Monday, December 31, 2007


Time is quickly expiring for the remainder of this year, as well as my vacation time!

But I have managed to squeeze in one last F.O. for the year. And I must say I am proud with how I culminated my knit year!! :o)

Of course, soon to come will be my year in review on the "what I've learned in 2007" post ;op and what I plan to do for the new year (very short list).

In the meantime here are My 1st Pair of Gloves!!You all do know that gloves are the new socks! ;oD

~ Project Details ~

Pattern: I searched and searched for an easy to read glove pattern. I originally had wanted to do the Urban Rustic gloves (which is what initially determined my yarn selection), but changed my mind once I realized how much grafting was involved because they are knitted flat. I also wanted more of a cuff on my gloves.

Desiring a more traditional glove making experience, I recalled tagging a pair of gloves in my Weekend Knitting book.

The Garter-Cuff Gloves by Deborah Newton. I liked the fact the fingers were knitted in the round from the bottom-up versus grafting them or knitting the fingers top-down. But more importantly the pattern wasn't greek to me, despite the heavy mods I made to it.

Size: Custom fit for me!! :op I never had to really get to know my hands before until now! Hence, "Handology". Trivia: Anyone know the correct term for the study of hands??

I went for the small, but mainly because of my yarn substitution I had to make some adjustments, so the size really is not in the book, but doesn't veer too far off from the small size. I do wear a size 7 in gloves (general rule of thumb is that your glove size is about the same as your shoe size. My foot is a 7.5)

Time: Originally I started this project for NOROvember, but then put it aside happens :o). This indeed is designated as my NOROvember project! And I had to finish this in December for my own peace of mind....because Hey! Noroanuary just wouldn't sound right! ;op Haha!

This really is a weekend project as the book suggests. Overall hours spent on this I would 'guesstimate' about 3 days or less for some (I knitted at snails pace on those fingers Haha!).

Needles: Harmony US3....have I said lately how much I lurve those Harmony needles?!? You just wait until they are no longer on back order and a full set will be all mine!! :oD

I magic looped the gloves one at a time. The body really could have been done two at a time, but I was trying to conserve and keep my yarn in tact to see how much I would have left over. And I will be making a cute companion for my gloves very soon! ;o)

Yarn: NORO Shinano (discontinued) Color #8, 1.25 balls.

I really enjoyed this yarn!! Loved the subtle striping - as if to creep up on you in purples, turquoises, pinks and even orange would pop up ever now and then! And I really like the tweediness about it too!

(had to get Knittilicious infamous glove pose in here! ;op)

The softness of this yarn is very similar to Silk Garden, but softer. In fact, they are like cousins in terms of weight and fiber content (minus the small amount of mohair). Shinano is 65% wool 35% silk = really warm on the hands!

There was no vegetation in this yarn, unlike the Silk Garden or Kureyon lines.

The one thing I did not like about this yarn were the freakin' slubs!! Ugh!This had to be one of the main reasons why they discontinued this yarn. There were several of them and drove me crazy! Despite that, I really like this yarn and wish they hadn't stopped producing it or at least bring it back (because I love the tweed look about it) new & improved without these yarn burps.

Cost: I got two balls from a Canadian seller off of Ravelry for $15 bucks including S/H. I only used 1.25 balls on the gloves so that would be a little over $8 dollars for the pair.

What I learned: How to do gloves!! :oD Making digits were the main thing for me.

And the eternal mystery of how do I close up those dreaded "holes" in between each finger?!?

Okay Okay! As Aimee had to drill in my head "there will be holes"!! :o)

That is fine but some knitters just make it seem so seamless! How on earth?!?

Well by the time I got to glove #2 I made sure to pick up more than enough stitches in between the fingers to close any gaps and did K2togs for the entire round to get back to the size I desired. You can also close any potential openings while weaving in your tails from the fingers, by tightening up those gaps at the same time. Another remedy is to use duplicate stitches if you see any looking wonky. If anyone knows of anymore tricks please let me know!!

I am still not perfect at this technique by any means and have to Thanks Aimee & Cristi for guiding me thru the fingers! We had fun eating some good JoJo Chinese, drinking P.rosecco champagne and knitting all night long like we were grown or something!! LOL

I also learned that in tight knits such as this one, on 'K2togs' I do best American style since I am a continental knitter. The "wrapping" vs. scooping the K2togs makes it much better in that tight squeeze. I learned this the hard way, and once I figured that out, my progress speeded up tremendously! I was so glad for that light bulb to go off! :o)

Modifications: There were lots of these! I did everything but re-write the pattern! LOL

Because I knew I was not using the same weight of yarn called for in the pattern, gauge was not happening....I was a good knitter and did one anyway. The Shinano is thicker than the one called for in the pattern. I CO for 30 sts vs. 36 because I wanted a snug fit around my wrists. I didn't realize how tiny my wrist are!! I tell yeah! My Handology was kicking in from the very beginning! I continued evenly for 8 rounds and only did one round increases (6 total 3:3) to come to 36 sts total.

I also did not do as many rounds of garter for the cuff as called for and only did 11 (22 in total K/P).

I did a little math and figured out where I needed to do the provisional thumb (Fetching really trained me up!). For the left hand I did a K11, K5 for provisional thumb and K20. For the right hand K2, K5 for provisional thumb, K remaining stitches.

