Saturday, July 14, 2007

Teddy's Trip - Take II

Sadly Teddy's trip is coming to an end and he will be saying goodbye to Charlotte soon! But what fun he is having!

He hopes your weekend is filled with knitting! :o)


  1. Cas... said...
    Teddy looks like he is having a wonderful time in Charolotte. I have never been to South Carolina. I think I need to make a little trip there!

    Cute slide show!
    gold said...
    Teddy is having a good time!!Charolotte looks great!!

    have a great day!!
    anna said...
    Ooooh, Teddy got the hook up with the baseball memorabilia! :-D We might have to just mail him back and forth until we fill up his knapsack, LMAO.

    Fantastic photos of Teddy!!!
    Adrienne said...
    Love the pics of Teddy! I can't wait until he visits me!!!

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