Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cutesy Baby Patterns

I have been pining over this one particular baby pattern the last couple of weeks that I saw on one of the million blogs I read! :op

So I saved the link and said I would get back to it later. Well my niece's birthday is coming up in August and I would love to knit something up for her. I have been a very bad Auntie and have yet to do that!

I revisited the link and realized that I truly could not order from the website and needed to find a LYS to get it. Well not one shop here in Charlotte carried Minnow Knits patterns. I did a little research and discovered a yarn shop in Raleigh called Great Yarns they were sweet as pie to me and had the exact pattern I wanted! Sugar 'N Spice!! Not only did they have that one but 2 other ones that caught my eye. I just couldn't resist so I got all 3 of them and it was worth the $.80 cent postage! LOL
Ship them to me!! :o) I received my long awaited treats on today!

Alright! Alright! Since I am "camera challenged" at the moment, here are clearer versions of the patterns directly from the website! :op

Sugar 'N Spice

Cuddle Up

Sweetie Pie

I cannot wait to knit Sugar 'N Spice up for my niece!! She will be 4 years old, and luckily the pattern goes up in size to 6 year olds (doubled checked before I ordered - not savvy enough yet to alter a pattern Hahaha).

All the patterns appear to be simple and something I can handle!

But for the Sugar 'N Spice I will have to piece it together. No more being spoiled with top/down patterns! :op And I actually plan to add a ruffle edge on the bottom of the pullover too! Not sure what colors yet! But I will keep y'all posted!

I had a nice mail day! :o) Aren't these patterns just C-U-T-E!


  1. MrsPurls said...
    Those patterns are so cute...I just love Cuddle Up. Yarn,Etc. in Raleigh is a great LYS. I used to shop with them when I lived there. Good luck on the projects.
    Robin said...
    I saw your post on Susan's blog(Knitter's Delight) and I wanted to know if you still want to be part of Secret Pal. Email me to let me know at rmartin_cpa at hotmail dot com, as I just had a space open up.
    PAJNSTL said...
    awww... those are some cutesy patterns. by the time I have a bambino, you will be a pro!!!
    Aminika said...
    The ladies at Great Yarn are great...whenever I am in the midst of a project, they are my source...they are always willing to help me pick yarns, get thru a pattern and to teach me new methods...

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