As far as the fingers themselves, I did them in order rather than how the book had you hopping from one to the other. My index and pinky fingers I started with a group 4 stitches for the palm and back of hand and my middle/ring were 5s to have the total of 36 stitches.

I generally backward looped 2 stitches in between each finger and found myself picking up twice as many stitches to ensure I had no gaps.

As for as the tips, I did my decreases as *K1, K2tog, K1* instead of K2tog all around (which would of had a more pointy tip). My tips were more rounded out with the "star" look.

Verdict: I do recommend this pattern for beginners, and I know there are a ton more better out in e-land! Let me know about them! :o)

The key is to consistently try them on and make sure they fit YOU!

I definitely would make more gloves again for myself, but would find it challenging to try and do it for someone else, unless their hand was readily available for fitting.

If it wasn't for the variegated yarn hiding my multitude of 'knit sins' I would not have been pleased with the outcome of the gloves overall.

This yarn literally MADE these gloves and I love them! I wore them out already today!

Happy New Year!!
See you in 2008!!


  1. Adrienne said...
    Look at you! They came out great!!! See ya next year!
    Telmah said...
    Those gloves look great in that yarn, I love the tweed and subtle stripes. I actually dig the slubs in yarn (haven't tried Shinano though), but to each their own, right?

    Don't hesitate to try the Urban Rustic gloves though, because it's a really fun pattern! I just did 3-needle bind-off instead of all that grafting, that way you do the finishing steps as-you-go and you can try the glove on continually as well. If gloves really are the new socks, then you'll be hooked on making some more....
    cpurl17 said...
    Happy New Year!!

    I haven't made gloves yet and I was just the other day looking for a good pattern so thank you for the great write up!

    The Hand Pose photograph is fabulous!!
    diddlinaknits said...
    Gloves Look great!!! you are having a great knit year!!
    Have a Happy Happy New Year!
    tina said...
    Woo Hoo!!!! Those gloves are WONDERFUL!!!!! I am wildly applauding from this direction, can you hear me??????

    Happy New Year!
    Sereknitty said...
    Terrific gloves! Love the colours.
    gold said...
    Girl you did a good job!!!!!
    Cas... said...
    As I thought another fantastic project. You did a wonderful job and I love your modeling photos. You did a terrific job! You should be very proud of yourself.

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year!
    Dulcedosa said...
    WOW! I was so surprised to hear that I inspired you to make your first pair of gloves! *cheese* As usual, great work and I love the photography! Tres Chic!
    Don said...
    Happy New Years!

    See ya in '08.
    PAJNSTL said...
    Cute! your mini elephant too! lol

    Happy New Years chic!
    Anonymous said...
    Those gloves are awesome! I'm so impressed by all the mods you did. And that yarn looks yummy. Great job!
    Anonymous said...
    Very nice! You should be so proud...

    Have a great 2008!
    KimT said...
    great gloves! Happy New year!
    funfairiegirl said...
    I am glad you finished them! They look FANTASTIC!!! And see - the holes weren't so bad to take care of!
    Michelle said...
    Yay for under the wire FOs!! Those gloves are very pretty in that yarn!!
    Love it!
    Happy New Year!
    Janet Richards said...
    I love the gloves!!!!!!! Great job!
    turtlegirl76 said...
    They turned out fabulously! Great job on all the mods! You didn't need our help!
    Michelle said...
    You all do know that gloves are the new socks! ;oD

    Please don't say this as I just start my first pair of socks.

    They look GREAT.
    sophanne said...
    Those are some great looking gloves- I would very much like to put your description of things you did to reduce holes in my side bar (with a link to you of course) - one because it's where I put quotable wisdom and two because then it will be there to inspire when I try those thumbs again- thanks a bunch for taking time to direct me- i need to let go of the idea of "but what about the pattern?" I'll wait for an email blts at alltel dot net before I add you to the sidebar!

    thanks sophanne!
    Lashell said...
    Congratulations on your gloves. They look like they had a nice day out. lolol
    Diane x hooky needle fingers said...
    you sure do love you some Noro.

    Happy New Year!
    Working Mom Knits said...
    Those gloves are GREAT! I just love how adventurous you are!!! I need to learn magic loop (yep - I'm behind the curve on that one)so I can get into socke and gloves : )

    Crazy about my Harmony needles too - didn't know that they are still on b/o thought. I need to do a full-set so I won't have to worry about that in the future...

    ps: dpns are not my friends : (
    Knitaholictoo said...
    I am sooo impressed! These are your first pair??? Absolutely the ultimate in craftsmanship! Great job!
    WrkNProgress said...
    Awww Man!!! Kool! I can knit dish cloths! I hear yall laffin thats ok, Next stop--Slippers!

    Good job, and Happy New Year.
    Deborah said...
    Happy New Year! Wow, gloves, I'm very impressed!

    Love the pictures too.
    KelInCal said...
    Nice gloves! I agree, the yarn makes them even more wonderful. I received that book for Christmas - might have to make that pattern for myself!

    Happy New Year!
    Anonymous said...
    Oh, those are GORGEOUS! I am so impressed!

    Happy New Year!
    Anonymous said...
    ha! i am loving these glove pictures. noro is always good for some fantastic color variation. fantastic pattern review!!! i hate those slubs in noro yarn!!!

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