Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I have got this story I have been meaning to tell but with coming off my high of Lizzie (well almost), the extended weekend, and the freakin' cute booties I got sidetracked! LOL

This picture made it seem like everything was easy breezy carefree....mmmmh not so much! LOL

Ooh Boy! Let me tell you the back story!! :o)

First off, how about I hate grass! Even more so I hate WET grass!

It had decided not to rain all freakin' summer and the night before I wanted to take my Lizard Ridge pictures it rained!! UGH!

And then it still threatened to rain thru the weekend. Which it promptly did the same night I took the pics, so I was very glad I took them that morning. Because I knew I wanted my pics done and up by Friday the 31st (remember my personal goal was to get done by the end of the month!)

So I dashed out first thing the next morning after my last stitch and started snapping pics! I was pleasantly surprised that there was not an overcast and the sun was actually out! YAH!
It really is so funny how pictures do not reflect what really happened behind the scenes.

Well school had started back here and I knew I would have a mini audience while the kiddies were waiting to be picked up by their bus, along with some of their parents...cool no problem.

As I painstakingly positioned my Lizzie out on the wet disgusting grass...(did I mention how I hate grass?!?) And how I hate wet grass even more!- which CLINGS to everything!! Ugh!

So as the kids left on their school bus, and I was out there starting to "perspire" (not sweat LOL) in the '75 degree before 9AM' morning (*whew*) one of the mothers (lets just call her - Nosey Annoying Woman NAW) hangs back to literally stand and stare at me bended over pulling and inching the afghan to try and make it straight. Here is what happened:

NAW: "What are you doing?"

Me: *blankly stares back at her like - can't you tell!* So I pointedly answered back "Taking pictures"
*what the heck does it look like I am doing!!*

.......as I stood there (briefly) looking at her for more questions....nothing. And I wasn't offering up nothing. I went back to what I was doing.

NAW: "Of what?!?"

Me: *OMG!!! You have got to me kidding me!* I replied back to her very short "Of an afghan" *cringes and hopes she doesn't freakin ask me what is an afghan!*

NAW: "Why out here?"

*mind you it is right in front of where I live!*

Me: "Because it is a beautiful background"
*at this point I cannot believe I am entertaining this nosey annoying woman's questions*

NAW: "Ooh well it is beautiful"

Me: "Thank you" *and thinking if she is going to stand there, she could at least offer to help me straighten this long afghan out!! Gish!*

NAW: "So how did you get all the colors in it?"

Me: "Oh it is the yarn"

NAW: "But how are there so many colors?"

Me: "It.is.the.yarn" *normally I would have given a nice explanation but she had already proven to me she was a freakin' idiot! Ugh!

NAW: "Well how long did it take you to make it?"

Me: "5 months" *all responses are as limited as possible at this point*

NAW: "5 months huh?"

Me: *crickets chirpn' in the air*

NAW: "So...was that like everyday you worked on it?"

Me: "It just depended"

NAW: "Oh well it is nice"

Me: *still snapping pictures* Thanks

NAW: "Alright well take care"

Me: "Bye"

UGH!! Can I just say - I hate stupid people who ask stupid questions!!!
YES! There is such a thing as asking a stupid question!
But truthfully it really wasn't about her asking a bunch of questions, but not asking the right questions.

I may have been a little icy towards her but I just wasn't up with the foolishness that morning!

Normally I would have been "Chatty Cathy" about knitting, what I did to make the afghan, trying to get her to learn how to knit and join a group! (those who know me know this is true) But because she started off with a stupid question (and kept asking more stupid questions) I wasn't feeling it. PLUS it was getting hot outside and I was rushing to take pictures before work because I knew it was going to rain that night by the time I got home.
Leave me alone if you are not going to talk to me like you have a little bit of sense! Shish!

Anyway, she didn't blow my 'Lizzie High' at all!! Over the weekend I went to my favorite LYS and did a little 'show and tell'.
And the owner highlights some of her customers' knitted projects on her store blog. Well Remi featured me on yesterday! Go Check It Out! I am now a mini local knitter celebrity :op Haha!

I have also been meaning to show y'all all of my leftovers from making Lizzie

Any suggestions on what I could knit up with all these fragments of NORO?

And here is one last pic of me basking in my 'Lizzie High' while at the yarn shop on this past Saturday

It really does feel heavenly! I heard it gets even softer after I give it a nice lavendar soak! Yum! :o)

Take Care!


  1. Adrienne said...
    ROFLOL@ NAW!!!!! You look great wrapped up in lizzy!!!!!!!
    TheSteph said...
    Ah, yes. Neighbors suck. Especially ones who don't "understand" knitting. :( Boo to NAW. Just boo.

    But YAY for your finished blankie! It truely is awesome. Love it.
    TheSteph said...
    Oh yeah,

    as for the leftovers, what about a Lizzy tribute scarf? Or are you tired of the colors after five months?

    Perhaps a hat or something cool for a baby?
    Ms. Lee said...
    What a pretty blanket...and you ain't have bad yourself, Miss Stacey! LOL.

    I'ma need you to lay off NAW, though. She don't know no better, girl! LOL. Just as simple as she wanna be! LOL

    Yay @ meeting goals!
    Stacey said...
    Lizzy is so beautiful - what a lovely blanket to snuggle under!

    And I second a tribute scarf :)
    Smart Cookie said...
    what a lovely photo of you-the blanket is really beautiful. You are really talented!
    PAJNSTL said...
    You look SOooo happy with Lizzie draped over your shoulders!
    Liz said...
    love your Lizzie!!! It looks so cool.

