Monday, June 18, 2007

Patience IS a Virtue

I have come to realize that knitting has truly helped me with stretching out my patience!
And I really noticed it this past weekend during my trip to Myrtle Beach.

For instance, it has taught me how to hold my tongue. Instead of me reacting immediately like I normally do, I just focus on my stitches :o)

*If we got turned around/lost during the problem that is more time for me to work on my project! Besides I just want to do one more row!

*What? There is a 30 minute wait on our table. No worries! I will whip out my WIP!

*Dang! There is an accident on a 2 lane highway and traffic is stopped in both directions. Oh well I will just keep clicking my needles!

It really didn't dawn on me until that very last incident during the trip, that normally I would have been "I.L.L." at being delayed going back home about 45 minutes! Because you know when you are ready to come home you are ready!

Nope, didn't bother me at all! And then it hit me! It has got to be the knitting!

I swear that:And it is TRUE!! I have PROOF! All of the girls came back in one piece! (b/c I swear there were a couple I was on the verge of.....) LOL :op

You know all of that stuff you hear about how knitting is:
~ A stress reliever
~It relaxes you
~Is the "new" yoga
It's ALL true!!!! It really is TRUE!!

Good stuff there! I found the magic! :oD

About my trip to the beach, let me just clarify why I am fully clothed! :op LOL (BTW - I swear I live vicariously thru my MEEZ doll! I dream of having a shape like that! LOL But I do have the belly ring though! haha!)

Day 1 was actually a dreary (overcast with light rain here and there) and cool day (70s) so we were definitely not thinking about swimsuits! All of the indoor activities ended up being perfect even though we still ventured down by the ocean.

Day 2 was muuuuch better and ended up hot/sunny with me having a slight sunburn and resulting in me turning at least 3 shades darker! LOL But by then I was over the whole beach thing. It was much busier on this day. Folks every.where!

Plus, when I did get up to "dip" my toes in the water this little 2 year old boy about two feet away from me hurls pink projectile into the ocean!!! EWWWWWWW I was d.o.n.e and promptly went back to sit on my beach towel!! (I kinda felt bad for him, but then was still disgusted!).

Well I gotta show y'all one more thing I saw on my trip at the Ripley's museum:

CLICK HERE for a larger pic

Can you believe that!! No extra-marital sex or homosexuality!! Next to none! Zelch! And wardrobes of them!

What really got me was the very LAST sentence!! COME ON!!! You GOTTA be kidding me!!!

Wow! Is all I could say and snapped the picture! Hahaha! :oD


  1. gold said...
    I am the same way with crocheting.If we are running late thats ok.I will whip out my crocheting.Patience Patience!!!

    Now they say no extra marital sex or homosexuality!Wow!!!
    Christie said...
    Well, when you have a penis sheath, what else do you need? Keeps it nice and clean...I bet they don't have any diseases either.

    I do agree about knitting helping with patience. It really does. And it stimulated my creativity! The best thing is, that it helps me stay awake during car trips...although I miss a lot of sites!
    Adrienne said...
    TWO YEARS? omg!!! but yay for you and your patience!!!!
    Cas... said...
    My favorite quote is "There is no is no great loss without some small gain." I try to remember that when things go the way I want. I am glad you were able to knit while you were waiting. I listen to books on tape myself. You never want to get out of the car because the book is getting good!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend too! I hope your week continues to flourish.
    urbanknitrix said...
    LMAO!!! Newlywed....two years...I would be seriously depressed!!! Sorry TMI.
    PAJNSTL said...
    So true knitting is truly relaxing! among other things :-p LOL

    LMAO @ urbanknitrix! I'm co-signing that!
    robin said...
    Totally agree about knitting helping with patience (which I am naturally very short on!) And that crazy Ripley Believe or Not - that goes along with your patience theme as well - 2 YEARS!?
    Anonymous said...
    This is such a funny post! Much moreso than mine have been lately for sure!! Patience surely is a virtue and I thank God for it! Good for you!
    Ms. Lee said...
    Hilarious post! I learned patience from crocheting, if not only from the fact that you can't rush the process. But it used to make train rides shorter and time pass quickly. It was a Godsend, that's for sure.

    You've got some great stuff over here! Love the progress!

    Oh yeah, and I think the penis sheath should be introduced to modern times! LOL. Stop all this baby momma/daddy craziness! LOL
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, you learn something new every day.

    I would've stayed out of the water, too, after THAT, ugh!
    anna said...
    LOL @ knitting not to kill people. I feel you girl, I feel you! :-D

    Oh, that little boy puking in the ocean must've been gross. I can't stomach seeing that either so I know how you feel.

    That penis sheath is a good idea. I know a few men that seriously need one, or twenty, of 'em!

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