Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do You Think I Knit?

~ for my health?!?
Well of course I knit so I won't hurt nobody! LOL Basically for my own sanity/peace of mind. :o)
And I am sure you all have heard about the health benefits that knitting has on a person. Knitting actually helps me to decompress from whatever is going on with me at that time. Particularly when I have some solitude knitting time.

~ because I have all this extra time on my hands?!?
Some folks really think we (knitters) are bored out of our minds and that is why we do it.....oh really?!? Trust. We have lots of others things we should be doing! Haha! Knitting is a skill and talent that we actually enjoy doing!

~ because it's cheaper than buying it out of the store?!?
There are so many "knock off" knit versions on the rack that it is actually easier and cheaper to buy it from a retail store. But what non-knitters do not realize is that we do it for the process of it all, and that it is a "one of a kind" item customized just to fit us or others!
Now don't get me wrong, I will buy a sweater and some socks in a minute! Haha!

~ because I must be married....or lonely...or old...or yes....even white?!? *gasp* And any other stereotype you can come up with!
That - is disappointing and very sad when someone would even try to put you in their box because of their limited thinking.
And that is all I am going to say about that!

~ because I don't know what to do with all this extra money I have?!? HA!
Funny how some folks think this is an inexpensive hobby (I know I had thought so at first).
It is like with anything you take on that is enjoyable to do; it can be as pricey as you make it!
And actually having a disposable budget is nice, but we so could be doing other things with our yarn money! Haha!

Alright so I have been meaning to make that PSA for some time now!
What do you think or could add to it? :o)


  1. Adrienne said...
    ~ because I must be married....or lonely...or old...or yes....even white?!? *gasp* And any other stereotype you can come up with!

    Girl I was done RIGHT there, you ALREADY know how I feel about that!!!
    Wendy said...
    You go girl!!! Speaking for the rights of knitters of the world!

    Somehow I strangly imagined you in a very Lady Guidiva stance riding in on horseback with needles and yarn in the side saddle knitting through the streets of an old western town.

    Call me crazy, I don't know why that image came to mind, but it works for me. It's kind of reminds me of the whole "You shouldn't breast feed in public" thing.
    urbanknitrix said...
    I haven't experienced the color issue, but I have heard the age issue.

    Oh and yeah, I too thought it was a cheap hobby - my first project was socks and the Yarn Pimps got me for 26 dollars and I had to get the needles 14.

    Totally the process and I like doing things with my hands as well as mind.

    Knit On!!!
    Channon said...
    I think you nailed it.

    It's funny though... the Knight's rough and tumble guy friends are more interested and respectful of my knitting as a hobby/skill than of scrapbooking, cardmaking or even cross stitch or needlepoint.
    Blanche83 said...
    I totally agree with you! I get the "How old are?" "My grandma used to knit" And my response... I'm not your grandma and I love to knit!!!! :o)

    This is a fantastic post!
    kim said...
    This post struck stuck a nerve! So many people ask me to make things for them because they think it's "cheaper" than buying the store-bought version. Hah! And don't even get me started on the stereotypes.... We all know why knitting is so great. They don't need to...
    Nik said...
    Whenever me and the girls-and sometimes there's a gang of us-are knitting in Caribou Coffee, there's always some smart ass who says something like "They have too much time on their hands" or "They must not have a life" or "They don't have husbands to go home to". That always pisses me off.
    wildflower38 said...
    You went ahead and switched back. Cool

    I've gotten the old comments. When I was using my cane, it didn't help my case either. I had/recovering from peroneal tendonitis (ankle tendonitis.

    My life is very stressful right now and knitting keeps me sane, calm and relaxed.
    Harlem Purl said...
    I think you said everything thats been on my mind for the longest. I wouldn't add one thing to your list, I think you covered all of them.
    Mouth of the South said...
    well, i don't know that i knit for MY health, but definitely the health of those around me...
    we knit so we don't kill people.
    LOL said...
    Here! here! I've thought about these exact things before.

    I've heard the you must be bored, lame (not to want to party instead of knit), old, lonely etc. thing before.

