Sunday, March 09, 2008

'Brigo Buckethead Special

I cooked up a little something over the weekend

and finished it on today!

~Project Details ~
Pattern: A Better Bucket

Did this for one of my projects for the Malabrigo March KAL!
Great pattern with very little seaming needed. BINGO!

Size: One Size Fit All deal
(Don't you just love my little elephant stitchmarkers given to me by Connie!)
Time: A weekend knit.
It took me about 1.5 days and that was after I figured out what the heck I was doing for the PCO (provisional cast-on) Haha!
See below on "What I learned" ;op

Needles: US 7s, 2 circs (gotta love having both Denise and Harmony sets!! Yah!)

Used the 24" cord for the actual knitting needle (not sure what was my spare size - I just grabbed a cord) and that was really tight on the 96 sts but was fine once I increased, but then when I had to decrease down it was wonky again and not enough for MLing, but I worked with it anyway because I didn't want to fiddle with transferring stitches to a longer cord.

Yarn: Malabrigo of course!!! As mentioned above this was for my Malabrigo March KAL project.

The main color is in Sealing Wax. Which is normally a deep red color, but there is no way that this is that color!

It reminds me of the Vermillon (lots of pink tones) I did on one of my neckwarmers not too long ago. I think this was either mislabeled or a very bad dye batch. More than likely the latter.

My contrasting color I used is in Velvet GrapeI debated and debated about what color to use for under the brim, and now regret that I didn't use Rich Chocolate or Vaa (that green would have been great as I may give this hat to a girlfriend who is in a sorority with pink & green...oh well!)

Cost: Received the yarn from a Black Valentine contest and leftovers from my Malabrigo Loafers = F.R.E.E.

What I learned: I just can't get away from doing a provisional cast-on (PCO)!! Haha!
I went to the following resources: PCO Pictorial, Eunny's Invisible COs & Knit & Tonic's long-tail PCO they ALL were greek to me. I needed someone to show me!

I even went to my old tried and true website - Knitting Help and still couldn't get it right!
She was going way too fast for me! LOL And after I repeated it a kazillion times I still couldn't tell if I was doing it right based on what I was seeing on my needles.

I must say U.Tube saved the 'cranky tired late evening' for me ;op

There was a FABULOUS Cat Bordhi Video for Magic CO that made it so easy for me to get! (a little cookey but worth sitting thru!!)

The brim was definitely the most challenging part for me in knitting this project, and of course that is the 1st thing you have to do! :oD

Having that spare needle dangling is something else (I had to put my buttons on it), but really luv the fact you will eventually just knit straight from the spare needle without having to pick stitches back up. That made it all worth it!! Y'all already know how I feel about picking up stitches! LOL

TIP: You must CO with the CC color FIRST and then on round 5 right before the purl hem row, you can switch to the MC. I actually did it on round 4 but recommend doing it on the 5th one instead. Or if you want your CC color to show on the brim you can begin with the MC after the hemline row.

Once you successfully get over the brim it is all downhill from there!

I wish I could also say I learned how to double knit...but not yet! It "appears" to be double knitting but it really isn't. Double knitting is when you work both sides at the same time creating the reversible look.

This was basically doing a hem line edge

Gotta know where the back is on my buckethead! :o)

Modifications: Not much, but the obvious in that I used a contrasting yarn. Other than that I followed the pattern.

Verdict: I would like to do this in the color I originally envisioned it in.

I really wanted the hat in a deep red and purple.

I even bought the identical button from the pattern to go with it!

but will hold off on it until I get the colors I really want for this project.
So it will more than likely come back around again in the fall/winter months.

Overall, it was a great knit and an opportunity to put a new knit skill or two in my arsenal!!


  1. Adrienne said...
    TOO CUTE!!!! I want a hat like that! LOL. Ok, gotta go, we are on the way to the park. It's BEAUTIFUL here today. Still cool but BEAUTIFUL lol
    Trillian42 said...
    That's adorable! I've got some Malabrigo for a sweater for my hubby... I wonder if I could steal just enough to do the lining of the brim with the other color I've got... ;)
    kim said...
    Adorable! I love all of these Bucketheads I keep seeing. That little bit of extra color in the brim is such a nice touch!
    Michelle said...
    OH that is super cute! (love the touch of velvet grape)I'll have to go get that pattern!!
    Julia said...
    I love the color! :o)
    Stacey said...
    Wow, that is gorgeous! I really need to make myself a buckethat - I love them.

