Boho Shrug is hotttt! YOu taking orders?! LOL.

    Keep it coming, Stacey.
    funfairiegirl said...
    hey - can you send me the code for the status bars you are using? I needs help with that myself.

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