    White, yep...even though we know black women (and Maybe? some men) have knit and especially sewn and quilted for a long time.

    And it's not cheap! I hate when people tell me I should "sell" my things. I have to explain that a.) it's not my pattern and that it's copyright infringement, and b.) I'd have to sell a scarf for around $150 to even be able to support myself after money spent on yarn, and time spent.
    Some folks just don't understand...but I 8love* when they appreciate a handknitted thing for what it is!
    Marin (AntiM) said...
    White? People think knitters are white? People are just weird.

    (said the clueless white girl)
    Robin said...
    The first time I had heard the "white" stereotype was on Adrienne's blog awhile back -that one just boggles the mind - what exactly do they think is "white" about knitting?? Weirdos.

    Yeah, I am tired of people asking me if I can sell them sweaters (most likely for some cheapo price) - I want to say, "just go to Kohl's already and pony up your $20 for the "same" thing as I'm making and we'll both be happy." Can you tell I'm sick of this one?
    Cas... said...
    Well! I must say I agree with your stance. I remember shopping for sock yarn and seeing the price and mentioning to you that it was too expensive for my taste. You said you do it for the creative experience and the cost is not that big of an issue. I thought about that and realized you were right. So now I am sitting on two skeins ready to be crocheted. Thanks for the logic and the blog entry!
    PAJNSTL said...
    LOL...girl you are too much! PSA! LOL
    turtlegirl76 said...
    I had a co-worker that actually tried arguing with me as to why I was knitting on my lunch break. Because you know, I couldn't possibly be knitting then for any other reason than the fact that I was BORED. Whatever.
    KelInCal said...
    Great post, girl!

    I haven't experienced many reactions to my knitting yet because I don't have many chances to KIP. But I do know that I would probably be quite the little smarta$$ if someone said something negative about it.

    I just knit. That's it.

    (Yeehaw!) :D
    Virtuous said...
    @ Blanche 83 - Thanks!! I wish you had a profile so I could respond back to you directly ;o)

    @ Kim - Heeeey!! Now which Kim are you?? Haha!
    Anonymous said...
    ...because I'm boring. That one cracks me up. Just because I don't want to do some other hobbies doesn't mean I find the people who DO do them boring. I just *love* when people stereotype.
    diddlinaknits said...
    Love it!! your list got it all right. I wouldn't say it's why i knit because i have done other crafts too but knitting is my favorites-and i am one of those people that can't just sit there and watch tv or just sit around and talk i need to be doing something. I don't know i guess i feel like i should be doing something productive that just sitting there-but trust me i do have my days where i do just want to sit and not move too LOL
    people think i am the mommy homemaker that sits at home and knits. my husband's family always looks at me funny when i have my knitting-none of them are really crafty-i am kind of an oddball in that respect.
    usually if someon asks me why i knit then i shoot back why do you do "whatever their thing is" and that shuts them up lol Thats why i am so glad i have all my online knitty friends :) we all understand each other-no q's asked :)
    Sereknitty said...
    It's funny how strangely(almost condescendingly) people will look at me when I tell them I'm obsessed with knitting. My first thought was 'what, I'm supposed to be illiterate, old, ugly, gray haired and a grandma'? Well, actually I am a grandma (by marriage!) but the rest certainly does not apply!
    sophanne said...
    Furthermore- the clueless that don't know the degree of time, energy and self that goes into any given project.

    "You're knitting is so beautiful, will you make me a _________?"

    After fumbling a few times, (I nearly almost said "I don't like you enough to knit for you.") I finally answer "No, but if you get needles and fiber, I'll teach you how to do it."
    Liz said...
    Hey, I had a great result from knitting yesterday. I was in the doctors, waiting for my dad, and knitting my penultimate present, and the MOST handsome man came over ad sat next to me and said, wow, you don't see many people doing that these days. And asked me loads about my knitting!!!!

    Hah!!! Knitting, a pulling technique.

    Obviously, a well kept secret too!
    Don said...
    Stacey, are you calling me out? lol.

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