Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Belated THANKSgiving!!

Funny how when I have more things to do, I get more things done. But when I have less things to do I so get less things done.

You would think since I have more free time during the holiday that I would blog more, but it has been completely the opposite. I have been enjoying that I can just relax at my own pace, and pursue other blogs leisurely.

So speaking of blogstalking, I still need to play catch up on my submissions, and here is my next one "How I Get From Here to There".

I have had "Crimson" going on 8 years, and can you say "no car payments"!! Just lovely! :oD

I do get the new car itch every now and then, but again...the "no car payment" wins every time! LOL I will happily run her into the ground!! :oD

I wouldn't even try and lie to say our "extreme drought" situation, and not having car wash businesses up and running because of the water restriction is the main reason why she is so dirty... but like I said that wouldn't be the truth! LOL ;op

She typically has a drink and some gum in her console, along with a bag or papers thrown on the floor. :o) I finally took that shirt back to exchange at Tarjay...I Haha!

In the back I have my little buddy riding with me all the time, along with my "just in case it rains" umbrella

And can't forget the flip flops when I am running to get a pedicure, or when I have some "2 hour" shoes on! Haha! So I gotta have back up! :oD

Please ignore the dust, like I rarely gets cleaned out! Haha! Well it looks like I have a little bit of gas to get around town....but Dang! Y'all know gas is high! Easily $3.09 a gallon here! And do you all see that I am nearing my 100,000 miles! YAH!

What are some things you 'must have' in your car?

How are you riding?


  1. kim said...
    I am 9 months away from "no car payment," and I can't wait. I plan on running mine into the ground as well. Yay for you! I hope you enjoy your leisurely weekend.
    Don said...
    Actually, your car is pretty clean inside. It can only show that you are a clean person. I can remember only once where I've been in the "no car payment" cilque, and what did I do? I went out and got a high car note. lol.
    Sereknitty said...
    As I live in the rainy Northwest, I too always have a collapsible umbrella in my vehicle, along with hand wipes, sunglasses clipped to my visor (for when we occasionally see the sun!),environmentally conscious recycled shopping bags in case I pop into the grocery store, and an ice scraper which is currently coming in very handy.
    PAJNSTL said...
    your car is clean!! - might borrow this post formy blog and showyou a dirty car! lol

    I always have an umbrella, a broken stress bal, thats leaks beads and i refuse to get rid of, books, magazines, purses, makybe an eating utensil or 3 lol and lets not even talk about the trunk lawd! lol

    :) :)
    Anonymous said...
    I know what you mean about no car payments. I'll be more than happy to run my dirty little van into the ground (really, Stacey, you haven't seen a dirty car 'til you've seen what my kids have done to mine, lol).

    Oh, I always keep lip balm around.
    Sheila said...
    What a cute car. As for me my toyota is car note free and loving it. Ok what are some things that are 'must have' in my car?

    A book light for reading when DH is driving

    A can of peanuts and bottled water, b/c I'm always hungry/thirsty.

    A pillow, again for when DH is

    Ok what else...umm oh my knitting for when dh is driving...haha!
    Connie said...
    I too have about 9 payments to go and I can't wait to have no payment!

    I always have an umbrella, a cooler that will cool or heat stuff depending on which way the plug is put in, an extra sweater that stays in the van, kleenex, bonnie bell, napkins, extra straws and plenty of jammin' cd's. :)
    Adrienne said...
    No payments here either!!!! Your car is SO clean lol, mine NEVER is! LOL
    anna said...
    girl, i FEEL ya about having no payments. that's the bizness right there!!! new cars are lovely, but those payments will get ya "pocketbook." LOL Love the interior, i have to ride with at least one stuffed animal too. :-D

    you gotta take a picture with your car when you hit the 100K point!!!
    Knitaholictoo said...
    No car payments club member, here! with the standard suburban ride...minivan ('02 Odessey). Hmmph! Your car is clean! I have Wendy's fries stuck between the console, wrappers, pens, toy cars, trucks, books, church bulletins, straws, ketchup packets, napkins...and just in case a blanket. Dag! I gotta get to the car wash!
    Anonymous said...
    No payments here too and loving it. More money to buy some important things, like I have a truck Ford f150.
    KelInCal said...
    Nice ride you've got there - I can't believe it's 8 years old! I'm jealous of the no-payments! I've got 2.5 years left on mine - booo.

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