Saturday, May 12, 2007

Show & Tell

I have been lusting over this knitted object (a little hot for this right now Haha):
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The Swing Jacket! And I plan to do it one day when I am "all grown up" in my knitting :oD

I know another knitter Hooks & Needles (click on the sidebar to visit her blog) who actually sewed this jacket (looks phenomenal!!). Erica really is the master in sewing! And I am sure it is much easier to sew this jacket rather than knit it! :op

I discovered the magazine it is featured in called Phildar while visiting the KAL. Well I went on the Phildar website to browse the catalogues and ended up ordering their latest issue:
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Of course after I hit the "submit" button I realized I did not also order the autumn issue that I really wanted with the swing jacket in it! Dang it!! Well I guess I can wait on it since I am not ready for it now anyway!

I received my spring issue this past week and thought they made a mistake and sent me 2 of the same edition. Of course the magazine is in French!!! :op I swear I ordered the English issue! But it came with the English supplement :oD Hence the "2 issues".

I think I paid $12 for it...who knows it was in Euros! Need to double check my statement LOL
However the delivery was pretty quick (about 2 weeks) from overseas.

Here are some of the garments that I really liked:

This pattern magazine is really nice! Definitely check out the rest of the other fashion items.

Well that's all for Show and Tell boys and girls! Until next time!


  1. Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...
    wow! nice stuff!!!
    Christie said...
    Very cute projects. Like that unflattering on your shape tank. Although it would be unflattering on mine too. Sigh...
    Anonymous said...
    I found you!!! (I'm still a little green at this bloggy stuff). I wanted to thank you for seeking out my blog and leaving nice comments on it. I truly appreciate when someone takes the time to read my words! Oh, real cute Phildar shorty sweater also!

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