Saturday, October 13, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

Lately, I like my knits quick and easy these days! :op I guess the whole longevity concept went out the window with Lizzie! Haha!

And I am so tired of knitting in red *shock*. Yea, I said it! Haha!
Well...for now, since my last two projects have been in red, and I actually have one more project to complete in that color (the Fetchings) . Then I will take a 'lil breaky breaky' from that beautiful color shade just for a minute. :o)

So I desperately needed a color change! HAHA!

*Enters Coco*

~ Project Details ~

Pattern: Ballet T - Loop d Loop by Teva Durham

The only pattern I liked out of this book! And unfortunately it will be my only post submission to the KCAL :o(

However, her crochet book is on point!! And I dream that my crochet skills will be up to par one day in the far distant future.

Needles: Denise US 15, I am getting bigger and bigger with these needles! Haha!! I told you the name of the game is fast & easy lately! :o

Size: Women's Large

Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun *Yep!* you read it right!! HA!
Color: Coffee, 2.5 skeins, double stranded

Adrienne turned me onto using this yarn! When I first saw her top, which convinced me there was at least one item I liked out of the book, but when I realized what yarn she used I knew I had to do it!! :oD

This yarn is SO soft!! I love the stretch quality about it! Feels really good!!! Yes it does!!!

The only thing about this yarn is that it comes in these obnoxious neon colors, so it is hard to find the "sophisticated neutrals" as the Lion Brand website calls them! LOL :op

But I love the fact that I can wash and dry it without any worries and then just go!

Now I will say even though it is uber soft it snags very easily. Even while I was knitting on it my fingernails would snag at the stitches and I found myself constantly filing my nails! :o) But the yarn springs back like a pro and hides the snaps pretty well.

Also I got tangled up on my last ball and really need to get a winder (very soon) which could have alleviated that I ended up cutting my yarn at least 3 times to get the tangles out!! :op

Cost: $6 bucks. The yarn was on sale at A.C. Moore for $1.89!!! Haha!

I ran out to the store and purchased it back in July when I had "planned" to knit it! But you know how that goes! :op

One of the employees at the store mentioned that the yarn was to be discontinued which was why it was on sale, but when I went back not too long ago they had re-stocked (none in the Coffee or pretty Mocha colors) and it appears they are selling it online. *shrugs*

Time: Over a course of a few nights for a few hours after work. It really is a fast knit! Did I happen to mention that already??

What I learned: That this is the best $6 top ever! LOL It is a simple knit, and as I keep finding out along the way, reading is so fundamental! :op But it really is how I interpreted a few lines.

I did finally split actual sleeves (not armholes) in the round! Yep, my first time. Have y'all not noticed this is truly my "first" year of knitting. I like to call it my "year of experience" :oD I may have been "introduced" to knitting about 3 years ago, but this really is the first year I am making a true effort at it. So you will see a lot of "firsts" flashing up on this blog! :o) And I actually consider this my first wearable knit garment too.

As far as splitting the sleeves it asked you to cast on backward loop and when I continued to knit the stitches seemed a little loose...what am I doing wrong??

I tried to knit in the back of the loops to close them up when I came back around but that still didn't seem to help...oh well you really can't see it when I am wearing it.
I still have my 'iffy' moments of joining in the round smoothly. One minute I do it effortlessly and other times there is a little "ladder" effect going on.

I just recently learned how to end in the round smoothly. Don't say I never told you anything!! Haha!

I already mentioned that not over analyzing the pattern and how the fundamentals of reading this pattern really helps! LOL

I had a false start on the project because of missing one tiny instruction. And I increased one round too many on the yoke but it didn't hurt anything. I later fudged on the stitch count by getting back to the number I needed by decreasing on another round.

The pattern calls for you to do 6 knit rounds after your body center increases. I actually did about 16 additional even rounds for length. I would of had a belly shirt if I stopped to where they told me to do it!! Haha!

I would definitely do this piece again and would prefer to do it in this yarn or something very similar because of the stretch it gives you and how light it is on!

I think it is a great season transitional top and can be layered.

This top is easily transferable from work with a nice blazer (and of course some crimson slacks! ;op) to casual with some weekend jeans.

Ironically I really don't care to drink coffee,
but I love me some Coco and this one is ooh so good! :oD

By the way, it has finally cooled off here this week and seems more like fall. Thanks to my red swaparooni pal I have been able to pull these cuties out to stay warm!! :oD They are so comfy!


  1. tiennie said...
    The color, the price, the knit, the fit - yay!
    PAJNSTL said...
    too freakin cute!
    cpurl17 said...
    Adorable!! That coffee color looks great on you!

    If we ever went yarn shopping together we'd both knock each other over for the red yarn.

