Friday, July 13, 2007

Freaky F.O. Friday!

I have tried to post this twice! And it would not publish!
This must be a Freaky Friday the 13th!

They are finally done!
I really was excited about doing my 1st pair of socks and finished the first one with no problems at all!

The second sock on the other hand I made it a very excruciating process :o(

I truly did not want to do another sock! Haha And I made a couple of boo boos on that one. I ended up purling a row (or two..who knows!) on the heel and didn't realize it and didn't care to go back to fix it either (hence no pics of the heel Haha)! I also had a tiny hole that occurred in the stockinette foot....mmh not sure what I did there and when I impatiently did the 3 needle bind off on them I actually forgot the "bind off" part! ROTFL!! :op So I had to do one more row of regular BO...(see that is what I get for trying to rush and get it over with!) Oh well! So the toe of this sock is longer and has pointy corners...Ironically, it fits better for some strange reason.

You think I would of had more troubles with the 1st sock rather than the 2nd sock. Oh well, I definitely will not recommend waiting a long period of time (more than 2 days IMHO) in between knitting socks.

Well I figured these socks really broke me into doing more! And I signed up for a class this month to do 2 Socks on 1 Needle Toe-Up! I am hoping this helps me on my impatience of knitting two socks and rid me of my SSS disease. I have already learned how to do the Turkish CO!! Whoa!!

Here is one more shot at work! They are such enablers, I mean supporters, of my knitting craft! :o) A special "Thank You" to my photographer Sarah!! :oD

~Project Details~

Pattern: Random Ankle Socks (off the internet)

Needles: Knit Picks US2

Yarn: Sockotta – Shades of Purple, Color #26

Cost: $8.50 (less than 1 ball - lots of yarn for booties!)

Size: 7/8

For: Nobody - they were practice socks! They will now be dust rags! LOL

Time: My motto – As long as you make it. Simple socks (ankle socks go fast!)

Modifications: None. I did magic loop (ML) even though the pattern was written for DPNs, so the instructions were reinterpreted for the ML method.

What I learned: How to ML!! Definitely have the hang of it now!

Verdict: Mmmh I would never use this pattern or yarn again. The sock was made in my size but the heel flap was too long (so I would shorten it) and the foot was not snug enough = too dang big. But I was just so excited about doing my 1st pair of socks!

I wanted to do something simple and easy since I knew I was going to be doing ML. It was a struggle to translate the pattern in the beginning, and I wish I didn’t wait as long to start on the 2nd one because obviously I forgot what the heck I did! LOL SSS Disease is real! And the only cure is to just plow thru the next one. :o) (which you may not want to do since I made so many mistakes! :op LOL)

As for the yarn I like Sockotta, but not for this pattern. I really like yarn that has some “cush” to it…not feeling it with Sockotta, so Cascade Fixation is still on my list for ankle socks.

Overall, not a perfect fit (or socks for that matter) but I am glad I did them! :o)


  1. PAJNSTL said...
    When I saw the pic I said to myself "I know she's not at work!" Who knew how WRONG I was! LMAO

    Glad you finally finished!! They look good esp for your 1st socks.
    Cas... said...
    Cute socks! Those are some expensive dust rags if you ask me deary! LOL! you should wear them proudly! I can't wait to "crochet" a pair someday!
    Karine said...
    You should try makes two socks at the same time socks on circs, whether one or two. That way you could avoid second sock syndrome. Congras on your first pair.
    KimT said...
    go girl! i like the color. I think I am making tons of booboos on my sock, but hey, i will just keep on keepin' on!
    Adrienne said...
    Congrats on your first pair!!!! I need to catch up now! LOL
    toya said...
    lol, hey, its only your first pair, and thanks for sharing it regardless
    Anonymous said...
    Good for you! For a first pair, you did great. You'll be a sock knitting pro by your next pair, I bet.
    Channon said...
    Congrats on the socks! I think they want to be worn, not turned into rags. Makes me want to break into my Sockotta too, but I already have my Sockza socks going, and I'm taking my Wick and the yoga sock pattern for the plane. (Yep. I couldn't do it. I couldn't just take a book and not knit for three days!)
    anna said...
    Congrats on your first pair!!! I learned so much by knitting my first pair that it was well worth it, whether you use the finished product or not. Love the purple color! ;-)
    Jeanine said...
    Congrats to you on your very first pair. You did a great job. I KNOW there will be more in your future. Wait til you start stocking up on sock yarn. Watch out.. it's addictive (:-)
    Connie said...
    Your socks look just marvelous!

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