Sunday, August 19, 2007


How do you treat people who come and visit you?

I went out of town this weekend to visit a girlfriend and had a really nice time! :o)

We hung out, caught up on each other's lives since our last frequent telephone convo, laughed, watched some movies, and ate some good food (I do need to mention that she is from New Orleans and made some slammin' jambalaya!).

My gurl treated her sistah (literally and figuratively) in so many ways very well!

This short getaway even got me to break out the needles to knit! (Yep I pulled Lillian out of the bag again)

Not to mention the little incentive of getting my nails done! :op

I now have Perfect 10s :o)

*sings* Shawty U a 10...a 10!! :op LOL Some of y'all will get that! :oD

Well while I was visiting Raleigh, NC I of course had to stop and check out the LYS.
Sidebar: Please excuse & ignore the haphazard colors of diluted red and my green shirt mixed together in this pic. This color combo has never matched but has taken on a fashion life trend of its own!! ;op LOL!!! (that was for you Michelle! HAHA). Erica do you see my cute casual clutch?! I did match it up with my gold shoes. :oD Too bad they didn't make the pic! But it was Oooh so cute together!! *Shawty U a 10....a 10* Hahaha!

Anyway, my visit was very short (all of about 10 minutes) but not sweet. Now y'all know this was going somewhere!

Why you ask? Mmmh I walked in this very small shop, as a visitor, and was not greeted. Mmmh no is busy - after all it is right in the middle of a Saturday afternoon (cashier happily bagging people up).

Then I heard a woman asking a few people did they need help with anything....except for me. Again...mmh I am sure I was just overlooked. Literally! In fact, she walked past me and said "Excuse Me" (and not in the most nice way IMO).

Right after that....I left! No worries, I did come to visit looking to spend some money but I won't ever be back! LOL

Now mind you I did call literally 2 minutes before I set foot in there to say I was visiting and wanted to clarify directions. They were nice over the phone, and in fact I had ordered some patterns from them a few months earlier (i.e. Sugar 'N Spice) and they were very helpful and sweet then. So I was really excited about the visit!

But unfortunately didn't leave impressed. Maybe they were just having an "off" day...*shrugs* who knows...I won't be finding out either! LOL And didn't feel like wasting my energy to bring it to their attention. There are other fish I would rather fry - if you know what I mean.

Here is what the shop looked like on the inside (very tiny - that is the exact size except for the check-out counter not pictured on my right side). Ironically there is no one in the shot b/c it slowed down just that fast!

Interesting enough as I was leaving out and snapped this pic the cashier made sure to bid me farewell and said come back again! HA! Yeah right!

Well, all of this got me to thinking about how folks treat their visitors - in any scenario/circumstance (i.e. work, home, knit clubs, etc.)

Even if you know who your visitors are OR you don't - Do you treat everyone the same??


  1. PAJNSTL said...
    ~ Your nails are cute!
    ~ Like your green top!!
    ~ Customer service is SERIOUSLY lacking these days! I had a run=in with a rude cashier this weekend! lol.

    ~ Glad you enjoyed your visit and the jambalaya!

    and I treat everybody the same until they indicate they deerve otherwise! :)
    PAJNSTL said...
    Came back to say....

    I'M FIRST!!!!

    Robin said...
    That is just *wrong* on so many levels. If they want customers, they need to be nice to everyone. And I love your green top - nails are lookin' good too.
    Erica B. said...
    look at you looking all kinds of cute! Lovin' the purse and your nails look so purtty!
    Adrienne said...
    Look at you girl...u a 10 u a 10! LOL
    Anonymous said...
    Poor customer service! The bane of much of our existence today! Just stay sweet! We really are not the final judge, and aren't you glad?
    Toya said...
    girl, you look great, nails, clothes, everything and that is why I don't go into yarn stores, I've never had a GREAT experience,, one was just better than the other
    Working Mom Knits said...
    First - lovely hands/nails; few things make you feel as pretty as pampered hands : )

    Second - my husband made Rachel Ray's "jambasta" and we'll just say that I am VERY jealousof your having had the real-deal!

    Third - you and I are cut from the same customer service cloth. I don't need someone fawning all over me, but it is nice to be noticed (especially if you want me to spend my money with you!)
    Anonymous said...
    Ugh, bad customer service. They always say, if you get good service, you'll tell 1 person; if you get bad service, you'll tell 10. Of course, here in blogland, you can tell hundreds, LOL.

    At least your nails look good!
    KimT said...
    thats crazy, small business owners should go over the top to treat people nicely. As for me, I try to treat everyone the same when they visit me.

    love the mani! makes me want to head off the the nail shop. You look very cute in the pic and i love the clutch. Can we get a close up?
    KelInCal said...
    What a rude shop! The one that is closest to me has treated me poorly three times now, so I'm not going back - I should have stayed away after the first. Their loss. And how stupid are they?? If they only KNEW how much I spend on yarn...

    Looks like you had a good visit with you friend!
    Channon said...
    Nails are cute. Green top is cute. Heck, you're cute and you know it! ;)

    Work - Everyone phone/in person is greeted nicely and treated as the source of my income, as hubby and I both work here. (That's not to say I don't get rude when provoked...) I believe I mentioned to you yesterday that even if I am busy when someone walks in, I acknowledge them somehow.

    You only get one chance to make a first impression, and in a small business, that impression can make or break you.
    Sheila said...
    Great Yarns need to change their name to Rude Yarns….lol. Your nails look Fab, the Kelly Green looks great on you... *sigh*.. now you got me staring at my paws….lol.
    Nik said...
    I live in Raleigh and go to the shop regularly. You're not the first knitter I've heard say this about the shop. A lot of people tend to think that they are rather snobby. However, they're always nice to me when I go in there.

    I understand how you feel, though. I tend to not go back to a place if I'm not treated well. I hate that you had a bad experience.
    gold said...
    Girl you were looking cute!!!

    To bad the service wasn't as good as you were looking!!

    I have worked in customer service and I always was nice to everyone and greeted them when they walk in the door!!
    anna said...
    ROFL @ come back again!!!! knit shops can truly be a trip. i'm sorry you had a bad experience in raleigh. yeah you for not buying anything from those snotty people. people work too hard for their money to be treated wrong when they get ready to spend it!!!

    as for me, i treat visitors like they should be treated. if i ever get my own place, LOL, and even at my parents' place, when i host people, they're offered something to drink, and something to eat. watch whatever you want on tv. basically, get comfortable and RELAX!!! shoot.

    anywho, i'm loving those nails. i'm mad about you talking about the AKA colors, i might have to go tell my cousin, LOL!!!
    Liz said...
    Sounds like you had a great time with your girlfriend What a shame about that shop. Oh well, their loss. How do shops like that stay open????? PS Your nails look naaaiiice!!!!!
    Cas... said...
    Sounds like a great trip to see your friend. Too bad the customer service was bad. It happens.
    Liz said...
    Stacey, have a visit to my blog today, there's a nice surprise waiting for you!
    urbanknitrix said...
    I treat everyone the same and if you don't treat me correctly, I will not come back to your store at all, under no circumstances. Also, I tell this to everyone customer service is DEAD. People just don't care.
    Deborah said...
    I so enjoy pictures of yarn stores!
    Rosi G. said...
    That's a really cute haircut chicalita!! I love it. How do you sleep at night? Standing up? LOL

    Looks like you had plenty of fun, despite the sour experience at the yarn store.

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