Friday, May 25, 2007

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You appear to be a Knitting Apprentice. You've got the basics down pat and you might just be falling in love with this hobby. Big needles, funky yarns and simple shapes are the name of the game, but it doesn't mean you don't experiment a bit, here and there. As an apprentice, you probably fall back on other people to get you through those rough spots, and if you don't know anyone who knits, you probably have a few books or online sources to tap.

This was pretty much on point for me right now, except that I do love my hobby!

Find out what kind of knitter you are here!

The options were funny! :o) Let me know what kind of knitter you are!


  1. anna said...
    i've been a knitting purist for the longest. no matter how many times i take the quiz, i get the same answer; LMAO! :-)
    Adrienne said...
    HA!!! girl it said i was a knitting guru lol NOT! lol
    Virtuous said...
    ^ Wow! You are DEFINITELY on your way! Because you are fearless in what you take on! I love that about you!

    @ Anna - what is a knitting purist?? How does it describe you?

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