Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Goodies My Goodies

*singing* I got me some goodies! :oD And you can't have none! :o)

On Saturday I went on a brief field trip with some fellow knitters (Charlotte Purls) and we stopped by AC Moore and got these:
I am sure some of you are like "What in the World??" (WITW).

Yep I had no idea how to use them when I bought them, but I knew I needed them!
Because I have been dying to use them with these:

Those are beautiful beads that were on sale! Yeah! Jump rings and head pins to make my very own stitch markers! :oD

I was a little excited and started taking pics in my car! :op I have been dying to make personalized stitch markers in my fav colors!

Again, I had no idea what I was doing! LOL Of course I had to get the colors of red and purple! I couldn't just settle on one packet per color so I got two of each!
The color names of the beads are so cute too: Memory Beads Red, Peppermint Sticks, Blackberry Jam, and Grape Juice!

So during my wait for my car inspection on yesterday (y'all know it was the last day of the month! LOL) I made my 1st stitch marker! :o)
And came home yesterday to make 6 more!

Just different lighting on both since it is hard to pick up the purple.

And of course I had to make one that mixed the red and purple together! :o)

So one of my "forever on the needles" knit projects (and it really is just a scarf! LOL) had these as stitch markers (scrap yarn):

and they have now been replaced with these cuties! :o)
So I decided to just knit a few rows to give them a test drive....and.....they fell apart!!
All that excitement and hard work of twisting and turning wire with my fingertips getting tender, all for them to fall apart!
The jump rings have a small split in them (which I didn't like from the get go!) and I really wanted rings that were "solid" b/c I knew this would happen and be a problem!
Plus I didn't want the splits to snag some of my more delicate yarn.
But all I could find for "solid" rings with the toggles. I saw on the internet a pictorial of someone putting stitch markers together and he (yep you read it right!) used toggles but the "T" shapes were separate from the ring. *Sigh*
Can someone help me out on how I can get some solid jump rings?!?!?
This is imperative for me to have an enjoyable knitting experience!!! :op
My enthusiasm for now has been deflated :o(


  1. Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    What do you mean solid??? And I bought ALMOST the same thing! I will post some pics of what I bought, made, and am making later on this week lol
    MrsPurls said...
    Glad you got them to work...I think Beadlush has the closed jump rings...I will check and let you know..
    Anonymous said...
    instead of a closed jump ring you could make the wire you thread the beads onto longer and then twist the top of it to make a closed ring. that way your marker is made of one piece entirely and nothing can come apart or snag. Just ave to make sure you coil the end of the wire tightly. hope that helps. well done though on your endeavor, so lovely. will have to order some off you when you perfect your method ;)

    Sir Knitsalot
    Virtuous said...
    Thanks Ladies about suggestions on smooth stitch marker rings!!
    anna said...
    i'm glad you were able to get some assistance. the whole beaded stitch marker thing is so much fun. i must have at least two or three dozen of them! :-O
    Channon said...
    I tried beading and hated it. Required too much creativity for my little mind...

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