Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WIP'em Out Wednesday!

Half of the week is gone and it feels good! I am just going to love Friday! :oD

Well I have been blogging a lot lately (has even taken me off guard! Haha!), but I have been knitting too! :op So I figured I would whip out my WIPs for Wednesday!
I had some folks ask me about my first pair of socks and basically I got the SSS Disease.....sigh

Yep that's right the Second Sock Syndrome! I really did not feel the need to start the second one since I knew how to do the first one. Ha! :op
But I did decide that it does make sense in order to have a pair of socks you must have two. :op LOL
So I casted on for the second one, and decided this past Monday I could at least get my butt in gear and finish the heel flap.
I figured out what my problem was....I hate pure stockinette on teeny tiny needles for freakin' socks! Booooorrrrinngg! But here is a pic for your viewing pleasure:I am actually using real markers this time (but not sock markers - I so need some of those!) and realized while I was watching a movie that I have a "design element" going on. :op I have a purl row when it should be a knit row on the heel. Oh well I kept it pushin'! Those Madea plays can be real distracting sometimes!! :oD (Good stuff to knit too! Haha!)

I don't know why I struggled more this time around setting up the stitches ML style to pick up my heel flap than I did with the first sock. So I am going to grin and bear it and finish the last sock so I can have a F.O. All pure stockinette from joy!! *tight grin*

The other WIP that I am excited about but gave me a brief headache the other night (only b/c some knitter was over analyzing and trying to be in control of counting her stitches :op) is the Lillian Tank!

It is the cutest thing ever and it is my first attempt at a lace object.It has been a nice change of pace and not extremely hard unless you make it out to be that way. Lace is just lots of YOs and K2TOGs :op It is just a matter of keeping up with them! :o)

What possessed me to make this in all white is beyond my comprehension! I don't know what I was thinking!! :o)

And guess who got to finally use one of her very own handmade stitch markers!Aint it purrrty? :oD I am so proud of it! And they are mighty useful too!

It was raining cats and dogs here the other night but I went outside yesterday morning and saw thisIsn't it just beautiful! Do you see the rain drops on the green leaves? Just pretty!!

Apparently we have a lot more rain in our forecast (down pours according to the weather man) and this really bites since I have a special visitor here with me this week! More about him later! ;o)

Make it a FABULOUS day!


  1. keri said...
    The lace looks beautiful - something about white lacey items in the summer is just so fresh and pretty!
    robin said...
    I like the colors in that sock yarn, and the stitch markers - very pretty!!

    I didn't know there were special sock markers, either!
    Ava said...
    Beautiful stitch markers! Why don't you frog the socks and make a more interesting pattern?
    Adrienne said...
    Looking good!!!! I learned something new!!! I didn' know socks had special markers!
    Rosi G. said...
    Oooh, I'm loving it in white! Very nice.

    Were we right that the stitch count is not the same on every row?
    Rosi G. said...
    Btw, that is a BEAUTIFUL stitch marker! What did you use for the actual loopy thing on top and where do I find such a beauty?
    PAJNSTL said...
    Go head on with ya bad self! Ms.Nature Photographer. That's beautiful picture!
    Anonymous said...
    Yay on making lace! It really isn't hard, I wish more people knew that. And the sock is nice, even if you think it's boring!! LOL
    Cas... said...
    I am totally loving your sock yarn! Too cute! I am also loving the new lace project! I like it in white its appropriate. It will be very pretty. I can't wait to see you wearing it!
    pamela wynne said...
    Such cute stitch markers! It looks like you're using magic loop for the socks? Maybe next time you can try knitting two at a time -- adios, SSS!
    smariek said...
    Hi, you left a comment on my blog asking me where I got S&C yarn in the Painted Desert colorway. I think I got it online from Herrschners. They have a huge selection of colors to choose from.
    Christie said...
    Wow! Look at those wips! you'll br done in no time...sss or not!
    anna said...
    hehehe...can't wait to see your special visitor make his grand entrance. I know he must be antsy!

    That lace is gorgeous. GO YOU!!! :-D

    Keep at them socks; you'll be so glad once the weather takes a turn for the worse!!!
    Sheila said...
    What pattern are you using for the lace project. Your handmade stitch markers is a jewel… :]

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