Monday, May 28, 2007

Well last Sunday I started working on Sugar N Spice after being thoroughly not interested in working on Ms. Marigold (as we speak it is balled up in a bag...sigh...will discuss that later LOL!).

So since I was frustrated with my current project I decided to switch it up before I became too irritated with knitting and decided to work on my niece's pullover, after all I had everything just sitting here waiting on me! Therefore, I officially casted on for a new project!

Sugar N Spice is the pullover I am knitting up for my niece's 4th birthday in August. And I don't think I have ever started this early on a gift! Haha!

Here is the progress I have made on it thus far on it in the past 8 days:
I did both of the sleeves immediately last Sunday (while watching church via the internet! :op) and all last week picked it up here and there to do the back of the body.

This is my first time actually making a "mini" sweater so I will be doing some first official blocking & seaming!
Since starting this I have discovered what a turning ridge is for a hem...who would of thought! LOL In addition to decreasing for armholes, and "joining another yarn end to work both sides separately".
Easy peasy! :o) Riiiighht!

I am now on the front side of the pullover and should be able to finish it by the end of this week if I keep working on it.
Definitely will be ready for blocking by Sunday.
Of course the neckline needs some light crochet on it! :op

I tell ya!! I will won't be able to get away from crocheting in conjunction with knitting!! LOL I swear all of my current projects call for crocheting on the edges in some way! Shish! :op

So I will need to get ready for that and "how-in-the-world" to put the button on the back that it called for (there was nothing in the instructions about that! Crazy!)

But overall this is a very easy knit as I said earlier, and I love the bright contrasting colors I am using for her! I am making the size 6 so she can get a few wears out of it! So it will be too big for her when she gets in August :op I have a feeling it is going to look like a dress on her! Hahaha!

Either way it has been fun to knit this up and still learn a few new things. I tend to like to make miniature versions of knitting garments before I try the adult sizes! :op
Since I have already made booties earlier this year I swear my socks are coming in June! :o)
Well I stopped by to pick up my mail package on yesterday and discovered it was some yarn I had ordered last week for my Lizard Ridge afghan.
Here is a current pic of my NORO stash for my Lizard Ridge afghan. I love NORO!!! :oDAs you can see I have plenty of "leftovers" from each ball/square I make for the Lizard. I have already made one "misc" square and plan to do at least 1 more of those.

The other plan for the leftover yarn I've been thinking about is making baby booties for the kids in Mongolia that need to stay warm. They actually want wool yarn, but mine is only 10% I am not sure if this will work for them. I sent them an e-mail to ask about it - we will see. If not, I am sure the leftovers would make cute mini sweater/sock ornaments. Any other ideas??

Lately, I have been contemplating and researching charities that I am going to knit for and narrowing down my options based on where my heart is to help others.

In other Goody News! I finally received the 3 books I ordered on last Monday to round out my "book stash" pic. Remember that empty center space?Well here is a closer look at the books I purchased.
Of course Fitted Knits! I have seen it, drooled all over it, know that it is all the rave, but there actually really isn't anything I want to knit out of there right now! LOL

So it will be on my shelf for a little while, but it is a good one to have in my "knitting library". I had started reading about how to adjust patterns to fit your measurements and my head started to spin. I had to put it down. :o)

Now the book I just could not put down was Knit 2 Together! First off, how about I didn't realize that was Tracey Ullman all that time on the front cover!!! It wasn't until I received my own copy (despite the couple of times I flipped thru it before and her name on the fron! :op) that it dawned on me who she was and I used to LOVE her show when I was younger (yep I was lil chap! Dang I did grow up in the 80s :op). She is so crazy! I didn't know she was converted over to be a knitter! LOL
I really loved the commentary and stories that they had in the book and read every last one of them! They were too funny! And there are at least 7 patterns I want to knit in that book, and there are 4 "must knits" that are in my "knitting que" now! :oD (surprisingly since I only got the book for 2 items out of there) This was ALL worth the $9.00 on this book!!

The last book I ordered was The Knitter's Handbook, one of my fellow Charlotte Purls had it and when I flipped thru it I saw at least 10 things I needed to learn how to do! LOL Seaming being the #1 technique. As you can see I have about four pages already tagged! I also liked the fact that is was a hard spiral bound book and slim. Really easy to read! And will make a great reference book.

Well that is it for me right now, I hope every has enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Adrienne said...
    Wow, girl! LOL. HOw is knitting from the edge? I've only glanced at it ONCE! LOL, sugar and spice is looking good too! Weekend is ALMOST over! :-(
    Judy said...
    Thanks for leaving the nice comment on the halter top. The sweater that you are making for your niece is so pretty. Those colors are great together! Can't wait to see it finished.
    Reckless Glue said...
    I felt the same way about fitted knits...I love everything in it, but at the same time can't imagine myself actually wearing any of it!
    MrsPurls said...
    You're making great progress! Your niece is going to love it!! Your Noro stash is kinda hefty...would you have a slight addiction?....Just kidding...LOL! Glad your Fitted Knits came in....
    urbanknitrix said...
    I love the colors you picked for your niece and Little Miss Missy is going to love it!!! I might have to make one for my goddaughters!!! And I understand when it comes to the Fitted Knits, I too looked at the book and love the way the sweaters are fitted, but I will not be making anything out of it.
    gold said...
    The top you are knitting for your niece is so cute.I love the colors. I have the book cool girls guide to crocheting.I am going to have to look for the one for knitting.Great job on the top.
    PAJNSTL said...
    I'm a bit jealous at all the materials and guides you have to work from.

    LOL.. with my crafts, it's pretty much all trial and error.
    anna said...
    how you're weekend was good!!! love your knitting books (i have just about all of 'em aside from fitted knits). i've gotten back into my lizard ridgin'! :-) gotta get that $200 blanket done, LMAO!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Did you post before about your niece's sweater? It is darling! Can you give me the info or the post date? It looks like a Jil Eaton creation. Sorry I was away for a few days and have not been reading blogs lately. Blessings, j
    Anonymous said...
    That top is going to be so cute! I love the colors you picked, too. Once you do increases & necklines one time, it's much easier the next time, so no fear!

    Nice knit book library you've got going there.

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