    That freakin woman was annoying me just reading about her....just think though, I bet she spent the rest of the day picturing it in her mind and being really envious that she could not have created such a beautiful thing.

    I know what you mean about wet grass...especially just cut wet grass...YUCK!

    Great pictures too! Well done!!!!

    Onto Silver Belle now???????????!!!
    Cas... said...
    Great photo shoot! Some people just don't know what to say or behave. Bless her heart. At least she said something nice.

    I like the tribute scarf idea. Or you can do a fun simple top or something. I think something will come to mind later! Have a good one!
    Anonymous said...
    Dumb neighbors...sheesh...LOL! Those were some stupid questions--"why out here?" Wasn't that YOUR yard???

    Do you think you have enough leftovers for a simple scarf (maybe just garter stitch)? The afghan IS spectacular.
    Working Mom Knits said...
    Another Knitting Ambasador bites the dust : )

    Thanks for putting me in good company!

    ps: you could make a wardrobe full of adorable baby booties - a NAW gag - or, send the Noro scraps my way (I'm helpful like that!)
    Angela said...
    OK...I fourth the tribute scarf.

    Well my neighbors are all cool and ohh and ahh over all my fos. I love to show them because I always get such great feedback and a girl needs to feed her ego.
    Rosi G. said...
    You should've told NAW that you are a professional Pr0nagrapher. If she wanted to know what it was, tell her to google it. ;-)

    Gurl, I'd be wearing that "large shawl" everywhere I went if I were you! LOL
    Rosi G. said...
    And that picture of you wearing it is gorgeous!
    Twisted Knitter said...
    LOL!! You had me giggling all the way through! I knew you were tenacious about that Lizzie but can't believe you braved wet grass to get a photo only to have to deal with NAW!

    Why do non-knitters ALWAYS ask, "How long did that take you?" A good friend of mine (my knitting teacher) told me once that she'll just say "100 hours" to "those" people. LOL!! So from now on, just make up a number!

    Congratulations on getting your Lizzie photo on display at the yarn store blog -- that rocks!
    Sheila said...
    You wear Lizzie Well...lol. great photo. I agree... a tribute scarf.
    KelInCal said...
    HA! I hate NAWs! Noro works good with entrelec - you could make a nice Danica (Knitty) scarf with that!
    diddlinaknits said...
    haha-i wonder about people
    i love the picture of you with lizzie around your shoulders-you look so good and you can tell you are still under the lizzie glow. (did you run down the street like that like i told you to-LOL i bet NAW would have loved that and really had some great q's for you then)
    Lynn said...
    Maybe she wanted you to teach her to knit. Bring her to the darkside!

    As for that photo in the LYS, I can't decide which is more beautiful, the afghan or your 'I'm FINISHED' Smile. :)
    anna said...
    the story of that NAW is HILARIOUS!!! i gotta use that acronym in the future!!! hehehe!!!

    that photo of you in the yarn store is wonderful. beautiful smile girl; work it!!!

    i've been seriously slacking on my email, but i'll be hollering ASAP!!!
    pamela wynne said...
    Ack! Save us all from the NAWs! And they DO always want to know how long everything took, as if we logged the hours it in our heads.

    I love the idea of a Lizzie tribute scarf!
    Juliane said...
    It is gorgeous. Congratulations!
    Reckless Glue said...
    omg, beauutiful! great job, what a serious accomplishment!
    hmmm you could always do up a little danica scarf from knitty with the scraps...not sure if you have enough there for a full one. Or how about a lizard ridge placemat haha :)
    Connie said...
    I just loved the story behind the story...LOL I know I wouldn't have been as kind as you were!

    Oh, and your Lizzie leftover's would make a beautiful entrelac scarf!
    Renee said...
    Brooklyn Tweed did a striped Noro scarf that was gorgeous. It would be a great use for your leftovers.
    a friend to knit with said...
    wow, wow, WOW! fabulous!
    Channon said...
    Luckily, the customers that heard me laughing out loud and muttering are regulars. People are weird, aren't they? But Lizzie is beautiful, and so are you, all wrapped up in your glory! I *MAY* have a suggestion for your leftovers, but I'll try it with my own SG first. Stay tuned...
    Vanessa said...
    hahaha. Found your blog through TwistedKnitter's blog. Love the term NAW. And I too hate it when people ask me stupid questions. And I understand when people want to know how long something took to make, but that question is sooo hard to answer! So I've started saying something like "10% of 6 months..."
    Love the blog!
    Ebony said...
    That's hilarious! I've been there before with the stupid questions, and I can totally understand your response.

    I love your Lizard Ridge. I wish I had the patience to consistently work on a project for 5 months.

    Great Work!!
    Robin said...
    Love it! What an accomplishment! I hate jacka&& questions too.
    doreen said...
    this lizard is what sucked me into your blog, well that and my sis mentioning you to me. It's gorgeous! I'm scheeming on how I can make a lap sized one. I must meet you at one of the ya meetings. . .
    MzPoetiK said...
    LOL @ NAW too funny....I love lizzy TOO PRETTY! I want one...
    Marin (AntiM) said...
    I'm doing a Lizard Ridge too and I'm definitely making a scarf out of the leftovers.

    You could make a nice throw pillow or two to go with the blanket too.

    My two cents'
    Anonymous said...
    Love your Lizzie! and the story! Funny, but this was a quote that came up on my iGoogle this morning:

    If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?
    - Scott Adams

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