Sunday, September 02, 2007

We Interrupt this Blog....

for some freakin' cuteness!!

it was just a matter of time! ;op I had printed this pattern off back in June! And have been wanting to do them ever since! So I joined a short KAL on Raverly on the Saartje's Bootees!! :oD I discovered the KAL from Ms. Anna who did her own bootees too!

Now y'all know these are the bootees that have taken on the knitting world by storm! :oD Well the KAL involved everyone synchronizing at the same time on the same day to see who could knit them up the fastest....ur uh your girl knew she wasn't even going to be anyone's competition in that race! LOL I really just wanted to join for the motivation of the KAL itself.

So here is the run down and I will be sure to keep it shorter than the last one! :op Haha! (BTW - Bless your heart if you read the last F.O. entry and got thru the entire post - errors and all!!)

Sorry if this is deja vu to anyone who has already read this on Ravelry :o)

~ Project Details ~

Needles: Knit Picks circulars (of course!) US 1

I had 2 false starts. I started on a US2 for the large size with the yarn, but they turned out gigantic! So I started over using a US1 size small and they looked so tiny! I ripped back.

I finally just settled on US1 in a size smedium...LOL yep that is right! I casted on for the large but cut back on the number of garter rows called for in small size. I really don't like how high that top of the bootee comes up. So I lowered it some.
Might I also add here that highlighter tape is your best pattern/chart friend!! Get some! I love it!!

Size: smedium :op

I think that is the most frustrating thing about this pattern. There is no gauge recommendation and actual baby sizes!!
But hey what can you ask for in a free cute baby pattern! :op

Yarn: Regia Bamboo in Jamaica - used less than 25g - double yarn so the booties would be sturdy since the yarn is so thin.
Notions: 1 packet of lime green buttons $3.00

Cost: *shrugs* leftover sock yarn. I am so sick of this yarn. I literally threw away all of my defected items from this yarn. It must be possessed!

Time: All freakin day! (y'all read about how many times I started these booties) It felt like it took me forever to finish!! It really should only take you like 3/4 hours to do in one sitting. I swear I have Knitting ADD!! :op I had so many little breaks! (Reading blogs, eating, checking e-mail, talking on the phone...) Haha!

What I learned:
May I please add that those damn straps were going to be the death of me! Yeah I said it! LOL On the "huge" defect booty I did the long tail CO, as the pattern called for, and it looked terrible. Probably because I still didn't know what the heck I was doing! Haha! On the ones I actually finished I did the knitted CO and for the button holes a 10 sc crocheted chain on a "F" (should have went smaller but that is the smallest I have right now). My straps still didn't come out right, but whatever!
Mmmh these little things are precious to me but I am still not sure they are worth the trouble...shock even though the pattern is short and sweet.

Or it might just be me in all my issues with it! Haha!! Yeah that is it! :op Again, I really can't complain for a cute free pattern.

Here is what all 3 of my booties looked like - of course the one in the front is the 'defect alien' :op

Modifications: See notes in "Needles" section
Oh! I did add an extra row of garter to the straps to make them thicker before binding off. (you see what happened to tester #1 Ha!)

These are so cute to me because they look like little shoes. Which is probably why everyone has a fascination for them!

BUT don't let the cuteness fool ya! They don't seem to be "realistic" or "reasonable" to fit a baby!! I have already heard some say that they really don't stay on baby's feet (hence i-cord/tie versions). However, you hear other knitter's say how teeny they are - almost too small for baby's feet....sigh.

It just really will depend upon your yarn and needles on how these things will knit up. It is like a cute booty mystery! Haha!

And "IF" mine could actually fit a baby's foot it would definitely need to be a 6-9 month old.

I had intended to give them to another fellow knitter who just adopted a baby (only a month old) but I am going to have to opt out to something else. You know how one knitter may critique another knitter's handy work - especially as a gift! I promise you the pics just make them look really cute! But they are big!! I can't see human baby feet fitting in them! I need to find a real model! LOL

So for now the booties will just stay on Crimson's feet ;op

I really would like to knit them up one more time (yes I would do it again despite my grumblings) in two-tone BUT definitely the small size in a different yarn!
The KAL was actually fun because it was neat to know different knitters all across different places and countries were knitting up on the same project at the same time!
Well Crimson says "Lets get back to our regularly schedule blog!" :o) Until next blog time!


  1. Adrienne said...
    OMG! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KimT said...
    these are THE CUTEST! Gotta do these!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    They're so cute! Come on now, Piper would love them! Baby feet grow and I'm sure Hazel's will be very soon!
    Dani said...
    cuteness indeed! I know you had your grumblings but they turned out wonderful!
    Anonymous said...
    Awww, they are cute! And great stashbusters. Are you just going to let Elephant have them?? ;-)
    PAJNSTL said...
    Awwww.. They are soooo cute!
    Channon said...
    They are DARLING!! I nearly cast on a pair of my own Saturday, but I had no buttons... I'll have to fix that today.

    Don't throw that Regia away! I love Regia. Let me buy the remainder from you, please?
    anna said...
    that DST elephant is too cute!!! I'm still loving those bootees. They look so cute in so many different colors! :-D That KAL was beyond fun!!!
    Vera H. said...
    Your booties are really cute--adorable buttons. I'm almost done with mine.
    Kirsten said...
    Oh, yours turned out so nicely! Very cute. I had a hard time guessing on size and guage myself. I figured, since I don't have anyone at the moment to give them too, I will just add them to my stash of knitted items.....Sooner or later they will find the right home!
    Sheila said...
    Just too adorable. Crimson is rocking
    Wendy said...
    What a Booty of booties! Love them! I'm marking them as a must knit for leftover sock yarn.
    sweensie said...
    They are so cute, really sweet. its amazing what cuteness comes out of that pattern!! And yes it was fun knowing that knitters on the other side of the world to me were doing the same thing!!
    diddlinaknits said...
    They look super cute on Crimson. The yarn knew exactly what it as doing, It wanted to be on Crimson's feet :) even if a baby doesn't wear them they are so cute to look and have out on a shelf :) Look great-even the alien one lol
    urbanknitrix said...
    They are so adorable!!! Luv the colors and button.
    KelInCal said...
    Those are really cute and look great - I'm sure you're being way too hard on yourself! And - WOW - you must be very patient; I would have thrown them out the window and never made it to the finish line. The elephant is cracking me up!
    Nik said...
    Look at those buttons. Too cute for words.
    Jscothammerquist said...
    Gracious ! They are adorable ! Those buttons are fab !
    I have been carrying this pattern around for a while, gotta make a pair !
    Janet Richards said...
    Those are just too cute. I have GOT to make a pair for my little Jada. Thanks for sharing, and I'm looking forward to visiting your knitting group.
    a friend to knit with said...
    love them!
    i have wanted to make them for a while now........what a bummer that they don't stay on babies feet! i am sure my daughters baby dolls need a pair! :)
    Lorette said...
    Those are so cute, they should be illegal!
    I love highlighter tape. I have a whole lifetime's worth.
    gold said...
    Ms. Lee said...
    Those are adorable!
    Reckless Glue said...
    those are adorable! I've been meaning to make those for some friends as well --I love the little buttons you chose--cute cute cute!!
    Connie said...
    Those booties are just too cute! Where in the world do you find time to do all you do... knit, swap, knitting groups, + work full time...! LOL You are a Super Woman!
    Trina said...
    How freaking cute!!!!

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