Friday, December 28, 2007

Malabrigo Junkie Swap

Yep I done did it!

Signed up for another swap! :oD And one that I will LUV!!!

Thought I would post this up for my secret swap pal for easy access (or any future swap buddy to get a feel for me).

Here is the quick questionnaire and some "extra" stuff I added too.

Ravelry ID: CrimsonPurl

Favorite colors? Bright reds and deep purples love them mixed with chocolate

Yucky colors? Pink or anything pastel or very dark/muddy. But I am open to trying any colors in malabrigo b/c they are so fabulous! I would love to see my own Crayola box of many malabrigo colors which is why I signed up!!

Favorite weight of yarn? I love all the weights in Malabrigo, but mainly knit in worsted/chunky. I have yet to try their super chunky/aquarella yarns, as well as lace weight (but not sure what I would knit in the lace any suggestions would be fabulous and something new!).
I am now coveting the new silky yarn now!
Do you need “cold weather” wear in your climate? No - but it does get chilly here!

Project you are dying to do? Would love to try malabrigo in mittens, the ever so popular Unoriginal Hat in one of the variegated yarns - super chunky/aquarella, luv the cashmere neckwarmer, my so called scarf (of course!), and I've been dying to do the pimlico shrug and Wicked in this yarn!

Are you allergic to anything- fibers/food/pets? Yes, I am allergic to nuts and pets

“Treats” that you love (i.e. scents, teas, coffee, chocolate, salty, sweet, etc) I LUV chocolate covered cherries and only the brand kind called "Cellas".
Also White chocolate covered pretzels - Fliptz. Yum!!
Any milk chocolates (not dark) are great (i.e. candy bars - Kit Kats, 100 Grand), Ooh the caramel Dove chocolates! I love the little fortunes they have on the inside of the wrappers and it is so smooth!
As well as Orbit gum - mint mojito and Eclipse polar ice I chew all the time!

EDIT 9/12/08 for Round IV swap: I would really love to try the Aquarella Malabrigo or Super Bulky for some great hearty knitting this fall!

~ Malabrigo Colors I Like (so far and not limited too!) ~
Worsted Pure Merino:
~Torero!! (my absolute favorite and can never get enough of this one!)
~ Purple Magic
~Roanoke Gold
~Velvet Grapes
~Frank Ochre


Chunky Merino:
~Pearl Ten
~Velvet Grapes

Super Bulky:
~See any of the colors above~

Merino Laceweight:
~Velvet Grapes
~Pearl Ten


  1. pajnstl said...
    I think you covered everything :p lol
    I might have to try the mojito gum... i saw it for the 1st time the other day
    Anonymous said...
    LOL... Wouldn't it have been easier to list the malabrigo colors you DON'T like!?
    Cas... said...
    Wow! You and your swaps! I hope you get some good stuff!
    bravebird said...
    Okay, so this answered one of my questions - the malabrigo yarn sounds wonderful. Now I have to check it out. Check your email when you have a moment!

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