Friday, August 24, 2007

Christmas in August!

That literally was the occasion today when I picked up my mail after work today!

(Get ready for lots of pictures!)

I did another Color Swap this month with Wendy. We decided to do this swap on our own since we didn't care for the colors in the month of August (pinks & peaches) for the group swap.
Instead, I picked the color purple of course! :op Since I missed out on that month.

Wendy declared my swap the "Passionate Purple Package" and boy was it ever!! That is what I was going to originally entitle this post but was overwhelmed by my package that I actually felt like I was having Christmas with all the unwrapping of the presents and excitement!
OMG!! Is that a felted bag peeking out of my box! I started to "squeal" with delight!!! :oD
(Let me just say I could barely stand it taking my time to pause for pics of each and every item in this process! LOL)

So I had to start somewhere!! And of course everything is wrapped in purple tissue paper!
I noticed this treat first! "Magic Balls" the note reads "Fun Surprises and treats will reveal themselves as you knit up something special for yourself!"
I had heard about these items before in swaps but never actually had it gifted. One thing about me is anticipation can eat away at me! LOL I want to knit something up now so I can see what is inside! ;op

Well to quench my curiosity I could see the darning needles (which I don't have this kind yet - now I do!) and of course the stitch holders. But I can "feel" something on the insides of each ball and can't wait!
The color of the yarn is actually more of a deep lavender. It is Knit Picks Palette in 100% Peruvian Wool called Lilac.

The next item I noticed was TOFUtsies from SWTC. Now I have been seeing this yarn everywhere but have yet to own a ball! YAH! This is the yarn that has the 2.5% "Chitin" fiber which is shrimp and crab shells! Ha! It is considered "naturally antibacterial". The colorway I have is "Get Your Feet Wet" :o) it has shades of dark purple and hints of red. Wendy remembered that I like both of these colors together. I think I will try my 2nd pair of toe-up socks with this yarn! And this time...pure stockinette! :op Haha!
Well I finally had to dig inside my wonderful hand knitted bag! Look at all of those goodies! And there is still more underneath my bag!!All of the little goodies had special notes written on them! "Wide World of Chocolate", "Feeling Lucky?", "Passionate Purple Placekeepers", "Celebrate warm sunny days with friends", and "For those treat yourself to something wonderful moments..."With everything finally ripped open LOL this is what is wasChocolates! I never had any of these types of Cadbury chocolates. All of it was mike chocolates with either carmel or krispies which I really like! I had to put them in the refrigerator so they could get back to their normal state, and let me just say so far Curly Wurly is really good! LOL

And I got a miniature elephant which she knew is for good luck, but I mainly collect them as symbols of my sorority.
I also never had anyone make me stitchmarkers! Now I have tried my hand at it a little while ago and planned to make some more, but someone taking the time (all that twisting and turning) to make some especially for you is really nice!!
To welcome sunny days with friends - I was just thinking about how I need to host my knit group over my place soon...this gift was so on the same wave length! :o)

There was also a chocolate recipe book of the most DIVINE items!! I have already tagged a few (chocolate trifle, white chocolate cookies, chocolate chip shortbread, and how about refrigerator cake!!). Mmmmh looks like I should make something chocolate for the knit group I am going to host! :oD The pictures in this book are mouthwatering and you just want to make everything in it!But OH MY GOODNESS!!! THIS BAG is too KA UTE!!
It has deep purples (camera didn't pic up the colorway very well), lavender, AND brown handles! I LOVE IT!! And do you see the cute flower!!
Okay this is another set of "firsts"! ;oD This is my 1st handmade knitted gift!! And my 1st felted bag! (mine is still on the needles from last spring! :op)
Y'all already know what I plan to do with this bag - definitely a travel tote for yarn, books, and small WIPs!! YAH! It even has a square chocolate bottom!

And can you believe there is STILL MORE! *whew* Are you kidding me?!?
Two sock patterns on.....purple paper of course! :oD I so need to be casting on for my 3rd pair of socks!

And the last item that made me wonder what was making the box soooo heavy
Was this book that was on my amazon wishlist!I didn't realize this book was so huge!
I have also tagged a few patterns out of this book (a lace scarf that is similar to the chevon pattern you see everywhere, a cute backpack!, a cable cardigan, and a back-opening cardigan). There are also tips in this book (like the difference between intarisa and fair isle and how to do it) and history on knitting which none of the books I have talk about that.
So did y'all enjoy Christmas in August, or what!?!?
Wendy you really went waaay overboard!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for my Passionate Purple Package!!!


  1. anna said...
    oh my!!! you definitely made out well in the swap department!!! :-D congrats to you, i know you're loving all that purple and that felted handbag is MARVELOUS! ;-)
    Adrienne said...
    YOU GOT THE HOOKUP GIRL!!! Great stuff!!!!
    Anonymous said...
    You are purpled up! Wow! Doesn't that just make your weekend? So are you and Wendy making up your own rules? I like lime green..hehehe!!! Blessings!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Now THAT is a package. But those patterns are photocopies from the Knit Socks! book and really shouldn't have been photocopied at all. It breaks copywrite since you don't own the book. Too bad since there are plenty of free ones out there she could have printed off and sent you. =( Sorry to be a bubble burster but you know this subject is a hotbutton for me. I will say this - the Best Foot Forward socks need to be done in a solid or nearly solid colorway for you to really see how pretty they are. I did mine in a way too busy yarn and though they fit like a dream, you can't see all the hours of work that went into those mini-cables!
    Cas... said...
    O.K. I am officially jealous! LOL! What a great package dear! I can't wait to see what's in the middle of those balls! Make sure you post it!
    Michelle said...
    Purple Rain...Purple Rain!! SHUT UP! This so makes up for the other ordeal!! Glad you got a great package!!! Make sure you post what turns out in the magic balls!!
    Sheila said...
    Merry Christmas!!! Wendy is the Pefect Santa Claus... You are so lucky. Wendy you're the ultimate swap partner... great stuff.
    Dani said...
    WOW! This was indeed an exceptional package!! I can't wait to see what's hiding in the magic balls too!

    And Michelle is right - this definitely helps makes up for that other incident.

    See ya in a few hours!
    PAJNSTL said...
    WOW!!! You hit the MOTHALOAD! LOL I glad you are having fun in the color swap.
    KelInCal said...
    Liz said...
    Oh, you are so lucky, what a fantastic package she sent you! You gotta know, cadburys is the BEST chocolate in the entire universe!! Gorgeous bag too. Any more swaps on the cards, I'm joining up!!!!
    Jeanine said...
    WOW! WOW! WOW! What a NICE haul. You lucked out.
    Channon said...
    What a great package!! I hope you'll love the Tofutsies and that Slip-Up sock is the one I've made twice, so I know it's a great pattern.
    pamela wynne said...
    Wow, that's an amazing package!! And such a cute bag! I'm curious to see what you think of the Tofutsies -- I haven't used it yet.
    Anonymous said...
    WOW!!! Did Wendy spoil you or what?? You totally deserve it...that felted bag is too cute!
    diddlinaknits said...
    Wow! great purple Package! you are very lucky-and Congrats on being able to stop and take pics-i would have ripped right through it all :) lol

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