    You did a great job!
    Connie said...
    This is a great tutorial post girl! Wow, you are fast, wasn't this what you were knitting at the purl meeting? Anyway, it looks great!
    QueenDBW said...
    I love the colors (even though, that doesn't look like sealing wax). You were quick too. Love the contrast.
    k_purls2 said...
    The hat is great. This is the best one I've seen. The colors are terrific, though there's nothing wrong with a little pink and green (LOL)Bravo for quickly using your gift yarn and leftovers!
    Sereknitty said...
    Beautiful hat! I really like the idea of lining the brim with an alternate colour.
    tiennie said...
    Fabulous hat!
    gold said...
    Love that hat!!I was practicing the different ways to cast on this weekend.I was watching the video on how to online,my boys was laughing at me because I told them I couldn't focus because they were talking to me.Ha Ha:)Girl I am going to learn this knitting thing!!!!!!
    Liz said...
    Love that hat!!!! Nice colours together too. Cat Bordhi is pretty kookey, but great for teaching!!!You are turning into a knitting MACHINE!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Look at you go! I need to learn the PCO too, so I'm glad you've pointed me back to Cat and her videos...

    I do like the contrasting color.
    Cas... said...
    It's a very nice hat. Good job! Another great review of a pattern. Keep up the good work!
    Pajnstl said...
    very pretty!
    Shanda said...
    I love that hat!!! *Runs off to save pattern...will print it later!*
    The last pic with the button is eerie-the button looks 3-dimensional! It looked as though I could pick it up! To me,that means the pic was really well-done!
    And the button is gorgeous!
    Macoco said...
    Gorgeous hat! I love the purple under the brim, I think the two colors really compliment each other.
    Janet Richards said...
    The hat is too cute!!!! Great job!
    Nettie said...
    I love it! Especially the contrast brim. Thanks for the link to the You tube tute. I never understand the PCO instruction either. I'll give these a try.
    tina said...
    Not only fabulous, but quite an excellent learning bit as well! Now that is a double duty hat!

    Very cute!!! YAY!
    Scheherazaad said...
    Great and so fast! I have a bucket in my queue but I won't get to it this season.
    Aura said...
    I'm impressed - and you knit fast. Malabrigo is my favorite yarn, that's for sure. You will look so pretty this spring wearing your bucket.
    cpurl17 said...
    That is so cute!! I love your detailed project posts--when I copy it, I'll have an expert to consult!
    diddlinaknits said...
    Looks good. i like the colors. i have looked at this pattern a few times but i look so goofy in hats i know i shouldnt bother lol. but if i ever change my mind that for sharing the tips! Where do you get all your Malabrigo-online or at a local store? i have yet to use it but i am really thinking about it. How do you like the fit of it?
    Nelly Knits said...
    that hat is so cute! i'm gonna have to definitely put it in my queue.
    Anonymous said...
    Ooo, pretty! I love that color & you learned a lot.
    Sourire11 said...
    Adorable! And I like the purple brim alot. I so need to make one of these!
    WandaWoman said...
    That hat is so cute. I hope you find the color you really want though. And it's always good to learn a skill or two.

    As for the other post, that's so cool that you found out there 2 degrees of separation between those two and that you all got to meet. The internet is really something else.
    Emily said...
    That looks fabulous! But what doesn't look fabulous in Mmmmmalabrigo? I need to make that hat for myself someday.
    KelInCal said...
    I love this! I think it looks absolutely wonderful in the colors you used!

    You've been busy! I'm catching up - wanted to drop a comment to you. Always lots of good stuff to see here! :D
    Jenny said...
    Very nice hat!!! It's always amazing to me to see how everyone learns differently. You want to be shown the PCO and I learned from looking briefly at your first link. Who knows how confused I would have been if someone had tried to show me, LOL. I just finished a baby hat cast on in a figure 8. Now that was tricky!
    I missed you Tuesday, but next time!!! said...
    Your hat is beautiful! I cast on for this last night and I feel like a complete dope as I can't understand the directions. I did a provisional cast-on with a second needle, but I'm not sure I'm clear on the instructions: do i just leave the waste yarn and the spare needle in until it's time to do the hem? When I unzip the waste yarn, will the live stitches be on the spare needle already? Honestly, I'm embarrassed that my brain isn't getting this, but it's just not. Sigh.
    Alice said...
    Gorgeous! I can't believe that is Sealing Wax that is nothing like I've seen it before! Even if it isn't the color you expected, it's still lovely :)

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