Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th: Yarn P0rn!!

My 1st Friday yarn p0rn and I didn't even plan on it!! :oD

I truly don't ever intend on doing Friday yarn p0rns - especially on a regular (b/c I don't buy enough and would like to stay out of the poor house LOL), but what a coincidence this time!

Well that particular LYS closing down I spoke about in an earlier blog entry, did in fact have their inevitable 50% off sale. I swore I would not go, at all!!...but saw Turtlegirl partaking in the goods, so I decided to swing by on my lunch hour..okay I took a 1/2 day off :op

But of course for me to confirm my "soon-to-be" purchase I always have to have a project in mind before I can buy yarn. I gotta know what kind of yarn to buy and how much to buy or I won't do it! I just can't buy all willy nilly like that! Especially in large quantities.

SO! In saying all of that. Remember just last night I was all excited about my Minnow Knits patterns - specifically the Sugar 'N Spice? Weeellllll here is the yarn for my niece's pullover!
Hey! This is the best I can do for a little while :op (re: pic quality). I went outside and everything for better lighting! Haha! *pat on back* :o)

This yarn is 100% cotton and 100 yards per ball. But there is absolutely NO NAME for the yarn!!! The shop didn't even know what type of yarn it is....mmmhh go figure! But I can't complain for only $2.25 a ball. I had to snag it!
And LOOK!! I didn't have to get them wound up!! :oD :op :oD :op

Anyway they had four different colorways - I call them sorbet colors: all bright yellow, pink, orange, and turquoise blue.

I kept trying to decide which two colors I should use together for her Sugar 'N Spice pullover. It is going to be in summer - so I decided on bright colors. She is a girl - why not the traditional pink. And it will be in the heat of August so definitely light weight = cotton. She lives in WI so it is not like down South H-O-T. The bright colors will look great on her chocolate skin! I call her my little Pocahontas. :oD

I really didn't think turquoise blue and orange would look great for a little girl (even though yours was cute Sheep in the City!).
Possibly the turquoise blue and yellow...naaaahh
Yellow and orange? Possibly
Yellow & pink?? Was a strong maybe
But definitely not the turquoise blue and pink.

So I got funky with it and picked the pink and orange! So she will be one cute chocolate sorbet! Haha! :o)

Well I think I did a decent job for my 1st yarn p0rn! I can now check it off my list as DONE! Yeah!! :oD


  1. PAJNSTL said...
    Yarn P0RN!!!!

    Ava said...
    Good loot!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Yay! Yarn pr0n! As soon as you get yourself a real camera, I can teach you a thing or two about photographing your yarn and FOs.

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