Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy 1st Post in the New Year to me!! :oD

Yeah so I have been doing my usual blogstalking on some of my knitterly friends ;op and been enjoying everyone's "year end review" and "new year knit resolutions" that have been exploding everywhere over the week.

Well.....I have been planning & truly wanting (for my benefit really) to do the same.....but sitting down to get all my thoughts together and even making one of those cute mosaics just seemed way too much energy than what I desired to put out! ;op Ha!

Thankfully, Alyson unknowingly liberated me of this dark looming cloud (which should not have been over me b/c blogging should be fun and not a chore!). So I said 'screw it!'

What was the whole point of me doing a F.lickr badge in the first place if I am not going to use it?!?!! Haha! At least I wasn't too lazy and went back to shuffle them around in chronological order ;op

So if you are at all interested in viewing my '2007 Year in Review' of my knitted projects in one neat little spot then click on that link at your leisure. ;o)

Now if you are just really really interested (bored) in all the gory details then you can click on the "Finished Objects" link at the bottom of this blog to pull up the blog journal entries!

What I really want to highlight to round out my year,
and to begin a new one are 3 things:
1. What I have learned this year (b/c I could care less about quantity, but more about the true experience)
2. My most "I am proud of me" knits :o)
3. What I would like to set out to do for 2008

Just in case someone asks......Yes! All about knitting!!
Come on! Lets all read it together, right above in the top left corner
"This blogsphere is about my journey in knitting" Gracias! ;o) cute pictures yet (won't be many). Hang in there though! Keep reading!

In my mind, which I truly believe, this is my 1st year of knitting...YES!

I was actually introduced to knitting back in Dec. 2004 and was a seasonal knitter. I really didn't start making an effort at it until 2007. In fact, 2007 was my 1st year I ever knitted all year long! That alone was a big accomplishment! LOL

For your additional reading pleasure you can read "my knit story" and know when I started hasn't even been a year yet!

SO I really consider 2007 my "true" first year of knitting since that was when I really became dedicated to it!

*Are your eyes crossed yet?!?* Stay with me here! Haha!

With all that being said, I realized I have learned a lot over the past 12 knit months!
From not knowing how to increase (really) to knitting backwards!

Here are "Reflections of my Growth in Knitting"
a.k.a "I learned how to":
  • Increase by making a ton of freakin' bobbles!

  • Realized that mattress seam is a knitting wonder! But didn't know what the heck I was doing.

  • Contrasting yarn, and that I don't really care for mohair! Haha!

  • 3 needle bind-off, what a whip stitch is and my 1st taste at wrap turns, as well as picking up stitches

  • How to felt!

  • Intro to socks with baby there are 'parts' to a sock?!? ;op

  • That I hate DPNs, and it is official that I am allergic to them...unless I am doing an I-cord...which I had never done before until much later!

  • Ooh! How to make ruffles...that I hate doing those and will avoid them at all cost!

  • Continuous K1,P1 ribbing

  • Discovery of Magic Looping really is magical!!

  • My 1st pair of socks were birthed by magic looping! YAH! And sagging feet are so not cute! ;op

  • Made my 1st miniature garment and setting sleeves was a new awakening! Haha....mmmh yeah

  • Learning the basics of crochet!!! Woot! Woot!

  • Had a taste of lace knitting and picking up a neckline that slowly went into hibernation (Lillian Tank..what?!?...plan to pull that back out again this year Haha)

  • That choosing the right yarn for the right project is imperative! *cough*Ms. Marigold*cough*

  • How to be the master of short rows (gotta love Lizzie!) and knitting backwards

  • The true meaning of fortitude...did I mention how much I love Lizzie? LOL

  • Seaming is hell-acious on the floor for long periods of time....okay I am really getting off of Lizzie now Haha!

  • Magic Loop 2 socks on 1 needle toe-up and made some very fugly socks!

  • Not all cute items are functional, and yarn substitutes do not always work or you will end up making giant size baby booties ;op

  • Tried out the cable, knitted, and turkish COs

  • Negative negative ease should never be underestimated or misinterpreted (red croquette) and is crucial so you can party like a rock star later! (red croquette)

  • How to make those "fake me out I am really not that difficult" cables!

  • My 1st attempt at 'big people' garment and actually split

  • Did a little surgery and figured out how to work provisional stitches (intro to mitts)

  • Couldn't get away from picking up stitches and practiced on the Winter Obi

  • Made 4 mini charity baby hats...actually my first time making hats!

  • Yep then I had to finish making that adult cable hat

  • How to add fingers on a mitt to form gloves!

This list ended up being a lot longer than I had anticipated :oD Which is actually good and shows that I did grow up a little in knitting! Like I said this really was my 1st year of knitting.

But I must highlight 'My Proudest Knit Item(s) for 2007'

You knew I was going to say My Lizzie!!!
And the close runner up is now

my 1st pair of gloves!

Both of these items I didn't not see myself actually conquering so soon, but I did! It was a great boost of confidence to get ready and try my 2008 Knit Goals!

I really don't get into forcing myself to making commitments for the fear I won't follow thru, so I only have 2 main knit goals I will work on in 08:

1. Well, this is the Year of Socks for me!
2. Working on a fair isle project

Thanks that's it! Really I am all done! :oD That wasn't so bad!

Many blessings to each of you this new year!


