Saturday, May 19, 2007

Flash My Stash!

In the Secret Pal 10 program that I am involved in my hostess has a contest for the participants and this time go ‘round is “Flashing Your Stash!”. I hope I win!! It is a random drawing for a $20 gift certificate to!! Jeezay!! :op

My Yarn:
I have mentioned this before how I really don’t like to keep a ‘yarn’ stash. I prefer to buy yarn as I need it or with a project in mind! If there is a really good sale going on I will pick up a couple of balls with a “wish” project in mind to gift to someone. But for a serious project in mind I really need to know the fiber for it, have a color in mind etc.
In saying all of that here is my meager yarn stash LOL

Oops! Forgot to get the NORO in the photo shoot!

And here is my “Peaches N Cream” (knock off version of Sugar N Cream) that I got last night for my Girl Scout group to teach them how to knit
This is typically how my yarn stash looks usually in bags beside my couch:
I keep saying I am going to get a cute large yarn basket…still not too late and probably will. I honestly didn’t expect to keep “hold” of this much yarn and really don’t want to get any bigger than this to tell the truth!! :o)

My Books:
So even though I do not like to keep a yarn stash I am discovering I love to have knitting magazines and books! LOL (like I really need more books! *sigh*)

I am actually planning to make room on my bookshelves so that there is a section for ‘knitting’.
You say “What is that extra room in the center?” I am waiting with baited breath to receive some books in the mail from my Amazon wish list (thought they were here today). So those are placeholders for Fitted Knits (most popular book in the knitting world right now!! A must have with awesome patterns!), Knit2Together (really wanted it for the Pimlico shrug and a tote bag I saw on someone else’s blog), and The Knitter’s Handbook (awesome “How To’s” for more advance techniques – since I am trying to grow up in my knitting).
So I am very excited to add these three to my collection!! Again, if I don’t treat myself who will?? :oD

My Needles:
Of course I have to 'round' out my “Flashing” with my needles! Which are mainly circular because I LOVE them! (No pun intended :op)
Again, I don’t have “that” many since I haven’t been knitting for too long. Plus, having these lovely Denise needles have been won-der-ful! Keeping all the “extraness” down :op (Wendy don’t you just love yours!! She just bought some today at our fav yarn shop!)
I said I would spare y’all from looking at my projects that are still on my needles. :op

Well there you have it!! I hope fate has it that I will be one of the winners!! :oD


  1. turtlegirl76 said...
    Dear Stacey's SP,

    Please buy the woman a knitting bag. She much too divalicious to be walking around with her project in a plastic bag. Even if it is from her favorite LYS.


    Virtuous said...
    ^ ROTFL!!!! :op

    Cristi leave me alone!!
    anna said...
    nice stash! LMAO @ turtlegirl, she be cracking me up!

    it's a smart idea to keep your stash minimal. if only mine where that organized!

    anywho, you've been tagged! c'mon and check out my blog for more info.
    funfairiegirl said...
    Seriously, Fitted Knits is one of the best books on the market right now. If you couldn't tell, I am in love with it.

    And, yeah, you need a knitting bag. I have like 5. and my stash isn't in them, it is in rubbermaid bins. I will be flashing my stash later today probably.
    Adrienne said...
    wow girl you have a lot of stuff lol
    PAJNSTL said...
    I absolutely LOVE how you are putting that camera to work. I like the Peaches and Cream bundle.
    MrsPurls said...
    I see you Stacey....Flash Your Stash....Cristi is Funny!!!!
    Nikkij said...
    Well, my friend. It's obvious you're in denial. I used to have your same philosophy when it came to keeping a stash. I then noticed balls of yarn jumping out at me from nearly every corner of the house and an ever growing collection of tools. Eventually you'll give in and do something like I have. Welcome.

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