Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well I was going down my blog roll and happened to discover this great offer on Stacey's Sheep in the City site.

Apparently Interweave Press has an AWESOME "new & improved" site where they will post almost daily free patterns and topics. There are also sections on techniques, FAQs, a stitch guide, and a free pattern archive (the motherload of free patterns!)!!

When you sign up for Knitting Daily site you will get the Tomato top pattern for FREE!!

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So don't ever say I never told you anything! :op
You know you've been eyeing this (or actually have knit it!) since this has hit the knitting world by storm!!! :oD
See! Good things do come to those who wait!! (dang patience does pay off! Haha) Free stuff!
Isn't it just cute!! So many combo color options to consider for this sweater!!
There are TONS of patterns on this site! I am absolutely addicted now to Knitting Daily!
I have had the Tomato pattern on my "wanting to knit this year" wish list for a minute now

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As well as the No Sheep for You book (still on there)

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How about I also (finally) caved and purchased a subscription to the Interweave Knits magazine :op!
So get on it today and register for your free Tomato pattern (and lots of others!)
......Now if I can only get my "golden ticket" into Ravelry! LET ME IN ALREADY!! :op


  1. gold said...
    See Now I am going have to learn to knit!!
    Christie said...
    That is a cute sweater!
    Adrienne said...
    ROFLOL!! I got mine too, I love getting my IK a few days earlier than it hits the stands! lol
    urbanknitrix said...
    I love getting my emails from Knitting Daily, it is always filled with something. Oh, and I can't wait for Ravalry either - one day when we least expect it.
    MrsPurls said...
    Glad you're on Knitting Daily! I really like it. I love getting their upadates. I saw the free Tomato!! That really have great patterns on the website...
    PAJNSTL said...
    Doesn't find cool Freebies make your skin tingle!!!! LOL Thx for sharing :)
    toya said...
    LOL,, I can tell you are excited, tomato is an awesome pattern
    Anonymous said...
    Greetings! I've added Crimson to CinnamonLinks.blogspot.
    {my link page}

    Take Care~
    Cas... said...
    What a cute sweater! It makes me want to knit! LOL!
    Sheila said...
    Thanks for the link to knitting daily, I’m sure it will be helpful as a new knitter, I’ve registered and waiting for the confirmation… I think I need to subscribe to Interweave Knits, I normally go to the local book store near my job for my craft magazines, but Duane Reade has booted them out…. Ugghh, and I’m too lazy to walk 3 blocks to Borders. I’ve learned that crafting has allowed me to be a tad bit more patient, b/c I can be a real hot head, someone can pissed me off so bad that steam escapes from my ears like a vapor…lol. The Penis Sheath is a hoot… it should be mass marketed, for all the teen moms/dads walking around with their fancy bugaboo strollers…lol
    Robin said...
    I have spent so much time on Ravelry today cataloging my yarns - my whole day and I'm still not done! It is a major time vampire, but a fun one!

    Question for you - who do I contact to join the Zephyr Style KAL? I noticed that you are a member.

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