  1. Adrienne said...
    Dang girl. I'm going to wait until I have FRESH eyes before I read your blog entry again! LOL you KNOW my eye IZ crossed up. It's almost midnight! LOL Great review! You really did well and learned a lot! LOL
    Ebony said...
    Great year in review. You've learned a lot in 2007, and made some wonderful projects (love your Lizzie!). I can't wait to see what gets made in 2008.
    Sereknitty said...
    Wow! You've really experienced a lot in the knitting realm ... that's a whole lot packed into just one year! Your Lizzie wins hands down, although those gloves turned out so fab. Can't wait to see what you turn out in '08!
    Happy New Year, Stacey!
    Connie said...
    You learned a lot this year! I will look at all your pictures later, but I know already their great.

    I do love the gloves and would like to conquer those as well.

    Be blessed in the new year and may all your new year's knitting be flawless!
    Anonymous said...
    Wow! I can't believe you've only been knitting seriously for a year. I stumbled onto your blog several months ago and have loved all your beautiful projects. I have been a knitter for the past 4 years or so and have yet to become as adventurous a knitter as you. Hopefully 2008 is my year!
    Anonymous said...
    Good review! I liked that a lot.

    We need to meet in person so you can teach me to bobble. I just can't get it.
    Twisted Knitter said...
    Wooohoo!! I definitely *heart* your Lizard Ridge and still love the blog entry you did for Lizzie.

    Congratulations on your awesome 2007 knitting accomplishments!

    Happy New Year, Stacey!
    Cas... said...
    You've come a long way gurl! It's great you have documented your knit progress for the year. I know you will continue to grow and complete those UFO's. It all takes time and you are using yours wisely!

    Good Luck in 2008.
    Wendy said...
    I love that you were able to list so much under "what I learned this year"! I don't even know if I could list all the things I knit this year, let alone be up to listing all of my challenges along the way... it would take me hours, hours I could be knitting!

    You really have come a fabulously long way in your first official year of knitting! Congratulations!!!
    KelInCal said...
    That's a long list!! Wow! I think you picked two great items from 2007 - I love that Lizzie!
    tiennie said...
    Great year in review! Happy New Year to you!
    Sheila said...
    Its such a joy to look back at all you've achieved. Looking forward to your 2008 projects.. Happy New Year.
    Mizrepresent said...
    Wow! just do great work, really!
    Ava said...
    great list! (gotta finish my lizard ridge.)
    cpurl17 said...
    diddlinaknits said...
    You have had a great year!! an 2008 will be even better-i can't believe how much you have done and learned! Bravo!!!
    i can't wait to your socks and we should work on fair isle together i have yet to try :)
    Yay Bring it on 2008
    Julia said...
    Wow wow wow! That was way more interesting and impressive and thoughtful than a mosaic and a meme ( Very inspiring. :o)
    gold said...
    What a year you had in knitting!Now you know I can't wait to see your next project in 2008!
    cici said...
    What a great year you have had.. You have accomplised a lot! Happy 2008, I know it's going to be great!I'm lovin those gloves.
    Stacey said...
    Wow, sounds like a great year - I can't believe it's your first real year of knitting! Excellent job!
    Anonymous said...
    I can't believe it's your first real year of knitting, either! You got a TON accomplished & should be very, very proud. I think Lizzie was the most impressive project, too!
    Anonymous said...
    shoot, my flickr badge took all of 2 minutes to make! ;-)

    you learned a lot over the year! i think the only thing i learned in '07 is knitting backwards/in reverse, so you're definitely growing as a knitter.

    i feel ya about your lizzie and fair isle. i just knit my first fair isle hat of my own design and it was so much fun. :-D
    Janet Richards said...
    07 was a FABulous knitting year for you. I was lucky b/c I met you in 07 too and you introduced me to the CPs :) Can't wait to see your knitting triumphs in 08 :)
    Judy said...
    Wow! Your 2007 project gallery is most impressive! Your Lizzie, Bobbilicous and Loopy Scarf, wait, and the Minnow sweater are my favorites. But the Lizzie!!!
    Robin said...
    Wow! What a huge list of accomplishments - I'm with you, I am allergic to DPNs and have a severe dislike of making ruffles. Can't wait to see what you make in 2008!
    WandaWoman said...
    It's great that you learned so much in this "first" year of knitting. I'm pretty impressed with all that you learned.
    Sheila said...
    FYI, my new blog address is
    Sourire11 said...
    Happy New Year to you, too!!!

    And the lizard ridge is definately something to be proud of. It's beautiful!!
    patrice said...
    girl Lizzie was a labor of love!

    you realy learned alot this year though!
    Anonymous said...
    You really did have a good year! And we met! Lizzie gets my vote! We all lived THAT one!!!! It turned out so fab and you still should be so pleased! Hold those knit sticks high in great '08! Thanks for sharing, pal. Blessings~
    Anonymous said...
    Loverly, of course. I'd love to make a Lizard Ridge, but I just haven't found the yarn - I refuse to knit with Kuryon - but yours is just beautiful! And the gloves, of course, are awesome. I'm hoping to tackle mittens at some point (At least then I just start with 1 finger LOL)
    Stacey said...
    I have to say...yours is one of the most beautiful Lizard Ridges that I've seen! Just stunning! Just seeing it inspires me to pull mine back out and start knitting on it!
    Nik said...
    You asked if I got the book.

    The Michael's I went to didn't have it. I tried to find it at A.C. Moore too, but it wasn't at the one I went to. I'm going to try a Michael's in Durham to see if they have one on hand.
    Deborah said...
    whelp, i must agree with ruffles and any projects that require increased stitches because I feel the project is growing and not getting done.

    Love the lizzie too!
    Rosi G. said...
    ONE year??? You've only been knitting for ONE. WHOLE. YEAR.??

    DUDE!! You knit that blanket in your first year of knitting!! Now that's a HUGE accomplishment. You SHOULD feel damn proud of it!

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