Monday, April 09, 2007

So What's Going On?

It was my birthday!! :o)

I had a great weekend! As I mentioned before I took off Friday (unfortunately we didn't get it as a 'holiday') & Monday. So the time away has been much needed and enjoyed! I did absolutely NOTHING!

On Easter, my actual birthday, I went to church in my jeans to worship! Had a nice brunch afterwards and my Sunday ritual is always a NAP! That definitely happened. :op I got a lot of rest this weekend! I have just been all wound up at work so this was great to unwind. Then Sunday night went out for a very nice dinner at Ruth's Chris. It was fabulous! So Ms. Crimson Purl celebrated another grace year and turned 32! :o) My day was wonderful! I am so blessed with people who care & love me!

During my down time I have been knitting!! So much so my hand is a little bit sore. Will be taking a short break and wearing my glove again while I knit. I have been mainly making progress on my lizard afghan (go figure and this was suppose to be my long term project! Haha). It is VERY just want to do "a little bit more". Shish! So now I have 5 blocks completed and looking at how I quickly depleted my cute Easter yarn basket! It will be time to get more yarn soon! (Sidebar: my own private SATC marathons is GREAT for knitting! :op )

Ms. Marigold is coming along (a nice little vest - wondering if it is going to be too tight!). I am really not sure if I am going to like it now....not sure what it is...the more it grows the less I am liking it! LOL One minute I like the color, then I don't (thinking I should have picked a lighter or multi color yarn). Moments later I think it is too thin and I can see my tension varying throughout the project (so it is not perfect in my mind) and then the next moment I am okay with everything...but I press on so I can see the end result! I'll see how I feel once I get the neckline on there.

No pics of my WIPs until I get a digi cam so I can show some quality work! (esp. on the lizard my cell cam really does it no justice) I am already thinking about my next 2 projects. Definitely know I will be working on ankle socks, but still deciding between three options on my next garment piece (2 for me, 1 as a possible gift).

My girlfriend sent me more pics today of Elizabeth Grace and her booties

Do you see them on her cute feet??? Ur uh NOPE!! LOL :op
She has been using them as mittens!! :o) LOL Too cute!
I am glad she is putting them to good use Hahaha
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Erica B. said...
    Happy (belated) Birthday!
    Frank 'viperteq' Young said...
    New around these parts.....nice blog. Don't know much about knitting, but I like nice heartfelt writing. Happy Belated B-Day....I'll be hitting the big 33 this year in August...can't wait for that (sarcasm). Anyway, keep up the nice writing...see you around.
    Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    Glad you had a good Birthday!!!
    PAJNSTL said...
    Lol @ the baby multi-purposing the booties. She's a cutie pie!!

    Keep up the good work.. And I'm glad you had a good time for your b-day
    Miss B said...
    I'm glad you had a good birthday!!!
    MrsPurls said...
    Hey Lady!!!! Glad you are making progress on your projects. I hope you stick it out with Ms. Marigold and I can't wait to see your lizard squares...See you at our next knitting group...
    Ms. Lee said...
    Ahhh, I remember 32. *sigh. LOL.

    I know it feels great to see the bootie/mittens being put to use. They are too cute, and so is Elizabeth Grace.

    Can't wait to see the next completed project.
    Anna said...
    I hope your b-day was extra special. A nap on Sunday sounds like a fantastic ritual! Here's hoping for a digicam as a b-day (or enough cash from folks in order to purchase one). You'll be glad you did. Can't wait to see more pics of your Lizard Ridge. :-D

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