    Love the socks!!
    funfairiegirl said...
    Cute cute cute! Although I am not buying a book for one pattern. *sigh*

    I have a top in microspun and I am working on the nightie in mason dixon out of it. Well...working as in I was and it is in UFO hasn't even made ravelry. I like the yarn, its soft, its washable, it breathes. Now, if I would only FINISH the projects I have in it...the top needs a button and half a strap sewn on...sad, yes?
    Anonymous said...
    The side shot of you is the cutest! Wow! I am so impressed! I used Microspun before, but single and did not like it. Bet doubled is much better...looks that way. And those socks, darling! Enjoy long coffee breaks!
    Channon said...
    What a darling little tank! I'm inspired to try that yarn now, doubled. Cute, cute!
    Working Mom Knits said...
    The top is GREAT!

    ps: I nearly fainted when I read the words "lion Brand"!
    Erin said...
    Glad you like the socks!

    Super cute sweater! You have awesome arms :)
    Cas... said...
    Very nice! I think I am in to browns this year. I am buying lots of it. An easy project was a smart idea! I think you found your mojo!
    Adrienne said...
    it looks great on you girl!!!!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Wow Stacie! Great job! What a fabulous find on the color. I didn't know that it came in that pretty shade. Nice.
    urbanknitrix said...
    Wow, so pretty!!! I love browns and this color looks so good on you. Kudos on a cute project, and it was fast and cheap!!!
    Stacey said...
    Wow, that's the best $6 sweater I've ever seen! :D It looks fantastic on you!
    anna said...
    cute ballet tee! lovin' those cute comfy house shoes!!!
    Carmell said...
    girl that was quick!!! that is cute. i might have to do that one.
    Anonymous said...
    That top is so cute! And for $6?? The color you chose is perfect.

    About that backward loop didn't do anything wrong for that to be loose. Whenever you use that method, you need to pull the stitches tight because it's a naturally loose cast-on. I had to do that for my dolman pullover.

    I've done a lot of firsts in knitting,'s so fun learning all these things. Great job!
    WandaWoman said...
    It looks great! Really like how that turned out for you.
    Robin said...
    I absolutely LOVE it. The color is gorgeous (add me to the list of the "was shocked it was Lion Brand" gang) the fit is perfect and you did an excellent job with it. The length is good for you; the original pattern is really short as it comes to about my waist and I am short waisted - so good call on lengthening it. The backward loop cast on looks right to me in the pictures - it is supposed to be that loose, as someone else mentioned. Congrats!
    Michelle said...
    OHH that looks so nice on you, way better than mine did...maybe my yarn choice sucked!
    tina said...
    That my dear is one CUTE top! I have fat old arms and it wouldn't be a happenin' thang....... but y'know, knit a couple sizes up it would be really cute layered over a white shirt with a cute belt! And cheap? I mean, well priced? A bargain.

    The color is great and you look darling in it!!!!
    Dipsy said...
    Wow, this looks absolutely fantastic - and so do you wearing it! It seems to have the perfect fit and I really love the pattern - and the color is so gorgeous too! This one's a winner for sure - congratulations!
    Nik said...
    you're too cute in that top. Of course, I got to see it in person. It was definitely a pleasure getting to meet you, girl. We definitely have to get together again.
    gold said...
    Did you say 6.00$!!That top is so cute on you!!And like the color also!Don't it feel great to catch things on clearence!
    KelInCal said...
    That top looks great on you! I can't believe that's Microspun - and I can't believe it comes in that color!

    Great job - and thanks for all the details!
    Deborah said...
    i b so jealous!!!
    Lynn said...
    Work it girl!
    Folks like you make most of us look like slackers. ;) The top is too cute and price makes it perfect!
    Thanks for all the in depth notes!
    diddlinaknits said...
    Top looks awesome, yarn looks great and for 6 bucks you can't beat that!!!!! You can't buy that great a top in the store for 6 bucks!! Your year of learning is doing great things for you!!!
    Ava said...
    Great job on the ballet T! Is the yarn comfy? does it feel clammy in the heat? I love saving money!
    Janet Richards said...
    awww - the socks are so cute. And love the sweater. I just had a bunch of microfiber I'm giving away to charity b/c I have a lot of diffculty with the spittiness of the yarn. I tried to do a blanket for my son but gave up. But it looks GREAT in your top. Makes me want to dig it out again - but I'll resist. :)
    Jeanine said...
    I have also done this top and it was one of my favorites. Too bad I ruined it in the wash. Your's looks SO nice. I like the colorway too. Enjoy and wear it well.
    Monique said...
    Stacey you did a great job and this fits beautifully on you!

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