Thursday, August 23, 2007

I SO Rock!

some more!

Earlier in the week Twisted Knitter (Janet) nominated me for Rockin' Girl Blogger and
Fluffyknitting (Liz) nominated me yesterday!
Wow! That is 3 times in one month!! (Del also nominated me earlier this month)
Thank you so much ladies for the recognition!!
It just thrills me that people actually enjoy visiting my blog and keep coming back!
I truly appreciate ALL my readers and those who take the time to leave me a few words. Thank you so much!
Well looks like I will officially add this button to my sidebar! :o)
**By the way - If this button hasn't made it around to you yet and you are reading this - take it and make it your own! Because U Rock too!! :oD


  1. Anonymous said...
    I really don't know what it means, but I read your blog regularly, so I must rock too! If I knew how to take it I would. Gotta get CSD to do it. (That's computer savvy daughter). Oy! I feel old!
    Adrienne said...
    Look at you girl! Just ROCKIN!
    Anonymous said...
    LOL, why did I think you already had this? Well, you certainly deserve it. Rock on, girl!
    Cas... said...
    You go gurl! You are a rockin' blog girl! Keep it going!
    Sheila said...
    Give me an R, give me an O, give me a C, give me a K... You ROCK!!! Thanks for stopping by and posting on my Knit Story. Enjoy Your Weekend
    KimT said...
    your blog is awesome. you ROCK!
    Erica B. said...
    Yes ma'am... you sure do ROCK!
    anna said...
    super congrats on the THIRD honor. :-D you deserve it with your rockin' self. :-)
    Lorette said...
    You indeed do rock!

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