Friday, May 04, 2007

I wish I could!! :oD

I can’t seem to get enough of anything regarding knitting!
Hey – I guess nothing could be wrong with that! Right? Right?!?

Well guess who got a nice treat in the mail earlier this week by ME of course! :op
Take a fuzzy look (haha!)I decided to hold out posting about it until……….YARN P0rn Friday!!! WHOA!

Some delicious Hill Country – Sweet Feet Sock Yarn

I normally don’t go for turquoise, but I am lovin’ the blend with the chocolate! So I had to get it! The colorway is called “Indian Stone” 100% Merino Wool and it is so soooooft! I can’t wait to knit these up around the winter time so my feet can be all nice and toasty!!

Y’all just wait I will be knitting up some socks soon!! :oD

There were a few other colors I liked but I held off on getting them. Maybe later, I would love to try their superwash wool.

I ordered one more colorway for my SP 10 so I can’t show that hank, but it is oh so cute!!! She is gonna love it! She knits lots of socks so I know it will be knitted up without any delay! :op

I also got 2 more goody items by ME!

HEY!! If you don’t spoil yourself who will?? :o)

To finish up Ms. Marigold I needed to get a US3 circular needle with a 32” cable. Debated about the Addi Naturas (and will still get some!) but saw these at a LYS in a county over from me and since I was in the area decided to go ahead and get them:

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I have seen these needles before but never knitted with them and since they had the US3 in a 40” I just went for it. These needles are wooden and available in the Rosewood and Ebony (I got the Rosewood). Apparently, these needles are crafted in Germany of the remnants from the manufacture of the highest quality musical instruments.

I do have another pair of Rosewood circulars that my Noni bag has been sitting on over a year! They are a size 11 or 13 (can’t remember) and seemed a bit sticky…but I went for these b/c by touch they seemed smoother, so we will see how it goes.

Oops! I almost forgot that I also got my very 1st Rebecca magazine!

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It is very hard to come by these mags at a LYS. If you order them online there are like $20 bucks! Whew!
I got an older version (#23) dirt cheap!! I was ecstatic and happened to look at the mag ad realized the entire issue is in Dutch!! HA! Thankfully, there is an English insert for us Americans that barely try to learn another language! :op

There were some great looks in this one so that is why I picked this issue over the other older ones.

Okay, I think I am good for a little while….."I can stop b/c I have had enough!” LOL

Now, there is nothing like knitting in public! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The other day, I took a brief “me” time moment before I go off on someone at work! (just a little stressful during this time of the year) And got my tootsies done :o)

I did clock a little bit of time on Ms. Marigold while I got my french pedi. Boy did that feel nice! (@ doing both – gettin' the hooves chopped down & being able to knit at the same time! LOL). Everyone kept looking at me (all 3 people in the spa) which were mainly the workers and one customer. But no one asked or inquired about the deep purple yarn slowly growing from 2 needles! :o)

So ironically I discovered on the same day that on Saturday, June 9th is a Worldwide Knit In Public Day. Who would have thought! Ha! Here is the website link speaking about it:

Last night I went and practiced some of my crocheting with a crochet group. Still slow, but at least I am improving on my chain and SC! :o) I will get my mojo soon!

While I was at Hobby Lobby I made a return on these other cheap US3 needles I did not want anymore (it truly is hard to revert back) and got these items for exchange:

YEP! Got my continuous round jump rings…in this case they call them toggle clasp set by 'The Jewelry Shop'. Aren’t the hearts just CUTE!

I also got some “eye” pins:
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I am liking the eye pins, better than the regular hair pins too.
AND all 3 packages were 50% off automatically so I was a VERY happy camper since they cost more than the usual ones at AC Moore.

So I am now a HAPPY knitter! :o) Thanks again to everyone who commented on how my knitting world could be a better place with the stitch markers!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


  1. gold said...
    Yes keep on treating yourself!!Love the yard.Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Have a great weekend!!
    Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    Love that yarn....yay, and you know I'm singing that song right? LOL Let me know how you like the Rebecca Magazine. I've been looking at them ...... hmmm lol
    PAJNSTL said...
    I really like the turquiose yarn!

    And I didn't know you spoke Dutch!!! lmao :p
    Christie said...
    Oh yea...I forgot to mention some of the older Rebecca mags are in German. I hope you enjoy it! :)
    funfairiegirl said...
    hey - I got your comment about emailing me. I haven't gotten any email from you ... it is aabernathy (you ref in the comment aabernaty so maybe that is it???) I will get email in either place, but I am on my personal almost all day! Talk to you soon!!!
    Judy said...
    Hello....thanks for leaving such a nice compliment on the knitted top with the crocheted neckline. To post on SistahFriends, go to their website and click on 'login' located on the lower left sidebar. You then type in your username and password that was given to you when you received confirmation via email that you were accepted as a member. Be sure to logoff afterwards.
    Saun said...
    I love the colors of that yarn.

    The Rebecca patterns are great. You are so lucky to have found one. I wish I could find some without having to order them online for a million dollars.

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