Thursday, July 12, 2007

Traveling Teddy is Here!!!

I mentioned on yesterday how I have a special visitor here with me this week.
Here he is sitting on pretty Lizzie!
I received him by way of Anna in Seattle! He is 1 of 3 special traveling teddy bears!
From my understanding there is one in NYC, one in Argentina, and now one in Charlotte! :op

Teddy came by to visit Anna last week and she crocheted him the cutest backpack for his travels! Check out his visit with Anna here and here.
Isn't the backpack freakin cute!! (NORO sitting on top of NORO! I couldn't resist!) I actually like the fact that he is the only Teddy that has this special backpack. All the other ones look so blah! Plus, it will be easier for us to keep up with him as he travels around (via Traveling Teddy Flickr Group) since we will know he is the only one with this backpack.

I am going to tell y'all right now Teddy will not be getting anything knitted up from me LOL I have enough on my plate! :op
Heck he got on me about not having some of my knitted objects seamed up yet!!
So Teddy was getting antsy on yesterday and demanded to go with me. Well fine! Off we go!
Hey I stuffed him in the bag since he was getting all fussy with me! Hahaha!

But I did take extra special care with him in the car by making sure he was all safe! :op
As we drove into the city for a day at the job, Teddy got really excited as we approached the building! And mentioned how this looks like a fun place to work!
He helped me some throughout the the day...mainly to tell me to straighten up my desk! Hahaha!
Teddy had enough of sending out e-mails for me :op
So I guess that was enough job shadowing for one day! LOL
And he quickly climbed the stairs so we could leave! (yes, I work in a dungeon! :op) Haha!
Well as we ventured outside in uptown Charlotte he noticed this
Yep, some of you may be familiar with the Panthers NFL team here!

MMmh looks like Teddy wants to visit some places. More to come! :o)


  1. PAJNSTL said...
    That's SOOO cool!
    I want to see more of Teddy;s Travels! Ok... Really I just want to see more of Charlotte! LOL
    Adrienne said...
    ROFLOL!!!! TOo cute! Wait until you see what "WE" are going to do together!!! Tee hee!!
    Anonymous said...
    Ha ha, Teddy is TOO cute! And that little backpack of his is adorable!
    Christie said...
    Aw, isn't teddy cute! Now I know what you people must be thinking when I post Poppy around town. How funny!

    I'll definitely have to track Teddy's travels. :)
    Sheila said...
    The LR is looking darn good… and what!!! a Traveling Teddy… awww man… too funny… I’m digging his backpack though… Anna is so creative. Ok… missy.. stop playing.. you really mean that… you’re not going to make Teddy a lil somethin’…lol
    urbanknitrix said...
    Your building looks so inviting and fun to come to everyday. Travelling Teddy is a mess. He looks so cute with his crochet bag. Love the pic of him coming down the stairs.
    anna said...
    hehehe...looks like Teddy pulled a full day! :-D I know he's happy to be out and about around the town. Can't wait to see what you two get into next. My mom tried to get me into making him a hat, but I said; heck no!!! LOL, maybe in the winter time.

    That pink/yellow item looks cute. Can't wait to see it all seamed up. Love the shot of him sitting on the lizard afghan!
    Rosi G. said...
    Travelling Teddy! that's sooo cute!
    MrsPurls said...
    The teddy is cute! What did you co-workers think when they saw you uptown with the teddy? Girl, if you don't finish that cute little top.....looks whose talking :)!
    Cas... said...
    Teddy is just too cute! I love it! I can't wait to hear about the adventures of teddy on your blog!
    gold said...
    Girl you are soooo funny!!Teddy is so cute love that backpack.
    Ramiro said...
    Hi Crimson!!
    Thank you very much for your welcome to Traveling Teddy :-) :-) :-) We are really glad that you enjoyed some good time together. :-) :-)
    Please don't forget to send your pictures to so we can post them in
    Best regards
    Ramiro form the "Traveling Teddy Team"
    robin said...
    So cute!!

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