Thursday, October 11, 2007

Don't Call it a Come Back!

For some reason I have been quoting L.L. C.ool J like crazy lately! LOL Love Him!! With his yummy self! Haha!

Anyway *back to reality* I say "don't call it a come back" because I haven't lost my knit mojo, and it has been going pretty steady lately! YAH!

I even finally conquered my Knitter Anxiety and sucked it up to pick up stitches for the first time on a garment! WHOA!! *pat on back*

I finished the neckline last Sunday, now all I have to do are the sleeves...maybe this Sunday! :op Haha! Hey! baby steps! LOL

I have been knitting after work here and there a couple of hours and almost done with Coco!

She actually looks like something other than a blob :op More to come about her because she will be done in time for the weekend!

Speaking of which, what do you have planned for the weekend??
I will be taking a quick and exciting road trip and hopefully will have some big news for y'all soon!

Tomorrow you must go see this movie!! Support!! I love me some T.yler P.erry!
I saw the play last year on DVD and now I gotta see the movie! Great cast!

I am SO going and I don't even do the movies like that anymore! I'm a n.etflix girl now! :o)

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!


  1. Adrienne said...
    Girl you betta leave my baby daddy alone!!! lol YAY for getting over KA!!! I HATE picking up stitches! LOL Coco is looking good!!! I am going to see the movie Sunday, but when you go MAKE SURE THE TICKET YOU PURCHASE IS FOR THE MOVIE YOU ARE GOING TO SEE!!!!!!! lol have a good weekend!
    cpurl17 said...
    Oh, I hope you have a fun weekend! I'm going to a 1-yr anniversary sale at Purlesence yarns and a local antique fair.

    I saw Tyler Perry & Janet Jackson on GMA this morning (home sick today) and really want to see that movie
    diddlinaknits said...
    Oh you have been busy too :)
    Looking good so far! Can't wait to see the finished projects.
    Have fun on your little road trip!
    Cas... said...
    I hope you have fun this weekend. I like your knitting projects. Kudos for getting over your knitting anxiety.

    You must give a critique for the movie and I hope your travels are safe and fun!
    KelInCal said...
    Yay for you - pickin' up stitches!
    Robin said...
    You go on the picking up stitches! (Always my un-favorite part of any project - I hate it - so imprecise!) Love Coco!
    Wendy said...
    Wow, you are really on a ball girl! Makes me feel a little guilty about not picking up my needles as much as I would have liked to this week... I'll have to jump on the yarn band wagon this weekend!
    moo said...
    super busy and stressed...sorry I have not been by lately. Cute Coco. Have fun at the movie house!
    Anonymous said...
    I'm so glad you finally forged ahead & picked up stitches! Wasn't so bad, was it?

    Yeah, LL is yummy, but he obviously thinks so, too, what with all the lip licking he does, LOL!
    gold said...
    Can't wait to see Coco when it done!!

    Oh yes I am going to try hard to find some time to see Mr.Perry's movie this weekend!!Girl it looks like it's going to be good!
    Connie said...
    Your projects are looking great and now my interest is peaked on your mystery trip.

    My husband has surprised me with a trip to the smokies this weekend! He has picked a lovely cabin in Pigeon Forge. Anyway, that is what I am doing for the weekend...knitting in a cabin in the woods...LOL

    Cubby Bears Cabin
    Carmell said...
    LL is easy o n the eyes...hmmmm.

    i remember the first time i picked up stitches the RIGHT way. i was so proud of myself. i had been doing it wrong and a hard way for months!

    now what is COCO going to be? i'll have to go back and look.

    i wanna see that movie but hubby doesn't *roll eyes* he hating on Janet like he doesn't think she is cute. whatever. i ain't stupid. you won't hurt my feelings! so i guess i'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD...
    Channon said...
    Wow, you've been busy! They look great, and like everyone else, I'm looking forward to the FO shots.

    Enjoy your trip, wherever it might be!
    Carmell said...
    i learned from the Stitch n Bitch book. the 1st one. you don't literally pick up stitches. you put your needle or crochet hook through a stitch and wrap new yarn around it and pull through. like if you were starting a new ball or changing colors. i was actually trying to make new stitches on my project without wrapping new yarn. *roll eyes* i was "picking up stitches"!!! i was so confused! i hope you aren't doing it like i was!!! good luck
    have a great weekend
    PAJNSTL said...
    hey girlie.... i'm going to the show today, actuallu in a few minutes! lol i'm coughsickcough!
    anna said...
    lovin' the chocolate brown coco!

    what the dilly is the object in white? i don't even remember that one!

    i gotta go see if the theaters around here will even have that movie available! EEK!
    Sheila said...
    Yeah... for picking up stitches... now if I could only master Have a fab road trip. This weekend, I hope to start working up Passin' the Dress
    Elizabeth said...
    You've been tagged!
    tiennie said...
    Yay for pretty WIPs! Have a great weekend!
    zanete said...
    Girl speaking of MOJO I think I have lost mind completely. I haven't updated or anything. Feel so bad!!! *sike* :-) Oh well. You have a great weekend, the KNITTING LOOKS GREAT!!!

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