Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Easter Basket!!

All is well with Ms. Marigold now! Thanks for all the concerns to get me back on track!

(BTW - two other great words I like using now are "Fudge!!" and "Booger!" LOL Thought y'all would like that and could add those to your arsenals with "Sugar!" :oD )

My angel at the LYS requested not to take a picture of her, and of course I had to respect that!

However, I was in the shop all of 5 minutes (and $35.00 later on more NORO Yarn!! :op) she had me all fixed up!! I knew she would get me straight! *kisses*

I plan to be putting at least 2 solid hours on my Marigold 2nite while watching Grey's Anatomy!! :oD And I am off for my birthday this Friday and Monday! So I should be able to get LOTS done!

However, I am still not ready to post progress pics on this garment yet. So please be patient with me!

In the meantime, LOOK AT MY CUTE EASTER BASKET!!! :o) :o) :o) :o)

Yep! My love for NORO is confirmed and warranted! LOL

Yesterday I started on my 2nd block of my Lizard Ridge and "Boy Oh Boy" is this a F-U-N Knit!
I bought 3 more balls earlier this week at my fav LYS because I became impatient (not surprising) on waiting for my online order (6 additional balls) to come in the mail. That came today to add to my basket!

<---------------Isn't it just


The colors I got in today from the mail were fabulous!

You just never know how it will look from the "snippet" pic they post! Especially with the variegation of NORO.

Let me tell you that is one expensive basket! Hahaha!

I now have 12 of the 21 skeins of yarn 'required' for my Lizard Ridge Afghan and have calculated the cost thus far to be $121.01 within 12 days! (Yes I indeed have a pretty excel grid of how I am placing the colorways and accounting for the project cost - ya'll know that was my former career life that is still in me! LOL) And mind you the majority was purchased at a "discount". But I knew this would be a very expensive project and anticipate to spend about the same amount to complete it! It will be so worth it AND only for selfish M.E.! :op

With all of that being said I have NO excuse for not having a digi cam! LOL Yes Yes Yes I will be purchasing one THIS month! Promise!! (*you just wait and see Pattycake & Anna!) All my readers will be blown away with crystal clear pics of my fabulous projects by a digi cam, and not from my Treo phone! Haha!

Quick Story: Well I did make another boo boo today, but a funny one. I received an e-mail a week or so ago about a 40% off sale on 'select yarns' on this upcoming Saturday....well 40% off - you know I am there to buy more NORO!! LOL But I wanted to be sure this shop would be having my Silk Garden on sell - if not, no need to go because I am in a zone! Haha!

I called this evening just to double check and this particular shop had no clue what I was talking about; she (it was actually the shop owner who answered) said "I think you may be talking about another shop"....OOPS! LOL So I double check my palm and sure enough I should have called another LYS. Oooh Ooh! I called the wrong yarn shop! :op I kinda 1/2 way felt bad! Naaaaww Pwuaaahhaa! Only if I did that to my fav LYS I would have felt some type of way!

Did I mention to y'all my birthday is on April 8th?? On Easter Day?? :o)

3 more days!!! :oD


  1. Saun said...
    That's definitely the best Easter basket I've ever seen. Who needs candy when there's Noro.
    1969 said...
    I am learning a whole new side of you Virtuous. The talent is overwhelming! Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!!!!
    Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    LOVE your easter basket!!!!! Happy Early birthday! That is my brother and his wife 1st year anniversary too!
    MrsPurls said...
    Hey Lady!!! First off, Happy Birthday!!! Second, Love that Basket!!! That's a far cry from the childhood baskets we used to get...candy, plastic eggs, and stuffed bunny!! This project is going to be fabulous!!!
    PAJNSTL said...
    uh oh! Look atcha making progress getting thangs done! :p
    D_Scrilla said...
    I'm a fan for sure now.
    Miss B said...
    Hey V!!! Nice Easter Basket!! Hope all is Well...haven't spoke in a minute!! Happy Birthday April Baby(I'm an April baby too!!)

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